Thursday, July 4, 2013

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2013/ Intro with Dr. L. Horowitz ... an RC Journal "DIATRIBE" or "DECLARATION" of Independence & Liberty? ... (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.5) & (The AWAKENING PT.33) **** Inspired by Helga

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Dr. Leonard Horowitz

This posting to also serve 2 series of this journal, and I also chose Dr. Horowitz and his film "In Lies We Trust" for the intro to this posting because what he sayz regardless if you agree or disagree with it at any time (which I disagree with some as well), should be at least food for thought, but it's politipoply dismissed by some as simply quack talk, conspiracy theorist talk, nutcase talk, guru type prophecy propaganda talk, etc, etc ... after all, I'm sure many well paid politician's who so call "represent us" today would look at it as propaganda and destuctive to a degree, but not to be taken seriously. But isnt everything propaganda? ... of course it is ... especially politic's and mega corporate and banking marketing, eh? I just include anything that I find as food for thought ... from politician's that I admire like Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, to even people like Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Charlie Manson, Johnny Liberty, Felipe Andres Coronel, etc. So this is why I chose Dr. Horowitz for an intro to this Independence Day posting ... it's the spirit of democracy, freedom of speech, and all that other good shit that America is about, and this is also a follow up to the last Independence Day posting of 2012 ... it's all about independence, freedom, and keeping aware of that force of dominance and tyranny that is alwayz there and rises from time to time such as now.

Part of this posting was also inspired by a local Dallas woman named Helga who discusses alot of concern about issues with me. Helga first read a couple piece's in this journal strictly based on what I wrote about the student debt crisis, being that her own debt from student loan's has her concerned and frankly a lil angry as an American student/ worker with a degree who work's another job currently that feel's cheated by her payscale and benefit's ... a dead end type of job she thinx, considering her mindset while attending college that she would achieve some American pie and dream from hard work and ambition, etc. ... and you see where this student loan crap has went over the last week or so (not all student loan's though) when Congress decided to walk out and let the interest rates double, eh? ... of course by now an old familiar tune out of this collectively worthless bunch we have, but NOT the end/ finale of this, being this is simply another can kick down the road with a sidedish of bullshit, they kicked this one simply because they didnt have any election's coming up of importance, wait till election time's and they will sing a different tune ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... of more bullshit of course to keep ya'll locked in for another episode {: ) After viewing a few piece's in this journal and Awakening series, Helga said she found what I wrote as interesting and descibed it as a sort of "diatribe" ... and I'm glad that you found something of interest in here Helga ... but it isnt a diatribe at all, regardless of what I may sound like, nor am I even anti government or corporation or anything like such, it's simply a viewpoint from an American working class person just like yourself and million's upon million's of other's, I have alot of question's, so look at it as nothing more than like a declaration of independence and liberty, a basic right, voicing one's opinion, etc, etc ... that is what democracy is all about, eh? ... then let's "display" it!

Some of this film below can be disturbing and even may inspire anger, hatred, etc ... but that is also healthy to feel and most importante as a survival tool, which I will explain after in my part of this posting.

In Lies We Trust : The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism (Part 1 of 10 of the full length documentary, click to other parts after part one) ... Thanx to WE LIVE IN A FUCKED UP WORLD!


RANCH SANTA (Thomas Hudson Pickering) & ELVES, XMAS 2012

***** First below a lil video clip from Lori of RT America I wanted to add for thought as well {: )

The Resident: July 4th BBQ from Hell ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

But Happy 4th of July? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... well ... YES and NO to that, being a happy day to celebrate and reflect on our nation's independence and what it stood for as the foundation of this great idea of modern democracy from the British and tyranny of that era ... so some barbeque, game's, outdoor activities, beer's and fireworx are all great, and we deserve this down time to relax and enjoy, reflect, etc ... however, tomorrow ... back to reality of the current, and if that call's for anger and/ or NOT being happy ... so be it ... it is ALL in order and most importante as a survival tool!

It's also common for folk's to just be so sick and tired of the bullshit shenanigan's that many of these political asshole's put us through and just throw in the towel, but getting too discouraged and giving up is also destructive to yourselves, winner's DONT quit, those who fought and died to make this nation's bedrock and foundation were not quitter's nor gave up on a bloody thing, they stayed in the trenches and challenged the obstacle's and won doing so. Look at todayz recent news out of Egypt for example , a military coup ousted and placed under house arrest President Morsi and his muslim crew, which I have stated time and again in this journal to look for more of this kind of action's from even militaries around the world as this forced austerity and other bullshit get's sunk in good, and will move as a "wave" across the globe over time. Many folk's are even bitching and the uncertainty now is high for Egypt's future and where this will go, and you can bet your ass, the uncertainty is also high with some of the same dictating entities of the globe who are in Egypt secretly and strictly for their profit margin's and agenda's in this part of the world {: ) And this is NOT a fix all for Egypt and just some sweeping victory rest assured, but my point is here, that again, with the uprise, concern and anger from the masses of people like in any nation ... they will be heard at some point, and action usually follow's ... and Lord know's that Egypt has had one of the longest runnin histories on these issue's! The same with countries like Brazil and the peoples action's there.

So despite all the propagandized sugar coated peace and love talk, being a big happy familia etc, etc ... and protesting that erupt's into violence at time's and such as being unhealthy and harmful with related mush- headed talk ... bullshit!! ... it is ALL as healthy as even peaceful dialog and essential in getting result's when such peaceful bullshit fail's, eh? Tell those who fought and died to get our Bill of Rights, Constitution, and those who signed the Declaration of Independence that anger, fighting, hostility and such are bad social policy and politically unacceptable, or tell that to those million's in Egypt who stayed day and night in the street's protesting and threatening civil unrest, or those in any of the other similar event's happening currently around the globe or of past, see what they think. NO! those who dictate WILL be challenged and civil unrest is alwayz part of that recipe if/ when needed ... the people have listened to enough of your bullshit and propaganda ... and you sure as Hell will listen to OURZ ... so GET THAT SHIT STRAIGHT! There are million's and many that will rise to the challenge's if and when needed ... that is also the reality, so those who dictate thinking this will be one big easy mudslide and that they will just mozy on in and take every goddamn thing and life over ... ya'll are more mentally challenged than some of the peasant's you think you will just walk over, it's those peasant's, soldier's, and such that are ya'll's sole lifeforce, those that buy, sell and reproduce, manufacture, invent, spend their earning's, invest what little they have and worked hard for, and everything related that make's ya'll's empire's flourish ... for without us ... YOU ARE NOTHING! One day even many of you will even sober up from your financial intoxication and smell the roses ... rest assured.

Other than that ... to anyone that read's this ... have a Happy 4th of July today ... and what beautiful weather over the last week or so here in Dallas with high's in the mid to upper 80's, with a forecast for today here in Dallas- Fort Worth of a dry sunny day, nice breeze, with a high of around 90/ 92 late this afternoon.

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"Bear" (Ranch Chimp's daughter) early this morning at Dallas' White Rock Lake before her running the "White Rock Lake 4th of July 8K run"





James Joiner said...

Wow very interesting. You get around much more than I thought. I say Happy 4th and I mean it.

You have to wonder how many more we will have and under what conditions in this increasingly fucked up world.

It is hot as a witches tit out here right now and will be around 95 for the next 3 or 4 days. Might cook out in the A C in the house. Getting to be a wimp I guess.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim and Happy 4th ... "hot as a witches tit"? ... I like that one Jim! {: ). Actually I dont get around enough these dayz, mostly staying here around the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, beside's going to the casino's up in Oklahoma, I really need a vacation, if I could afford it, I would go visit Germany or somewhere's for a lil R & R, believe me! 95 degree's ... wimpy? ... nah Jim ... I know too well what the humidity is like up around town's like Boston and New York, Montreal, etc having lived up in that area, the humidity factor here in Dallas when the temp rises is mild compared to up there.

Well Jim, you and I know what's in store over the next few year's, and it dont matter who win's in the election's out of these current crew's, we got another few inches coming up our asses any way you slice it, the Dem's will make it a tad milder at best, but dont expect much more, the power's that control Washington have a whole buffet lined up against us on their special interest's agenda's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

Our familia here in Dallas wont be together for the holiday or any cook- out, we all want to do different thing's, so will be spread out around the Metroplex at different event's, area lake's and such, like the big fireworx show tonight at the Cotton Bowl Stadium, plus the Midway is open with lot's of ride's, game's and concert's goin on, etc. But whatever ya'll do Jim, have a good un guy ... and stay away from those witches titties, their addictive! {: )

Thanx for your input here Jim ....