Friday, June 28, 2013

SCORPIONS (Blackout Album): "Blackout", "Dynamite" & "No One Like You"


This induction for this journal's music/ arts honour roll society is past due and more than deserving to highlight and honour a crew out of Hanover, Germany that have actually been around now nearly a half century, the "Scorpions" ... and what a tight crew this is as well ... this is just basically classic "hard rock" as far as genre at it's best and built for that large scale arena production, a market driving force at the time in this genre (another market driver at that time Whitesnake) that stood out especially during the 1980's when this album/ cd was released that I chose to highlight here called "Blackout". These Schenker brother's are really some prime work themselves and of course Michael who had a short stay with this early crew and his brother Rudolf, has had much success with his solo project's as well, and also worked for UFO for a time prior, and what a powerful vocalist Klaus really is! This album had to be probably one of the most commercially successful album's of this crew in my opinion, even though probably one of my favourite's would have been an earlier project called the "Tokyo Tapes" (which is a "live" compilation of earlier worx) that I discussed with Klaus as well, and he agreed as to it even being a favourite of his.

Back at least 30 year's or so ago (?) during this American leg of the tour (actually they were working a bill in the US with Iron Maiden as I recall who was an opening act for the Scorpions then), a longtime friend and guitarist I was working with (Tim) back then and I had the opportunity to spend some down time with Klaus (lead-vox) and Rudolf (guitar) after hour's and a few drinx (actually quite a few drinx {: ), just talking about different thing's (not much about the music though) and Klaus talking about back home in Hanover and some of their earliest root's ... Klaus also has quite a sense of humour too (but that's another story), so I had a few laugh's while shitfaced (intoxicated) that night! {: ) But what is it about these German folk's? ... I mean, they have to be some of the friendliest, open, warm, and hospitable folk's I ever meet it seem's, even my neighbour Wolf (Wolfgang), having spent some after hour's also with the German crew KMFDM, and other's I've known/ met ... obviously living in America keep's us radical and on the edge or something! But ya'll are absolutely kick ass as far as your art, and Thanx for the great worx ... Enjoy ....





Scorpions- Blackout Live at the Moscow Music Peace Festival ... Thanx to THEDIEGUITOMUSIC2

Scorpions- Dynamite- Live @ Tokyo 1984 ... Thanx to KANAL UZYTKOWNIKA DJOGIN 

Scorpions No One Like You Video Clip ... Thanx to MRMCMCC1





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