Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This Part 5 of "Peace On Earth Without Gun's" was included in this series first to show what a defenseless people/ citizen's must have to endure on any given day in the reality that most of us have to live in ... the victim this time was a young British soldier Lee Rigby. I also wanted to highlight this response video from a local English gent who represent's the EDL Mr. Tommy Robinson because he is considered a racist or right wing extremist by todayz pop culture and criticized as well as targeted by many himself ... but in my opinion ... he just make's good sense in what he sayz, whether he's right, left, or whatever other politipop title group make's no difference to me, what he sayz about this particular incident and the current state of the condition is what is importante food for thought. I dont see anything he sayz here as racist or extreme or even anti- muslim to be honest, he even speak's against those who attack muslim's and mosque's ... and it's one of the most straight forward non- bullshit, non- sugar coating responses that I heard on a mainstream level in any of this. Some news link's and vid's below ... even a Guardian piece on a supermarket worker who was suspended from work for wearing a support the soldier's badge, of course Morrisons market spokesperson said it was because of food safety reason's, etc. Then some additional input from myself.

***** BBC NEWS/ UK: Lee Rigby murder: Police make 10th arrest

***** THE GUARDIAN: Morrisons worker suspended over Lee Rigby tribute

***** DAILY RECORD/ U.K.: Woolwich terror attack: Family of Lee Rigby murder suspect send their 'heartfelt condolence' to relatives of tragic soldier

Tommy Robinson EDL speaks about Woolwich terrorist attack ... Thanx to COELUSMEDIA


I was somewhat amazed at the public response right at the scene of the crime/ murder on this, being a pro- defense blogger and living here in Texas ... I couldnt believe that the suspect was still alive after nearly a half hour waiting for police to arrive on the scene in broad daylight ... I thought if it was in a town like Dallas ... I doubt that he would even be standing there alive more than roughly probably 10 minute's top's, before some concealed carry permit person with a gun walk's up and take's him down on the spot, but then again ... Dallas and London have this unique difference in these area's and I have spent time in both town's. And of course, no gun's were needed to carry out this attack/ murder ... just some simple kitchen utensil's worked for the murderer. I also listened to the suspect in his video a passerby recorded ... and I DO agree with the man/ suspect 110% and have wrote plenty about this. The fact is ... that it is those entities in politic's with their corporate and banking affiliate's who go into these countries and meddle in their affair's and kill innocent people by the truckload over and over and over ... WE DO NOT belong in these nation's ... I have wrote about this and these consequence's since the start of this journal, we should have less dictating in many countries, especially in their political affairs, but we go into these countries trying to run things. We are creating terror onto ourselves with those who represent us. None of those who dictate us are vulnerable as we the people are to the consequence's of their action's, whether it's a terror incident, murder in the street, or enviromental tragedy due to the extreme weather contributed to their relentless raping of the earth, to the lower wage's and drop's in pay that we have to receive, because they try to drive labour cheaper and cheaper through this modern day slavery, or suffer from the austerity measure's they push and taking what is our's and actually legislating law's to make it legal to rob us on top of it.

There is also time and place with reason for segregation which I have pointed out time and again, there is reason for change in immigration policies as well as deportation of those who are a threat to our culture and way of life, plain and simple. I have NOTHING in common with a person that want's to take little children and force them into marriage, or those who want to kill gay/ lesbian people, or those who feel they need to cram their religion down our throat's, or those that tell me because my wife, daughter's, friend's that are female ... are whore's and slut's because they wear a dress that might show their leg's or whatever, or because they wear make- up or similar, or those who feel it is part of a healthy marriage to beat the shit out of your wife when she is out of line or whatever, I mean ... I been with my wife for over 30 bloody year's, obviously that speak's for itself, that this IS NOT part of my/ our culture, eh? ... and NO ... she is not with me by force, nor was our marriage arranged by some community council or whatever, what kind of man would even want that?, why would I possibly want to even be with a woman who dont want to be with me?  so you can see how some thing's are completely foreign and alien to my way of life and value's of my familia, eh? ... why would I want to associate with a culture so different than my country/ tribe/ culture, that is against us totally? ... I dont even understand that ... wouldnt that be borderline insanity?, masochistic? ... to embrace that is being liberated? or to NOT defend yourself? ... how liberated is that? For those who may be a tad "uncomfortable" with the word/ term "segregation" ... look at it like this ... it simply reduce's violence and even death in many cases, eh?

These politician's with this politipop pandering and such are in my opinion in a way guilty of perjury too, do you not take an oath when you enter a position/ office like such? There are many good decent folk's of the muslim faith, but there are also those who have their own denomination and principle's as in any religion, even christian's ... that are NOT in alignment with what we value, and also cannot ever be comfortable in our enviroment ... when they show/ display these sign's that they cant function culturally with our society, why do we say they belong here? why are not any of these people when identified with these issue's just simply deported immediately?, you can even give them free airfare, and even a sum of money to just get out of our countries and make sure they dont return. Why would any of us also belong in their nation's and sector's? ... it hasnt a thing to do with hatred ... it's just common sense, listen to the man above Mr. Robinson with a clear head, and ask yourself ... what's radical about that? ... think about it a minute with a head clear of all the politipop nonsense and think simply naturally ... unless of course that's too difficult.

Word Out ....

***** POST NOTE (Wed 29 May 2013): I also wanted to include here that I knew nothing of this man in the above video Mr. Robinson, nor did I know a thing about this EDL organization, so on Mr. Robinson I done a brief research and viewed a few video's on YouTube of the man as well to try to at least determine if this man was really a racist, neo- nazi, or out to unfairly attack folk's of any faith (I know real racism and such when I see it and talked first hand one on one with REAL racist's, including Hammerskin's, etc, the kind that are for real, not some backwood's hillbillies who make joke's and slander using the word "nigger" or such, there's a difference) ... I could not find any evidence to convince me of that, only "talk" of such, which come's a dime a dozen in these dayz of this so called social media and bullshit propaganda dished out by the truckload. "IF" I would have found Mr. Robinson to be actually unfair or racist or in support of nazi type thought, I WOULD HAVE NOT highlighted him here in this manner.

However, I DISAGREE with Mr. Robinson on the thing that he sayz he would do as far as not allowing mosque's to be built (at least it appear's in the video that is an objective of his), being that I have friend's that are of the Islam faith (like Lotfi from Rabat and Nabil from Casablanca), I know how importante this is to them and their culture, they are also let me add some of the most straight up and decent people that I actually have known because of their value's, even the best man (Jamal, originally from Tanzania, but educated and raised mostly in London before relocating to Dallas) that I ever worked for who owned a small printing company was of this faith, and the most generous person I have worked for because of his faith and value's, honest and a man of compassion and "respect" unlike any I have seen, so you can understand also how I feel about depriving ANYONE of their faith ... to me that is  WRONG ... to not allow prayer and worship is WRONG, for many people, this IS ALL that they have in life, those churches/ mosque's are a type of social/ familia gathering place's for those like minded to share and worship and should not be touched or prohibited, it isnt prohibited for christian's or anyone else and there should be no exception.


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James Joiner said...

I would have to say and hope that the guy would have been taken down if it was here in Boston and before he could do what he did. 3 women did confront him but did nothing.

Right from the get go it was obvious the turn this so called war on terror was going to take.

Like it or not we should send them all home and treat their countries like a prison camp under watch. They should only be allowed here if on good behavior and still kept under watch.

James Joiner said...

Hope all is well by the way!

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Jim, even in Boston, the reaction would have been different from the people I would imagine, Londontown is different in this respect from American cities as I pointed out, but still a great town for sure (had lot's of fun in London back in the day {: ) ... I am somewhat suprised that the gal actually approached the assailant, I certainly didnt expect the gal to "do" much, she was lucky she didnt get hacked up, if she had a pistol, it would have been a bit better I reckon ... PM Cameron commended her ... she shouldnt get too excited over that though, Mr. Robinson sum's up Cameron perfectly as far as weakness and frailty in my opinion. Of course like you I seen this one coming long ago, and I know damn well you expected it for long reading your blog ... it's sad Jim, but an unfortunate reality. As far as watching some of these folk's, that's just it Jim, many of these folk's are actually identified in various countries for that matter before they even get a plan into motion, yet nothing much is done, and to me that is not just weakness and politipop pandering and political correctness, but incompetence and almost like a "we dont give a shit" attitude being mainly dictated by international banking and corporate interest's to these so called political rep's ... none of who by the way have to live in this reality ... you can bet if they did, or when it come's to their door, they will be enlightened, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... and eventually in time they WILL be the target's ... they cant hide forever ... bank on it!

Yeah Jim ... all is as good as I could hope for here on the Ranch, excepot the weather has been nothing but thunderstorn after thunderstorm chance's day after day it seem's ... ready for a tad more sunshine length ... at least we do get more daylight hour's at this time of year, so I'm grateful for that!

Thanx for your input here Jim as alwayz .... have a good un guy