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AMANDA BERRY (PT.1) Meet's CHARLES RAMSEY/ The HEROIC DUO: "Meeting The GIRL NEXT DOOR" ... an ODD Twist of CHANCE with a Happy Ending (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.15)

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Amanda Berry                                                  Charles Ramsey

Really an odd story here for this Part 15 of the "Public Patriot's" series that my daughter Bear brought to my atencion this morning and was very cheerful about, since I hadnt yet heard a thing about this, cruising other news and such online, but indeed I saw both Ms. Berry and Mr. Ramsey as truely public patriot's or a sort of heroic duo when I did look into this story, absolutely amazing with a very happy ending too ... so it's definitely good news! {: ) Some news link and video below, then a few more word's I wanted to add after.

***** CNN U.S.: Police: No indication women were being held at home .... newsread/ video's full story here from CNN



Charles Ramsey Interview 2013 on 'GMA': "Either I'm Stupid" or Kidnap Suspects That Good ... Thanx to ABCNEWS

This is why it is so importante to at least keep your eye's and ear's open in your community ... the cop's cant do so much as it is, and when they cant be there for you/ us ... we need to pull resource's together and at least keep tab's on our surrounding's, and no ... you DONT have to be nosey at all, just sharp and alert is all. Incredible story here though how there has been cries/ scream's from this residence before, and how no one suspected a bloody thing, the suspect(s) played this well, and of course again ... one of these Mr.Niceguy type's I reckon as far as friendly, etc ... even was a bloody damn school bus driver at that! I'm not so clear at all as far as what in Hell went down here it is so fresh, or am clear even on the child that was also found at the residence who supposedly was the child of Amanda (if she gave birth there after her abduction or what? and who was the father?)

 But they do know that there were several pregnancies, birth's, and miscarriages due to malnutrition, also these women were seperately chained and bound in different room's alot of the time, so this/ these character's were really some low bred type's here, I mean what kind of guy's would actually even try to get them pregnant at that, plus give birth, yet simutaneously starve them and keep them in shackle's. The condition's even for the poor child must have been awful and you can bet that this will have a psychological impact not only on the kidnap victim's to come but the children, it is importante here to pursue especially this as far as condition's and whatever TO THE minor children/ child to maximize the penalties to the full extent of the law in such a case! And the homeowner or ringleader of this bunch has prior's for domestic abuse even on his own woman, so this clearly show's what type he is. But Amanda along with 2 other women Michelle Knight and Gina De Jesus (my cousin's on my mom's side last name is also De Jesus) who were also abducted and held prisoner seemed to be "physically" well enough to be quickly released from the hospital after examination's, which is a plus.

My suspicion's though is that it had to do with some type of sexuality thing and clearly involved sexual assault and such, and it has been confirmed it appear's that the residence also had some sort of bondage fetish dungeon of sort in it's basement ... of course this isnt just state/ county charge's here, since there is the kidnapping, federal charge's should be brought in as well ... also the presence and confinement of the small child should enhance these charge's as well, so these 3 character's should really have to do some hard long time on this for sure. I mean, so far at just the start of this, the evidence is solid as any prosecution could dream for. But what a Hell of a way to meet the girl next door, eh? And congratulation's to both Berry and Ramsey for their team work, and Ramsey going on his gut instinct and not waiting or not getting involved type attitude and just kicking in the goddamn door when needed to take immediate action ... job well done for these two! {: )

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