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ROXANN SANCHEZ & ANTHONY FIGUEROA: Life CUT due to LOVE- NUT ... Love & Life on the Edge of a KNIFE (PEACE ON EARTH WITHOUT GUN'S PT. 4) **** & UPDATE "Back in Texas"

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(left to right) Roxann Diana Sanchez with son Anthony Reyes Figueroa and alleged murder suspect Cedric Ricks

***** (THE VERDICT) CBS11DFW: Killer Gets Death Penalty For Brutal Slayings Of Girlfriend, Her Child ... updated 19 May 2014

***** CBS/DFW: Suspected Bedford Murderer Extradited Back To Texas (newsread) ... it appear's that he got an asswhippin in the Oklahoma jail too.

Part 4 of this series will look at another Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex area multiple stabbing murder case, in this case Mr. Ricks admitted to his cousin right after the murder's via phone that he killed his ex and her kid's, yet ... it was he who got hurt and in need of help from his cousin and no help for those he killed and attempted to, after he stole Ms. Sanchez's car and was fleeing to Oklahoma where he is now in custody trying to fight extradition back to Texas. Why he would be fighting extradition on this is odd, does he really think that Oklahoma wont comply with Texas' request's? or the state's he was trying to flee to? Maybe fear of the death penalty? ... who know's ... but I'm sure he understand's that death just come's with the territory, eh? No gun's? No problemo ... a knife was good enough to settle his love dispute and to also kill her 8 year old son and attempted to kill her 12 year old son as well who survived but in critical condition with brain injuries ... he was compassionate enough to not touch his 8 month old child though ... so perhap's he'll get some slack off that, eh? and/ or the fact that he didnt use gun's, eh? But this appear's to be another love affair gone sour, and one of the parties couldnt handle the break up or whatever, etc.

Oddly, when all this was going down in this apartment complex, neighbour's heard it and the cries for help or whatever ... and didnt even call the police ... imagine that ... Why I have to ask? ... fear?, not wanting to get involved? ... who in Hell know's ... you can bet your ass I wouldnt be one of those neighbour's. Recently ... probably a few month's back I reckon, my daughter came to me and said her and her boyfriend heard glass breaking outside her bedroom window, I was in another room reviewing some music and didnt hear it. I immediately within just second's instructed her to cover with phone etc, etc ... I went out through a front entrance, ready to roll etc ... told her to stay back and alert by the phone ... I probably was out and focused in less than a minute. It was my neighbour's home and the window was being broken out in front ... but dark in that area and I couldnt make out enough to get a fixed description, just shadow's because it was late night, I started to move in, although light was on me to where they could see me clearly, which of course make's me vulnerable, then I heard a guy yelling ... "No .... Tom ... it's me Nick! ... everything is okay" so I quickly downed a notch when I reckonized the voice and approached him at ease ... but I didnt know until he ID'd himself ... so it was a lil tense for a second I reckon, just hoping to make the right move is all you can hope for. Bottom line was, he was out that night at a club and had to take a cab home and couldnt find his key's and the cabbie was helping him break his window to get in, he's a 27 year old single professional occupation guy, and I knew he doesnt carry defense of any kind either, so I knew he could be vulnerable too, if someone was breaking into his home. But Nick did thank me for the quick response, he said it kind of freaked him out for a minute though, but thanx. Perhap's I'm odd or old fashioned or something, but I dont understand how neighbour's can ignore cries for help or a situation like such ... that's just me.


Cedric Ricks arriving at TARCO jail ... Thanx to BRANDONTODD **** Ricks is back here in Texas at the Tarrant County jail in downtown Fort Worth.



***** PD/ RCJ: "SELF DEFENSE" PART'S 20 THRU 1 .... a related series highlighting the importance of self defense and preservation


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