Friday, May 20, 2011

CHEECH & CHONG: ... "At the Welfare Office", "Cheech & Chong- Save the Whale's", "Cheech/ aka Red Neck", "Mexican Americans/ Beaners" ...

This choice for honour's and placement into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society", will have to be "Cheech & Chong" , and I shouldnt have to even talk about these Guy's accomplishment's, they are mainstream, but at the top of my list as far as comedy/ film's ... and I couldnt have survived my sanity this many year's without these Guy's to listen to, and this journal couldnt even be complete without them ... I absolutely have these Guy's at the top's in every category and love them to this day! And this was difficult to choose too, since there is so many great clip's from these Guy's! And Thank You Guy's for all the great art Ya'll contributed and shared! 4 clip's I chose below to start these Guy's with ... Enjoy! :)


Cheech take's Chong to the Welfare Office to meet this chick he date's named Donna, ask's Chong to hang outside the office in the waiting area while him and Donna are indulging in some under the desk "office play" ... Chong's trippin on these dude's around him waiting. I bust a gut laughing watching this old guy laugh, and every time he does, this dude across from him nodding out on heroin, jump's and wake's back to life ... this shit really get's me going! Thanx to CORKYBOOCHEK

Cheech and Chong selling pot out of their ice cream truck, take some time to also work on their song "Save the Whale's" Thanx to VINKO111



A lil stand up from Cheech aka "Red Neck" ... Thanx to TK848

Cheech and Chong hangin at home just practicing on their song "Mexican American's & Beaner's" ... Thanx to FAIRMOUNT1935




an average patriot said...

They are fantastic but that could be my age. I don't think they have ever done anything bad. Thanks!

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jim! ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... so you liked these Guy's too, eh? I cant help it, this stuff really get's me going even today!

Thanx for your voice here Jim!

Tim said...

Jim has a point, many of the kids I try to turn on to these guys just don't get it. So screw em cause we like em. I still so remember some of their routines.

Ranch Chimp said...

I dont know Tim ... a couple of my grandson's like this! But yes ... it goes back quite a few year's :) Were about the same age, even Jim, I think were all within 1 year of each other age wise ... later Guy ... and Thanx for your comment's here ....