Saturday, June 2, 2012

EXITING Dallas- Ft.Worth International Without Paying the TOLL, can take it's own Toll (HELLUVA F'N DAY PT.2)

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Ms.Yasmine Villasana

This Part 2 of "Helluva F'n Day" was linked in another post back a couple year's ago, so I decided to compile it into this series. Basically, the young lady didnt stop to pay the toll leaving the airport, the rest below sayz it all.

***** DALLAS OBSERVER/ UNFAIR PARK: For those who think that DFW car crash is a fake, here's the police report, and mugshot

Drunk Driver goes all General Lee out of DFW ... Thanx to OBSERVERDALLAS






Infidel753 said...

Looks like no one told her that, when you go to the airport to take a flight, you're supposed to get on an airplane instead of trying to fly in your car.

Ranch Chimp said...

I believe that she was just dropping someone off at the airport early am and was on her way out ... so figure she was probably up all night tweaking and/ or sobering up from the long night before ... drifted off a split second and BLAM. I was on a winding road one early am off a lake, been out all night, sun was coming up, etc, etc ... I drove into the lake just nodding out a second or two ... no shit ... true story man ... it was Bachman Lake in Northwest Dallas.

Thanx for your voice Infodell ....