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BLACK IN AMERICA 2012: The BURDEN & EXPECTATION'S of being the 1st African American President in a Country DISGRACED IN RACE (For Harmon Loft PT.5) *** & UPDATE

Part 5 of the "For Harmon Loft" series will take a looksy at another burden of being simply black in this country that has been disgraced by race since it's start, and it still is like that in 2012 America, where a man/ woman is singled out and looked at more critically because of his/ her race ... the woman had it a lil harder at time's climbing the ladder, because she is also female gender. I never been a black man, so therefore I cant tell anyone here what it would feel like to be a black man in this urban America of our's ... I have been around alot of black folk's my entire life though and spent alot of time in urban black America as well, and I want to point out the word "urban" here, because it has so much to do with "class" as well in this nation ... I mean ... I can take you to two different area's in South Dallas for instance, show you two distinctively different black communities based strictly on class/ financial status ... in far South Dallas an upper and middle class community of  professional's and small business people, then of course just a few miles north in South Central Dallas some of the heaviest poverty in this nation, lack of protection by law enforcement from crime, and even some abused by law enforcement in the form of excessive police tactic's ... not entirely, so I'm NOT trying to paint DPD as evil, but certainly NOT the same respect and service/ treatment of those African American's in the far South Dallas sector. Harmon, who was from Harlem/ NYC and a childhood mentor of mine once told me "Never forget where you come from, and never be ashamed ...". The President was also a community organizer in South Chicago and worked hard at it there getting people signed in to vote, I dont hear too much about that though.

First a video below from RT AMERICA showing also some of the expectation's that has been of the President, and most importantely what Political Science Professor Dr. Wilmer Leon of Howard University has to say when it come's to thing's like community activism and staying on top of these issue's, because it's a battle that doesnt end, just because the civil rights movement and voting was addressed, doesnt mean that everyone is suddenly in Utopia and the battle for justice is over. Then some additional input I want to add after.

Obama a Black President? Not Really ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


First of all I support and will also vote for this President to get a 2nd term, despite any disagreement's I have with any of his policies, period. But I also wanted to address this, because when he first got elected, I know several black folk's personally that voted for him strictly because he was black, they admitted this to me themselves. Also there has been this paranoia fear out of so many white's in this country at the start, that America would collapse if a black man were to have this much authority, they have been programmed through our history and cultural and class segregation, to believe that black people are nice and such, but cannot run anything or office that is of  critical importance when it come's to making critical decision's in a leadership position, and also because they feel that a black person may hold old grudges and abandon folk's of other race's and only cater to the black agenda's, then you have the white's who secretly just dont like the man because he's black and will use thing's like labeling him as comparable to Hitler or Bin Laden as a mean's of being heard and covering their racist thought's. So basically President Obama is screwed if he does and screwed if he dont ... any way you slice it Sir ... your screwed, so welcome to the club : ) The bottom line is ... America is a "Race Face" society for the most part, just nowadayz politically sugar coated which make's it even more fucken nauseating due to the lies and hypocrisy of this two faced bullshit!

I wont argue that the President could have done more as far as focusing on the "urban" black America need's ... but I also since I been supportive of this President before he was even the nominee talked about the knee deep stack of issue's that was on his desk as well as the inbox from Hell that he was looking at. The problemo that the President has, is not that he was elected as a first black President, but because it was the worst time for any President in my lifetime of 56 year's to get elected as a President, being black only made it that much more of a burden task and more expectation. The President damn well know's the concern's of African American's as well as so many other concern's of many American's across the board, and those who think he's not black enough are making a dumb statement ... why dont you go into office like he did with a fucken stack of issue's like he did and every goddamn concern being thrown on his lap from special interest's/ lobbyist's, back stabbing fellow politician's (even some in his own party), every goddamn corporate inspired war across the globe, a financial crisis like not seen since the Great Depression, religious group's wanting to be heard, gay/ lesbian's wanting to get married and sick of their oppression, etc, etc, etc and see what kind of job you can do, eh? I would like to see some of these folk's critical of the President's performance overall just spend a bloody week in his position to see what they would do, and most importantely, how many issue's could they address at once.

I voted for this President because like myself he was truely bipartisan, and his action's in office show that he truely is, and not like a left or right type, he's ahead of his time in my opinion and just happen's to be in office at a lousy time. You can bet your paycheck (or unemployment check) that if he was in office at a time when America was in great shape economically he would be loved like crazy. He inherited a toilet bowl, and has never bitched about it ... no matter what issue/ task that was thrown at him he didnt whine and got on it right there, even though he had a half dozen to one colleague's against him getting any progress on a thing ... maybe not as soon as everyone would like ... but there is only 24 hour's in a day and only 4 year's to a term, the man has to eat and sleep as well ... you know, he's human, eh? And I would bet my paycheck that when thing's get a lil smoothed out, he would definitely address more of those serious domestic concern's of African American's and other's that need it ... after all, he has to address the need's of so many folk's of various background's and ethnicity, including across the globe. What Dr. Leon said is so importante ... get out in the street's and  make the issue more visible, the President has been saturated with so much to do, he barely has time to wind his watch ... press what need's to be addressed and dont let up until it get's addressed ... the President also need's ya'll's help too, he cant do it all himself.

Word Out ....

***** UPDATE NOTE (Sun. 24 June 2012): This is just an add to this since I wasnt able to finish up yesterday on this. But another big issue has been how this President is being too defensive, I use the word "defense" here instead of what folk's feel is "oppress" or "excessive military aggression" or whatever, because in a situation like we have now, that's what it is ... again, this is NOT about right/ wrong, left/ right, okay? Personally I wouldnt even be in half these fucken countries we are in meddling in their affair's, but the fact is, that we are there, for whatever reason ... which is mainly political and to obtain resource's, so there's alot of corporate manipulation ... I mean, you dont think the mega- corporate/ financial sector flood's Washington with a few billion just to get some patriotic folk's into office, eh? and engineer these elaborate political show's, eh? They spend for a reason, get my drift? From austerity, to milking government money to instant globalization, is all done for a reason ... these terrorist's are NOT the enemy of the American people, but the enemies of the same people that dictate our government and everyone else's through money and oppression, in their eye's we are terrorist's as well.

Mainly the President has been criticized on this by these American neo- liberal's (I use "neo" for both the left and right, because neither are what they claim to be, or what left and right was traditionally) for using force, drone's, covert attack's such as in the Bin Laden incident, etc The President is faced with a reality, he didnt start it, and he sure as Hell wont end it, but he is in the thick of it, he took an oath to be the commander/ chief, period ... whether it's right or wrong isnt the issue, he has to act when needed and cant think of thing's like right and left ... when your in combat/ conflict you have to weigh thing's on what the reality is, not what is liberated or conservative or popular. These force's that we may label insurgent's, terrorist's, etc, etc are doing their job, they are protecting what is their's and their interest's, whether we like their culture, wayz, or anything else doesnt matter, we are on their turf for the most part trying to muscle them, and they are resisting. Meaning when they hit on us, we have to hit back regardless of who is right or wrong, it's a conflict, and again, not started by the people of either country, but power struggle's and dictator's.

The President is evaluating what to do to protect our interest's on the info/ intell that is given to him, in some cases he dont have alot of time to act it is so critical and a hit and miss thing, if a target is in the clear and he has all green light's and enough to justify it, he has to act on it ... it's called "getting the job done", and that is what he has been very efficient on doing as well ... which many folk's look at as him being right wing, but there's no right or left to it, it's action/ reaction. I have sat down and smoked the hookah pipe (our Texas equivalent of socializing over a couple beer's/ cold one's) with guy's from town's like Amman, Rabat, Casablanca, Dubai, etc, all at the same time in a group and listened to them and how they feel about western intervention in their land's and culture's, and frankly I sympathize with them, I would be the same way or any other American or Texan, if someone was muscling our culture, land, and resource's. I mean, it really hit my heart as a human being ... especially like when a question was asked to me like Nabil when he said/ asked "How do we (USA) expect to just go into some country/ land who's been in their culture for centuries and just tell them that they will now be changed and democratized or whatever?, etc". Our conflict's are unfortunate, and those truely behind these conflict's never pay any of the price or feel the consequence's, repercussion's, etc, etc ... yet we are forced into this "all" to have these conflict's.


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