Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LADY GAGA (PT.4) Feat. MARILYN MANSON: "Love Game" Remix VIDEO ... with "Metal Remix" by Aitify (Thanx to Justin)

I wanted to include this Lady GaGa remix of her "Love Game" that she done with Marilyn Manson in this journal's music/ art's honour roll society to look at the blend. Over the weekend while with Dave and Justin (both guitarist's and both distinctively different across the board) I brought up again about putting Lady GaGa with folk's like Marilyn Manson, J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus), Ogre (Skinny Puppy), etc, etc during some chat ... of course Dave (a more hard edged metal guitarist) once again thought I'm nut's, and a lousy idea, rolling his eye's saying something like " ... that's just fucked up Tom, and you of all people wanting to do something like that I wouldnt expect ... etc". However, Justin then said something like ... "where you been dude ... Marilyn Manson and Lady GaGa already done a project together something like 5 year's back ... etc" ... No ... Dave or I didnt know that, and Justin told me to just go to YouTube and there is plenty on it ... so this is what I selected for this post ... and thanx to Justin here. Coincidentally, I was also recently bringing up in my last MM 2012 "Born Villian" posting, how I was wondering if LG's "Born This Way" had any influence as far as visual's production?

The aesthetics here is really nice work too ... although the music end is more for remix show than anything and very commercialized audio- wise, however, a well constructed and engineered solid piece of production for especially electronic dance type music. The first piece is the actual GaGa remix video her and Marilyn done ... but then I found a sort of metal remix that was independently engineered by Swedish songwriter/ producer, Aitify, to look at a different approach to it using the guitar chord's mix incorporated into it. And I really do like the aesthetics and theme here in the first original remix posted from Gaga ... however ... me personally, I would have taken a very different approach to the composition of the music no doubt (a lil more of a raw and sharper edge incorporating a slight instrumental change- up, yet not losing the rhythm dance touch at the same time, which can be done, but it take's time to do too), but then again, this is a "remix" solely done from the original (and these are put together quickly too, for this sort of production), where I would have just started from scratch and done a "remake" cover of the original and a different construction to the music end, but not the visuals engineering though. I've read some criticism of course from mainly Manson fan's (as I expected) ... but also alot of folk's that liked it too. So you can be the judge here ... Enjoy!

***** PD/ RCJ: "LADY GAGA" PART'S 3, 2 & 1

Lady Gaga feat feat Marilyn Manson- Love Game Remix VIDEO ... Thanx to HELENE PETRAKIS STEPHANOU

Lady Gaga- Love game (sick metal cover!) ... Thanx to Jonaitify







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