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ANTHONY WEINER (PT.2) Should He STILL RUN for Mayor of NYC? ... DOES a Teddy Bear Have COTTON BALL'S? ... ABSOLUTELY He Should RUN! ... "BIG LIES vs Little Lies" ... (AMERICA'S STUPIDITY PT.4)

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Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin **** ANTHONYWEINER.COM

Anthony Weiner: How Last Summer's Interview with PEOPLE Stacks Up Now

(left to right) Anthony, son Jordan, and wife Huma

This Part 4 of the "America's Stupidity" series of this journal will also be Part 2 of "Anthony Weiner", because I was very much of support of this man when he was a Congressman. The reason for posting it in the "America's Stupidity" series, is because we are NOT stupid by nature, but because of how we let the little simple thing's distract us from making sound decision's and choice's when it come's to electing those who are supposed to represent us. I am of course a resident of the City of Dallas these dayz, and love my city, but I also was a resident year's back of New York City, and hold dear to my heart much that I learned as a youngster there. First some campaign and news video/ read ... then my input and opinion on why this man should run, and hoping he doesnt drop out.

Anthony Weiner running for NYC mayor ... Thanx to CNN

Anthony Weiner and Wife Talk Newest Lewd Photo Controversy ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

***** CHICAGO TRIBUNE/ NATIONAL POLITICS: Weiner defiant amid calls to quit New York mayoral bid

***** CNN/ OPINION: The public humiliation of Huma Abedin

As far as the so called humiliation and such of his wife is concerned, do you not think that Huma chose on her own to support her husband? That maybe she has reason to still love her husband? That maybe beside's this, she's really happy with Anthony? ... and that he really loves his wife more than anything? I would guess that beside's this sexting or online social contact's or whatever in Hell this is popularly called, that she really loves this guy and that he really is a good partner, dad, and such, beside's like I point out, their intimate dealing's and issue's are their's and only they can deal with that, when it come's down to the nitty gritty, our opinion's  as far as their relationship, intimately or otherwise, cant do either of them a damn bit of good as far as their relationship. Huma has pointed out publicly that Anthony is a very caring dad and husband, even make's her tea in the morning and wait's on her, does all the laundry, chore's around the house, etc, etc ... those thing's not big by many folk's standard's, but significantly win's a woman's heart as well, just simply being good to her. And frankly I wouldnt think that many women could actually sweep Anthony off his feet ... just look at Huma ... frankly speaking, she not only has a great personality, strong, level headed, and intelligent ... but is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! I also wonder about some of these gal's online, who know that this guy is married, and who he may be even ... what is their reason for wanting to engage in chat of/ and such with him? ... especially later if they run to the media's to talk about how offended they were?





Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (2013)

The whining out of some folk's has been absolutely incredible about Mr. Weiner running for office of mayor ... I mean, I would expect it out of the conservative's naturally ... but the whining that I hear out of some Democrat's is incredible. I say all this in some of the most challenging economic and political time's this nation is facing (especially the City of New York and what they have as mayor now), and the most challenging in my lifetime, especially when we support fellow Democrat's like this Congresswoman out of Dallas, yet dont even flinch at the corrupt history she has, which make's Anthony Weiner look like a boyscout if your talking about lousy politician's and the lies that they feed us, integrity, and all the rest of the goodies, and her action's were MILD if were talking $$$$ (dollars) compared to some of the stealthy shady shit and amount's that other politician's on BOTH side's are involved in! I had to actually take 3x times longer to vote at the poll's, so I could specifically NOT vote for Congresswoman Johnson (her money scandal of nepotism mysteriously disappear's?), but still vote Democrat ... that's how much of a mess were in, not to mention our voting right's and vote's are not only manipulated, but becoming more and more restricted. Ya'll say that Weiner damage's the image or integrity of the Democrat Party?! ... are you kidding?!! ... I wont even get into the list of damaging representation that the Democrat Party already has, that has far less integrity than Weiner and are basically worthless to the party and a sellout to American's interest's.

No ... were all about worrying about petty nonsensical thing's like a person's sex life and who they screw, and have no concern we show of the outright BIG HABITUAL LIAR'S that screw us BIG TIME in huge sellout's of our right's, benefit's/ entitlement's, job's, and every other major issue that damage's our country and cities by the day with their backdoor corporate inspired legislative dealing's ... they even gone as low as to sell out our veteran's of our armed forces, as well as our children and how they railroad them on education funding and protecting and preserving a safe and stable future for them. And this is what all these folk's like "Citizens United" and other corporate banking posse's depend on ... OUR stupidity and how quick they can turn us on and off using petty shit to do so in propaganda ... they push our button's and feed us shit bagged as fear and lies.

Anthony Weiner has showed he stand's against the grain in the past, and fought tooth and claw to get change's and support so many American's, which I point out in Part 1 ... he's a strong man, and YES ... at least has shown some integrity and stood his ground in the past. What this man and his wife does is their business as his wife Huma point's out ... stay out of their personal business and especially their bedroom, and get more involved in the real people that are screwing us, and the shady business they are currently engaging in against the people's interest's. As far as "trust" which so many whine about ... look at what you place your damn trust in as it is ... look at some of their action's. I would hope that Mr. Weiner does NOT drop out this time and stick's in there, regardless of all the nitpicking that so many love to do over petty crap. And think he should at least get that chance to try to do some good for the city he and his partner Huma loves. Best to you and your's Sir!

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