Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SOVEREIGN CITIZEN'S MOVEMENT (CBS "60 Minutes") ... and a "JOHNNY LIBERTY" lecture ...

This posting will be to take a look at the "Sovereign Citizen Movement" and some lecture back from the mid 1990's from John David Van Hove aka Johnny Liberty. I was on "60 minutes" website yesterday to see what they had and ran across this video segment ... I never even heard of the Sovereign Citizen Movement before, and since they were advertised as a terrorist group, I thought to check it out. But of course, they are considered right wing terrorist's or evil I reckon, Nazi's or whatever the popular term's are right now. Also let me point out that in 2011, there is many who just call any group who carries/ own's "gun's" a terror, many would like to see the 2nd Amendment abolished for that matter, this is one of the pop culture issue's I have probably heard more whining about over the year's than damn near anything else. Then there are those who say that it "depend's" on what it mean's depending on the state, punctuation's, capitalization of wording, etc, etc. But frankly it's quite simple, I dont see any need to dissect something so simple and say your trying to determine what it mean's, but more sniveling bullshit. Many of these same folk's on the other hand talk about their higher education, how civilized they are, and of course call folk's like myself neanderthal's, etc ... if your so goddamn brilliant and educated, what is so difficult to understand, that need's your scholarly dissection? But YES! I support well regulated militia's and even individual's to protect their communities, and state's, properties, etc ... 110%.

The 2nd amendment clearly say's a well regulated "militia" being necessary to the security of a free state, and that right of the "people" to bear arm's shall not be infringed upon ... is that not clear? Perhap's you call these folk's "terrorist's" instead of militia's because their not "well regulated" enough? Could ya'll define what is ya'll's definition of "well regulated"? ... or are ya'll the type's that pointlessly would give a citizen living in a bad low income, high crime neighborhood (like they done in Washington, DC) the right to have a gun in their home, yet it must be an ole 6 shooter type revolver, and have no bullet's in it, with a lock on the trigger at all time's? That's the problemo with folk's like ya'll, you've became so educated that ya'll lost every bit of common sense. Perhap's if a thug knock's on your door and attempt's to rob you, you should ask them to hold on and give you time to load your gun? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) But no ... these group's ARE NOT terrorist's ... but simply abiding by the 2nd Amendment and securing their freedom and state against possible tyranny ... they ARE a "militia" ... and it IS necessary! Unfortunately such as in the video from 60 minute's below, an unbalanced frustrated person goes off the handle and kill's innocent law officer's ... you also see unarmed citizen's sometime's get killed by officer's moreso probably who also go off the deep end, and that is the price and flip side of these liberties and responsibilities. Many of these same folk's whining, and are so mentally fixed on this, passive or whatever, that they will actually whine and support folk's like foreign terror/ militia group's or what have you, and call us racist's because we were angry that our familia member's got killed in a terror attack, such as 9/ 11.

I'm not one who will call any group like this a terror group, simply because of a few who cant control their shit and go out killing cop's and/ or politician's ... these type's also make it bad on us who are sportsmen, hunter's, and NRA supporter's as well when they pull these stunt's, and beside's ... it's stupid and pointless. Why? ... because as I have said time and again ... we could change around this cesspool and mess were in, in less than a decade, and believe it or not, without any violence, even public protest's for that matter, or even working up a sweat! I have wrote this so many time's that "we do NOT utilize the tool's that we have" ... Hell, most American's dont even vote for that matter, and all we do is keep yelling to the same deadbeat rep's over and over that we want change, some of those been in office since car's had fin's for that matter ... and our idea of change, is trying to get back to where we were a decade ago ... that's the majority mentality. I mean ... this crisis isnt even really as bad as it could be, yet some folk's are losing their head's over it. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... we act like glutton's for punishment, and keep embracing these special interest's/ corporate, instead of just walking away from them, it's no wonder we get fucked the way we do :)

The 2nd video is lengthy, nearly 2 hour's, but I highly recommend watching it. After the "60 Minutes" segment, I wanted to go elsewhere's and find out what the Hell "sovereign citizenship" was ... and ran across this Guy "Johnny Liberty", who I never even heard of ... but was in agreement with much of what he was saying, although I am politically different. However ... even though I vote straight democrat (for the choice of the lesser of two evil's), I dont exclusively adhere to the left or right, or what the mainstream thought is ... I am a man who look's for solution's and truth ... when I see I'm pissing in the wind, I walk and try something else, I am one who focuses on result's and getting the job done. I take and embrace that which I like ... and throw away that which dont work and/ or serve me any beneficial interest's ... so I will listen to anyone from any walk of life. But this man (Johnny Liberty) brought up so many key point's, whether I agree with him or not, and it needed to be in this journal.


***** FREEINFOSOCIETY: Johnny Liberty: The Global Sovereign's Handbook ... (pdf)

1) CBS 60 MINUTES segment on the "Sovereign Citizen Movement"

Sovereign Citizen Movement- CBS Hit Piece ... Thanx to DR RON PAUL 2012

Johnny Liberty- Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship ... Thanx to DURONCHAVIS

**** POST NOTE: Concerning the allegation's presented in the indictment info above against Johnny Liberty ... it look's "odd" and in a way hilarious actually ... the alledged offenses are nothing more than what every mega corporate CEO technically is involved with ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... when they do it, it's called "tax shelter's" ... when an individual does it like this man ... it's called "fraud". Remind's me of when Martha Stewart was convicted of insider trading or whatever, I was laughing my ass off at the indictment against her, Why? ... because damn near all of Wall St openly is practicing insider trading on a daily basis! :) I personally am not against taxes I may add, I am even somewhat socialist to an extent, Why? because I dont feel we have a population of over 300 million that reach a philosophical unity as far as constructing something that could work for such a large population ... we cant even get the majority of American's to get off their asses and vote for that matter. The identity of the nation is alway's in motion as well and changing ... I feel there is a need for a certain amount of government and also wouldnt mind myself paying more taxes to get thing's better in our nation.

However, I would like to see if I were to pay additional taxes, that it would go to domestic interest's, education, infrastructure, health care, social need's for American's across the board, etc, etc ... but I reserve a certain amount of skepticism that more taxes may also go to offshore investment's in foreign land's instead, for folk's who frankly dont give a shit about us, or do anything in return for us, except for what they can get for free out of us (I support foreign nation's that support us back and are in alignment to some degree with our cultural identities, those nation's I welcome market, trade, migration, etc with open arm's and eagerly). It isnt paranoia ... but a reality in today's world, just look around at all the municipality budget shortfall's, laying off teacher's, overcharging for higher education, everything from public park's/ youth's recreational facilities, to libraries being closed, bridges and rail's that have been without repair's even for decade's in some cases, etc ... I mean the fact is, that countries like France give you more for your taxes by far than this nation, Hell ... even these dayz China is running circles around us as far as infrastructure and rebuilding their nation, so, "show me" that you are going to utilize our tax dollar's in this country's best interest's ... right now, ya'll are showing us that our tax dollar's are increasingly going more to offshore interest's abroad than our own nation.

The issue's we face is not because we pay taxes, but those who run this system, and as Johnny point's out time and again, those who really pull the string's, and what I call throughout this journal the "3 - entities" (mega gvmnt, finance/ corporate, and religious) ... control the masses and are who make's human lives worthless as the junk they have you consume in mass. We are simply as we act currently, rehashing the same problem's over and over and NOT making significant progress. So why do I even vote? or vote democrat? Because for what we are going to get as a result of our negligence as a whole is what we are given, which is the right or left (at this point in history, as I have noted in various posting's, this is all going to have a backlash and collapse suddenly or piece by piece it appear's now, what we know and live, the newer generation's will learn and make true change), at this time the left/ democrat is going to make "our" ride through this storm/ transition smoother basically. Yet even if we had a new total democrat rule in both houses and Oval Office in 2012, understand that, that is just a "step" of relief ... rest assured, the entities would manipulate them next, that is the whole objective to having the left/ right system constructed, is to keep people divided and fighting over nonsensical shit basically. The power entities will not stop until their mission is complete, right now they control more of the right, and after they use them up, they will seek to gain more control elsewhere's or any alternative system's they can create, and this is the whole reason you see the excessive greed by those of the top wealth ... it's to rathole and control "all" wealth entirely, such as even the privatization move's of everything. It is simply our government and representation that need's to be restructured and replaced, and that can only be "our" responsibility.

A quarter century ago as I have posted before, I was in mega debt, considering my level and standard of income/ living, like so many American's today. I can easily say I was a "victim" ... but it was myself that created my situation by buying into all the buy now pay later stuff and putting myself in debt I realized. No one forced me to sign these contract's and agree to these term's, I done it by just getting in the habit, because it seemed to be the American way. It took me year's to free myself from that cycle and get my shit together, and learn to live within my mean's simply. I do as little trading or business I can with any mega institution's, I use small local bank's and service's everywhere I can, and deal with independent individual's. To show you how much lack of trust I have in these mega entities, I trust the US Gvmnt more than any of these profit driven solely entities, with my healthcare, money, taxes or anything else ... it has gotten so bad with their reckless running and excessive greed. The IRS actually twice in recent year's, sent me letter's along with check's in the $1000 range, believe it or not ... saying they "owed" me tax refund money, and I missed this or that when I filed my tax return (I do my own taxes every year, the book's they supply are pretty easy to read and follow), imagine that! Do you think one of these mega corporate entities or even a mega utilities outfit profit driven only would do that for me/ us in these time's? These mega insurer's (private) will even try to fuck you out of an operation while on the operating table if they can (not all, but some).

Government is about all we do have left, and of course it has been over 15 year's since Johnny Liberty gave that lecture (and I agree with this man on many thing's), but alot has changed in that 15 year's. What we are seeing today, is not actually our gvmnt trying to fuck us, but those who control our gvmnt fucking "it". It is past due, is what I am saying and most importante in these time's to control our own government (after all, is it not "our's"?), that is what we lack doing, and it is "our job" to do. And as I have pointed out so many time's and Johnny does in his lecture ... we have all the tool's necessary to get the job done, frankly we can even do it without a shred of violence it appear's even. Privatization of everything doesnt give the people power in these time's, but only the majority wealth more power, it eliminate's true governing and representation we need, is all.

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Beach Bum said...

"Sovereign Citizen Movement"

From what I understand they want to bring the country back to the place the Founders established it. I'm sorry but that country does not exist anymore and with the technological advancement since the 18th century and with 300 million people living here any idea we could return to that "simpler and purer time" borders on the moronic.

As for the Second Amendment, as long as a person obeys the laws and does not shoot up a post office or McDonalds I don't care what weapon you own. Now I do not believe a person with mental health issues, a crime record needs to own a weapon and should STRONGLY be prevented from getting one. I also do not believe you need to buy a weapon on the spur of the moment, those types scare me and if you want your cool Sig P226 or M-4 carbine you can wait a week or two.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Bum (1:46am Dallas) ... I agree wih you 110% actually ... which is why I pointed those thing's out as well concerning today and it's population, etc. And of course as I pointed out, there are also law enforcement who kill innocent unarmed citizen's as well, so as far as screening those with mental disabilities, perhap's some of those officer's could be screened a lil better and also be equally responsible for their action's when they do these thing's, such as public execution's of kid's such as I wrote about a couple year's ago at a BART (Oakland Bay Area) subway station. I know better than anyone that we cant go back to the 1800's , or even the 1960's for that matter, but we do need real change, and I take all idea's into consideration of course as I pointed out, from various group's.

Thanx Bum for your comment's here.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also Bum ... time's are so different now, that at a time I didnt see a need for such advanced automated weaponry for citizen's or militia's ... but considering the weaponry that some of these government agencies have, and the fact that our government is more controlled by special interest's than ever, even our large fully automated weapon's for citizen's are almost obsolete as far as protecting our nation, and this is something of course Johnny Liberty and these other's havent taken into consideration. Meaning that ... look at the current defense system's that are being tried out and exercised such as Libya or Pakistan, (by so called NATO forces, which are simply US forces) etc ... the Drones for instance ... I mean ... what if a time came in the near future where with enough corporate manipulation over our government, they used our defense weaponry such as Drones with perhap's new modified technologies attached, against us right here in the USA ... what good would even our fully automated weapon's be? So you see ... I try to think ahead, and of course have question's as well.