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EDWARD SNOWDEN & BERNIE SANDERS ... The NSA, Surveillance, & Opinion on The DOMINION (End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the PUBLIC has ever been PRIVATE PT.5)

This Part 5 for this "End to Privacy?" series is a must for the record in this journal because it is big news now and will also be hammered in time even more in countries without a "Bill of Rights" for that matter ... whether it's law or a Bill of Rights ... the REACTION is naturally IN ORDER. Yesterday I was going over this and explaining alot to some folk's locally, because I was frankly surprised how they seemed so shocked over this, being somewhat uninformed, yet so fired up ... so it's a positive and healthy to discuss this and even get angry, question, etc, etc. I was also very excited by the way ... at the reaction especially of these folk's who I talked to for instance, being that most of them were at least 30 year's younger than myself and the concern and anger that they showed just blew me away, and especially some of the personal stories of their experience's that they tell me ... knowing that the spirit of democracy is stronger at this point actually than I ever seen in my entire life! But this particular bit is focusing on the 4th Amendment that has so many concerned and rightfully so. Below a piece of read with the video interview from the Guardian with Mr. Edward Snowden, a clear view from an American blogger Mr. Tim Waters of "Scared Stiff", then of course my man Sen. Bernie Sanders with his input, then I wanted to add a few word's after from myself on this.


***** THE GUARDIAN: NSA surveillance challenged in court as criticism grows over US data program ... this article here also include's the 12 minute interview with Mr. Edward Snowden

***** TIM'S SCARED STIFF: "Let's Be Clear" ... a straight view from blogger Tim here **** cant seem to locate this post, maybe deleted (05 March 2014), but I do recommend his site still.


Sanders Slams Secret Surveillance ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS




(left to right) My wife Rosalie, nephew Abel & me Thomas Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (2013 photo)

I am one of those million's who doesnt have much issue with surveillance as Bernie point's out above ... I mean ... I know the importance of it as he also point's out, and some of the positive's it has and it's need. Alot probably goes back since childhood for me, being I grew up in a reality where I expected to be searched, or have my rights violated to an extent, watched, monitored or whatever, even probably is what made  me a tad bold and outspoken on some of these thing's with a "dont give a shit" attitude, not being very shy about what is on my mind or caring much about what they think about it ... so it grew on me I reckon like a 2nd nature. I dont do much as far as online, beside's this blog here, viewing news piece's, article's, video's, etc, not much email activity, or not much I reckon on my cell phone or landline phone, alot of short quick call's basically or whatever, so much of what I do is basically in person, whether it's shopping, socializing, financial transaction's, etc, etc ... I reckon it's just alot more fun for me to do thing's physically, and for some thing's it's safer too. But my opinion or lifestyle isnt really what's importante here at all ... there are million's upon million's like myself in this nation, regardless of what dominion were under, eh? So I HAVE to SUPPORT totally ... the peoples need's, want's, rights, and what democracy is about plain and simple. Alot of folk's though more than ever now do so much of all these thing's on their tech device's, shopping, application's for different business or whatever, their job's, etc ... but again ... the key here is also ... that you are doing thing's publicly ... that IS NOT private, so dont be so surprised either. But the "Bill of Rights" is also solid and it is where the line's need to start to be drawn and utilize them rights, eh? This is all Bernie or Edward and million's of other's want.

And I refuse to blame this on the President either ... he as usual is being hammered to Hell on this ... he is only doing what he is advised need's to be done and has too much on his plate as it is ... we DO HAVE many issue's with terror, crime's against folk's, people's bank account's and other account's being broke/ hacked into, children being targeted and harmed or killed, etc, etc ... and regardless of the political fear card's that are dealt to us as far as terrorism ... it still is a REAL threat, sometime's a tad blown out of proportion ... but nonetheless, a serious threat bottom line, even with the recent rise on lone wolf type's that just want to arm themselves and go out and kill folk's in public place's just because they got the red- ass or woke up on the wrong side of the bed or whatever. On the other hand, folk's like Bin Laden for instance are a lil too savvy to think you can capture them by just tapping phone's or online, after all ... do you know how he evaded authorities for so long (nearly a decade or so at that)? ... simple ... he hid in the open and didnt use cell phone's/ tech's for shit that was part of his master plan's or to communicate with vital comrade's of these interest's. What peoples problem is with this mostly is the storing and recording of their phone call's, record's, etc, which hasnt nothing to do with terror or anyone's foul play's, many folk's wonder how it will/ may play in legal/ civil matter's for or against them, their insurance policies, job's or whatever, some folk's also are not very open about sharing their personal life or other personal thing's, etc.

I agree with the President, that they are NOT looking at everyone's lil phone conversation, but the info gathered goes maybe to a main computer/ file source that select's certain thing's and categorize's folk's or whatever. Sure, you may have a few folk's who will actually peep in on folk's conversation's for entertainment or out of boredom or whatever ... but that is not what the overall objective is, nor most of those employed to take on these task's, or any petty related thing's, sex/ love life, etc. Both these polarizing side's also in Washington are hot for Mr. Snowden as far as leaking critical info or whatever, but that is NOT why I posted Mr. Snowden's video or to hound the government or to care about their secret's or spy stories game's they have going on ... but what he talk's about and question's is importante as far as privacy, liberties, rights, etc. Other than that, as far as secret's or spying for/ on government's/ group's ... I dont know a thing about this man (Snowden) whether what's true or not, only the point's that he bring's up in the video on what we should be concerned with are what is importante to us ... ya'll's spy stories bore me as much as ya'll would be bored about my/ our personal love/ sex lives ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... as well as most of ya'll's conspiracy theories are a tad boring as well {: )

Spies and secret's are as old as the country, they come and go, all those that have their lil panties in a bind over Mr. Snowden on Capitalism Hill ... well, if ya'll didnt get yourselves so knee deep in so much of this shit and feeding it, you wouldnt have a thing to worry and get nervous about, so ya'll made your bed as well as your enemies long ago, so ya'll's lil personal problem's are not our problem ... you even got some 800,000+ more contractor's in these field's on the payroll, which now put's you in deeper shit not knowing which of them will spill their gut's whenever or rat (snitch) on ya'll at some point, ya'll seem to not care for the most part over our petty problem's ... why in Hell should we care about your's, eh? {: )

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The Resident: US govt has ALWAYS surveilled us ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... a lil something from Lori here (aka The Resident) to close out the post ....





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