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Amanda & Jocelyn Berry,Gina De Jesus, Michelle Knight (PT.2 Update): "Desolation Angels" ... The Decade of DEPRIVATION, DEPRAVITY & DEATH **** & 05/ 10/ 13 "Sex Addict Defense" UPDATE

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(left to right) Amanda Berry, Gina De Jesus & Michelle Knight

This Part 2 is just an update on what in Hell is going on in this piece by piece case right now, and also to note that both of the defendant's brother's Pedro and Onil are NOT being charged with any related offenses to this, which was almost hard for me to believe, that they were here so much at the residence and didnt know a thing, however .. I trust at least the FBI in this investigation, cause I figure damn well in a case like this they were thorough and would have definitely pursued any charge's if they had anything solid to, and they DID NOT.

I wanted to update this as well, because it is such a big story all over ... and yesterday on the job it was the talk of the day it seemed, and in the lunch room some heavy discussion (which is mostly all women, and all between about 20's and 40's year's in age ... I'll be kind here and not even repeat what a few of these gal's said they would do to this guy {: ), and a couple of gal's wanted my input or assessment on this, cause they know how I cover these thing's and such. I actually felt lost for word's, telling them " ... I'm so bloody confused on this one ... I cant even begin to understand what the fuck this guyz objective was, he seem's so mixed up ... I mean ... he want's girlz to give birth and to get pregnant on one hand, and even threaten's to kill if the baby does not come out okay ... yet on the other hand, want's to kill the baby? ... I mean like ... what the fuck?!! ... ". But yes, trying to understand some of the shit I been reading as this unfold's is so confusing to me.

One thing for sure is Mr. Castro wont be too confused when his reality of where he is and going sink's in good. I also am looking at what poor Jocelyn had to go through, being she is only 6 year's old and what kind of psychological impact this will have on her growing up? ... how do you heal her? I also wonder if murder/ manslaughter charge's can also be brought into this, because there is a very thin line there as far as infant's being killed, method's to forcefully induce miscarriage's for instance, etc, as a prosecutor I would think, these would be of interest's to explore ... so this is full of twist's and question's for me in this decade long of deprivation, depravity and death for these angels in desolation. Also part of the title of this posting was inspired by the 1979 "Bad Company" album/ cd "Desolation Angels" ... enough from me for now, and more below.

**** THE ACCUSED ....

Ariel Castro arraignment on kidnapping and rape charges, bond set at $8 M ... Thanx to ABSOLUTELYDEFINITE

***** CNN/ U.S.: Prosecutor: 'Child kidnapper operated a torture chamber and private prison' ... some recent newsread/ video update's on this case from CNN ...




***** MAILONLINE: Cleveland 'kidnapper' Ariel Castro told police he was a cold- blooded sex addict who could not control his impulses

It certainly didnt take the prosecution much time to try to pursue possible aggravated murder charge's either against Mr. Castro of some sort, which of course I expected, along with a buffet of other charge's, being the intitial arraignment charge's were simply to "secure" the defendant and to make sure a bond high enough so that he doesnt make it, being this guy is a definite flight risk, but no doubt in my mind that a guy like this couldnt flee and get anywhere in any time frame ... I mean ... he's too mixed up mentally to be able to succeed in something of that sort.

But from the latest above read you can kind of already see where this is going as far as the charge's, trial and defense strategy ... I actually feel sorry for his defense attorney on this one, I mean ... it's a great case for your resume (especially for a court appointed attorney/ esquire), but a tough one to take on emotionally too, and a legal challenge and a half at that! It appear's though that this is going to take the "sex addict" route and also Mr. Castro has been clever enough at least to be straight/ honest on this and start to build that as his part of the defense. But clearly dont mix this up with any of the bondage fetish game's that so many adult's like to play in also ... this is not some adult porn flick/ film ... or Madam/ Master's dungeon sex service down the street, nor did he belong to any group like PEP (People Exchanging Power) BD/ SM club or related ... this is the real deal and should be dealt with as such, NONE of these victim's were there on their own FREEWILL. I mention this, because also look for a defense strategy to possibly get tossed in, that because Gina and Michelle refused to leave the home even after Amanda broke free, a defense strategist may try to say that they didnt want to leave in a way ... dont buy it ... the other two didnt leave, because of the fear after so many year's of what would happen torture- wise if they got caught/ made, since he tested them time and again, and brutally punished them time and again over them year's, just for even entertaining the thought alone. This isnt even a love affair gone sour for that matter or any related defensive excuse. These victim's were simply there to serve as slave's and he their master, plain and simple.

Another thing that is also being drafted as this unfold's is the "sex abuse" thing of Mr. Castro being abused as a kid himself, and that's sad of course, but still not justifies the act's especially over such a lengthy period, an astonishing decade ... this REALLY took alot of thinking and planning and work to do ... so the "nutcase" defense is also out of the question here ... meaning NO ... NO MENTAL INSTITUTION insanity cop- out to do some gravy train time downstate and get released when your so called cured or showing progress, etc. You may also hear about the "special moment's" eating cake together in celebration of the anniversary of their meeting/ joining/ kidnapping, or how he cared and took care of them, or trying to teach them a lesson for getting in a stranger's car, etc, etc ... the list is endless. This man did not have emotional love for any of these girls at all, nor can he use an excuse like the sex addiction ... geeezzz ... in any major city in America, you can join organization's/ club's/ venue's that cater to fetish sex even that you can attend, meet willing partner's, etc, etc ... or even if your the loner type can just find plenty of working girl's in the sex trade to act out scenario's, or a casual date, etc. I mention this here, because I am expecting some strategy like such the way this is unfolding right now.

Word Out ....

***** POST NOTE: I also noticed in some interview's whether it was from media people or those in his community or whoever came in contact or knew him, this constant talk of how small/ short he is, how kind he is, how soft spoken he is, friendly barbeque brisket neighbour, being a good bass guitar player, etc, etc It's just you seem to alwayz hear this about alot of these type's, their all real sweet and nice of course, it's just silly to buy that, of course their sweet, timid and nice or whatever ... to try to cover all the foul shit and filth that's in their fucken brain's ... which frankly the only solution for a person like this in my opinion since he's so self- proclaimed "ill" or "disturbed emotionally" or whatever ... is for him to put a bullet through his own brain and do everyone a favour, eh? All this type is, is a cowardly predator and shouldnt even be considered a man in any definition at that unfortunately.


Bad Company- Gone, Gone, Gone (Live) ... Thanx to MUSIC FOR YOU **** just a song off the "Desolation Angels" LP to post here that is fitting, since Mr. Castro's 3 angel's are now gone, having walked out the door, they said this time forever. This is an oldie that I liked covering doing vocals myself on years back .... This will also be included in the RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY




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