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TEXAS ABORTION BILL 2013: The POLITICAL Distortion thru Contortion to LEGISLATE Texas into Anti- Abortion ... & Texas Senate FILIBUSTER Update (for Valerie)

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This latest abortion battle here in Texas is NOT what it appear's to be at ALL, and just simply another left right battle of politic's and religion ... not a damn thing else. And first for the record here I am independent, not left or right, I vote Democrat these dayz, but am bipartisan as well. When we only limit ourselves to think right or left, that is where we lose balanced thought and reason, enslaving our own mind's by "choice". This posting was partly inspired by Valerie here in the Metroplex and for her as well, who was open and kind enough to share her experience with me the other day, while discussing this. Some news video and link's below then my input on this.

***** YAHOO: Texas Senate set for filibuster finale on abortion ... this just added tues 25 June 2013 ... it look's like the filibuster will be headed by Fort Worth Senator Wendy Davis

Texas House abortion bills ... Thanx to KXAN

House Debates Omnibus Abortion Bill ... Thanx to THE TEXAS TRIBUNE


***** SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS: Abortion debate turns to the Senate

***** DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Hundreds in Austin protest Texas abortion restrictions


First of all Valerie who lives in the  Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex was born and raised in a smaller city in rural Texas, she is 27 year's old, and like my 27 year old daughter had some similar childhood and teen year's, being a President in elementary school of the student council, excellent high school grade's and credit's, she was also the head of the cheerleader squad in high school, she was even some type of beauty queen horseback cowgirl at a local rodeo back home, then got a scholarship fully paid for a local Metroplex university ... she was really on her way. While attending university she got pregnant, dropped out of her school shortly after her baby, married the guy and went on to having another baby almost back to back. She thought about abortion actually, and her husband was with an "I dont care attitude", so the choice was up to her ... he basically was drunk half the time from what Valerie tell's me and didnt give a shit about nothing after they married. A neighbour/ girlfriend from her hometown asked her to get some abortion counseling of some sort, which she went to and became frightened to get the abortion because they made it look awful, I shouldnt need to say here what the counsel source was and their objective ... but she basically got weaseled into a pro- life cult type facility without any idea what it was about. She didnt get an abortion simply because it was too scary to her by the time they got done with her. I wont even get into ANY of the detail's here of what Valerie told me, but it was absolutely awful psychologically, almost like a horror film and very graphic ... and mind you, these are folk's that say it's all about protecting women and their physical and mental health ... for an example of how some of these ruthless liar's are in their political pursuit's. Valerie today at 27, worx a dead end job at about $9 buck's an hour and never able to get 40 hour's a week, no benefit's, had to move in with her mom who is battling alcoholism (her dad already died), she had to divorce and put a restraining order on the guy she married who became very violent with her after he lost his job for drinking too much, she get's very little assistance from the state/ government for two children she has, her ex- husband had NOT paid ANY child support and is nowhere to be found even, and she felt at a time like suicide was a solution. Valerie is just one of several stories I can tell about here.

Now ... I wonder where all these folk's are like those who worked so hard at their political agenda's to "save" women from abortion doctor's and save their health and well being, when girl's like Valerie are in the gutter so to speak, eh? You wouldnt believe the red tape, long lines, and shit she has to go through to get what little medical help and food she does for her and her kid's. Especially these right winger's ... c'mon ... isnt that what ya'll are about ... life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, saving women from oppression and poverty, etc, etc? Frankly ya'll people in my opinion are the scum of the earth! ... and you call yourselves "conservative"? ... you should be ashamed, you distort and disgrace the definition ... your constipated with your own waste and lies. Valerie love's her children, but understand that her "decision/ choice" was strictly based on what ya'll told her, with the horror film's, literature and such, yet so contorted that ya'll didnt even think of pointing out the reality of possibilites her and her children may face and are currently, strictly because of a political agenda, that hasnt a thing to do with helping or saving any children or women ... your liar's through and through!

Dont get me wrong here either as far as it being a concern of a woman getting a late term abortion after 5 month's or so, or if a child at that state of fetal development can feel pain or not (I dont know), I'm not one of these well paid expert's, but I usually know a scam pitch when I see it, so that sound's halfway reasonable as a concern, but that is not what this is about at ALL. First of all, most abortion's, at least over 80% statistically are done before 20 week's, also as far as medical report's are concerned ... the risk of injury and death to the woman for giving birth is about 14x times higher than an abortion from what I gathered, the legislation presented would make it very difficult for anyone to get a legal abortion with all the new proposed  requirement's and close down most of the state's clinic's at that ... meaning of course ... a whole load of black market abortion shack's all over the state popping up, especially in South Texas and west of, and more rural area's, thus meaning in a state with over 26 million people, will be a disaster. With these new law's it would also possibly open door's for court's to prosecute on manslaughter/ 2nd degree murder charge's on mother's and teen's of accidental pregnancies next, and nitpicking every attempt to do anything related to advocate abortion ... and dont think it WONT ... IT WILL ... and ya'll know that ... the result being that thousand's of women and children will be hurt and have ruined lives to look forward to and an increase in needed social service's and poverty at that. I explain more and my stand on this issue, in the related posting's linked below.

That's the REALITY ... Word Out ....


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***** POST NOTE: Since this is my blog and my opinion, choice of word's etc, etc and TOTALLY independent not being sponsored by anyone, nor give a shit what those fundamoralist Texan's who disagree with me think of it on these type of  "rights" issue's, let me even be more frank here in this post note, so there is NO QUESTION where in Hell I stand on such.

To me ... some of these folk's that propose this shit for their political and religious agenda's are not too far off mentally from just your basic ragheaded Taliban muslim (I call them "raghead's" since they casually refer to our women and daughter's as whore's and slut's simply because their face's or part of their leg may show in public, and they use this mentality to try to justify raping our women) and would do similar if we gave you too many inches, because ya'll would take a mile with some slithering slippery slope back door shit in time, either on women, gay's/ lesbian's ... and the history of your type's done the same to people of colour as well dont forget. The difference from such hardcore fundamoralist's like the Taliban ... is ya'll are a western "politically correct" sugar coated cowardly type, that cloak's everything in fiction and lies, and your well dressed and proper. But that still doesnt change the fact of the deceiving piece's of shit some of ya'll are, which I dont see any sign of change in ya'll ... but just escalating your crap based on some foreign ancient middle eastern doctrine's and corrupt western style politic's. At least folk's like the Taliban are HONEST in their pursuit and agenda ... ya'll SOB's arent even that ... your more full of shit than a sewage treatment center.


FIGHT judas priest HALFORD contortion new jersey LIVE 1994 EX sound ... Thanx to ACDCROCKVIDEOS **** I was trying to find an appropriate song/ video on YouTube to close this posting with ... and chose this since IT IS a favourite of mine as well, called "Contortion" off of the "War of Words" album/ cd by the crew "Fight", since as well Rob Halford is one of my favourite vocalist's/ songwriter's at the top of my list, who also of course started his career with Judas Priest. This is a raw amateur video shot at New Jersey venue which really sound's good, and display's Rob's powerful vocal work. Also will be included in this journal's music/ arts honour roll society.




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