Monday, June 10, 2013

JULIA DALE: "Star Spangled Banner (National Anthem)", "Born This Way (Lady GaGa cover)" & "Someone Like You (Adele cover)"

Julia Dale/ Facebook

This posting for this journal's music/ arts honour roll society is to highlight some of the work of Ms. Julia Dale out of the Miami/ Dade/ Fort Lauderdale area of Florida, which is to honour as well the justice she done the other night on the National Anthem in Miami, especially after this posting where it was made as a national embarrassment more or less ... where in Hell do they get some of these folk's from? ... WalMart? ... just kiddin {: ) But all aside ... this gal show's how it's done plain and simple ... young, but certainly no rookie either. I was going over this with a couple local musician's this weekend as well as talking over fitting lyric's and vocal work into Dave's new 4 track home studio project he's been working on (which fall's into the Metal category), as far as vocal range's, and especially the development stage's as the vocalist get's older, long story here though, not to get into here. But Ms. Dale is right on target across the board and could really fit into such a wide array of music and genre with her depth and range easily ... just a bundle of talent who I hope to see get a crew in front of her where she can soon work some of her own worx as well throughout her development, without getting sucked into some muscle contract since she does have this recent publicity and she's fresh, this is where friend's and familia Dear are the most importante to keep close. Over the last couple year's she been also getting some large scale arena/ stadium work doing the anthem cover's from a couple ball team's to loosen her up on that scale, which is a plus, an opportunity to blow out that range, kind of like when you buy a new car and take it out on the freeway to blow out the engine at a high speed to get that maximum performance break in. I chose a few out of many to highlight, and she had several cover's as well on her YouTube channel, but chose 2 of those to headline after the National Anthem to focus more of that intimate studio/ home raw sound to see up close that depth and range with a tad of versatile style in combination with some keyboard's and guitar work she does as well, simple, yet strong with clarity and reach. But below from Julia ... and wishing her yet the best to come as well ... Enjoy!


***** ABC NEWS/ MUSIC: Julia Dale, 12- Year Old 'Star Spangled Banner' Singer, Stuns (newsread/ video)





National Anthem by Julia Dale * Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs Game One ... Thanx to FOOMANCHU

The Littlest Monster ... "Born This Way" (Lady GaGa cover) ... Thanx to JULNIC100

Julia Dale sings "Someone Like You" (Adele cover) ... Thanx to JULNIC100




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