Thursday, June 14, 2012

JAMIE DIMON 2012: Compulsive GAMBLING is an ADDICTION ... Which NEED'S TREATMENT, Not Prayer's (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.1)

This will be a clear view from the trenches in the foxhole with Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) on this show we seen today of Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan/ Chase getting drilled by Senator's in Washington today. Usually when we do these tongue lashing's of these folk's like him or BP's Tony Hayward (SEE below link), it run's close prior to an election, and the one getting drilled, talk's alot but sayz nothing, know's nothing, and does nothing, etc, etc ... yet whine's and give's the "I'm Sorry" puppy dog look, tearjerker stuff of complicated messes on 'who seen what' and 'who dont know what' and similar run- around after run- around talk. This is ALL basically a showcase only for politician's. You see ... what happen's in these is the Senator's or Congressional member's alwayz do the drill, because as rep's of us, we also require them to, they get to showcase themselves asking tough question's of these CEO's and related, so we can sit around and praise which ever polarizing side we belong to based on who asked the toughest question's etc (it's like a street hustle mark game on you, but a higher level, still basically cheap and very easy to make by any hustler). But the most importante result's we should look for is simple ... what is going to be done?, period. Below in the video's Bernie point's out the real question also ... why is this man still on the Fed board to oversee this and other regulatory factor's?

I listened to most of Dimon's show today ... he actually was alot better than Hayward for instance, and sounded really sorry, and I'm sure he really was considering the loss to shareholder's, I think it was a couple/ few billion loss if I recall, but believe me, that's only the figure that we get, I would bet my Dallas Cowboys training short's, the amount of losses was maybe even a billion or two higher ... but an excellent show by Dimon I must admit, and of course he was rehearsed thoroughly before he even went into the chamber by the best of the best defense legal strategist's that money can buy, rest assured, just as Hayward for example. If anything is done to Dimon over this before the November election of any REAL significance, I would be shocked, but too, they may try to replace him without really doing so in some fashion, so you have to watch closely. They will play a good hand because of this 2012 election though. But basically Dimon is more full of shit than a sewage treatment plant, and said basically nothing of any significance.We havent even had ANY kind of attempt yet to even try to downsize any of these entities as it is, and they been talking about doing this from the President on down and BOTH parties for a few year's now ... you have to wonder by now ... WHEN is any of this going to be addressed and worked on? Again, with this two party polarization, it's designed to stagnate, not to get progress for society and our best interest's, but to prolong and stagnate everything until they can figure out another way to grab more of our money and vote's is all. What they are failing to see as a whole, is OUR best interest's is THEIR'S in the longhaul.

But what we also have here is simply an addiction to gambling that has gotten compulsive with these entities and those running them, simply because they make more than they lose, and when they lose, it's only us, not them these dayz that get hit the hardest, we basically feed this addiction/ compulsion by funding, bailing it out, and supporting it endlessly without having any accountability and even indirectly make some of these talented people self destruct as well in the process, taking down too much with them as they fall, instead of actually "treating" them and the issue doing so. Praying that they change their wayz isnt going to do a damn bit of bloody good, without actually "treating" this. Of course the initial excuse or reason that Congress mandated for bank CEO's to board the Fed would be because a politician dont quite understand the complex economic's as one of these investment hustler's would, however, the danger here as Bernie point's out in the 2nd video, is that the entities are too large to begin with ... you cant hit and miss too often in that type of gamble with them stake's, it's simple ... the crash is too hard. And also, despite ALL the current and Bush tax cut's that these all have received so far for several year's, not nearly enough had been invested in this country or even in countries that are closest of allies to us as far as trade, such as even EU countries or such, which we all are taking the hardest hit of the crashes, which amplifies the danger because of the significance our western economies hold as well. They got their chance and cut's bottom line, have implemented them for several year's already and the result has been failure after failure in doing so, that there tell's you something.

This is ALL going to change sooner than we think as it's going, because they are getting too careless as well, to where anyone can see through the same old game's when you run them over and over and over ... I would hope that 2016 has a whole different political mindset emerging and forming in this and many other democratic nation's, because it's going to come in time anywayz.

***** CNN MONEY: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: I can't publicly defend the trade **** ... I replaced the San Francisco Gate article, because it expired with this

***** RCJ: "2010 SHOW, PART 4: .... Oil Spill Hearing's .... and the "Greatest Show in America" .... ***** I talk about how much of this freakshow here is done as an example, basically pulling the same rubbish right before the 2010 mid- term election's, you know, the "drilling" and "tongue lashing" thing, of course here, Tony Hayward of BP was drilled, and he still run's a BP division I believe in Russia today, same shit, just a different package and election. Today BP has a ton of tele prime time commercial's here in America, boasting of how great thing's are on the Gulf Coast (Gulf of Mexico) state's, and is cleaner, more prosperous, and more inviting than ever before because of them ... imagine that ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Dimon Goes To Congress ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Jamie Dimon and coflicts at the Fed ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


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