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HILTON KELLEY: ... Kelley and the "BUCKET BRIGADE" Vs. Goliath and the "TOXAS LOBBY" (Global Warming PT.9)

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Hilton Kelley

This PT.9 of the "Global Warming" series will be to honour Mr. Hilton Kelley, a local environmentalist (also former US Navy) on the Texas Coast in the City of Port Arthur (Beaumont/ Port Arthur Metro Area, approximately 90 mile's east of Houston). And it will also serve to take a look at Texas as far as pollution is concerned, since this series is not just about the effect's of "Global Warming", but the humanity factor that contribute's to it, and those folk's who play it, and play against it. Some link's below and a short video then a few word's I will add. And Congratulation's and Thank You from Texas to Mr. Hilton Kelley and Associate's for getting the JOB DONE.


***** Houston Press: Hilton Kelley: Port Arthur Oil Refinery Activist Wins Huge Green Prize ... (newsread)



The title was inspired first of all by the old Biblical/ Quran story of David Vs. Goliath/ Philistines ... and because, this task that Kelley and Crew took on is just that in this state. This is why I call this lobby here the "Toxas Lobby", because of how toxic and larger than Goliath it is, as far as the challenge ... and Mr. Kelley sure as Hell know's this too, after all ... he's a Texan.

Texas has some great beautiful countryside, coastal area's and such ... but there is an ugly side too, that many folk's just dont see. If your a tourist and just go to the big cities such as Dallas/ Fort Worth, Houston/ Galveston, San Antonio, Big Bend National Park, etc, etc ... you would probably never see this reality here. I have been all over the continental USA coast to coast, as well as everywhere in this state ... and can assure you that there is nothing anywhere's in this nation quite like the sight of the refineries/ plant's that go on for mile's and mile's along this stretch of 100 miles or so of Texas coastline ... it is huge! With minimal regulation as well ... the pollutant's just from this is enormous, even after they somewhat cleaned up after pressure's in recent year's ... not to even mention some of the highest smog level's in urban area's from the traffic. If you never been to Texas and live like in the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast Corridor, Miami/ Dade South Florida area, Southern California, or even some of the heaviest former industrial area's around the Great Lakes ... this would surprise you just to drive along this stretch and see it, and it never sleep's, 24/ 7/ 365. And this is just that industry alone, there are several other industries going on in Texas that are very harsh on the enviroment as well.

THE TEXAS TRIBUNE: "Despite Pollution worries, Texas builds Coal Plant's" (just another area here that isnt even related to the petro refineries, and there are even more) I realize that you cant supply a population as large and scattered as you have in Texas with just some windmill's, etc ... after all ... I'm a realist. But what I am saying is there need's to be more cleaning up and alot more incentive's for alternative's here, the regulation's are too relaxed here ... Texas has alot of cleaning up to do period, especially in Austin and the political sector.

Now ... the arguement from the political pocket puppetry in Texas, is that it is all about job's and the economy and if we dont have this or threaten to tighten up regulation's too much, all the big money will leave and abandon us and were doomed to a life of poverty and living in soup kitchen line's, etc. First of all, the poverty level's in Texas are also monumental ... you have a state that literally is filthy rich, with so much private sector investment going on and construction that it most likely lead's the nation in such as well as growth ... yet you have a state budget shortfall in the billion's. This is also the pitfall of too much privatization with not enough oversight and lack of government involvement (because a healthy government is the body and voice of the people) ... something the GOP party would like to see this entire nation turned into, and have billion's backing them to make it happen. Making these industries to clean their act's up is NOT going to send one damn one of these industries to bankruptcy and the poorhouse! Again ... typical scare talk. The lobby in this state for these folk's interest's ... is not in the interest's of the people of this great state, and have no consideration for the state on top of it, and they are bigger than a Goliath!

Like it or not ... Texas IS going to change this ... and it is best for these giant's to get used to the new rules that will come, bank on it! So ya'll might as well sober up and face the reality. As far as Texas going to the poorhouse or such bullshit without this ... silly scare talk ... Texas today is far too diverse, and will be a future leader in everything from wind, solar power, to every other green technology, as well as other technologies across the board. All you have lobbying this horseshit is a bunch of old money and international investment's ... that could give a shit less about the environmental impact, and have a percentage of the population believing this bullshit they feed. These folk's "use" this state and dont even have any regard not just for the natural environment, but for the Texan's who live around these area's, or any of the other industries and business that they cant just milk for their own purpose. So two faced some are ... such as even the former President GW Bush ... that these very people are gambling and investing and will try to even take over the green tech's with their wealth of the future ... I mention Mr. Bush, because to visit his ranch and not know he owned it, would make you think he's an environmentalist, using cheap alternative's ... of course to weigh on future investment's most likely.

Enough said ....


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