Tuesday, May 3, 2011

U.S. NAVY SEAL's TEAM 6 : Commander/ Chief Obama Call, Mission/ Target, Mission Completion ... (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.10)

This "PART 10" of "Veteran's Spotlight" will be to honour "Navy Seal's Team 6" on their termination of Osama bin Laden ... who of course claimed responsibility for engineering the 9/11 attack's in New York City as well as other's, founded and organized an international Jihadist Network, and declared war on America and allies, at least according to all the major news source's. I mean, do we really have "proof" that bin Laden was all they say he is? I can tell you according to the evidence also, a trial would be difficult under our law to find him guilty of anything. Think about it ... what exactly could you convict him of? Giving telepathic message's to follower's to do thing's? Reciting Quran verses? I mean ... according to the evidence presented ... we are basing his guilt, based on media stories that he claimed to do this. All the lies were told to begin with, I dont know what to believe at time's.

As I have wrote time and again ... I have alway's been more in favour of covert operation's in these type's situation's for various reason's, as I pointed out for instance doing with Saddam Hussein, etc. And this is one where the "call" made by Commander/ Chief Obama worked well and having a crew of Seal's that were ready as they come ... the President was asked to abort the mission idea by some expert's, but this time he went with his "gut", and let the Crew do what they trained so hard for, the reward was worth the stretch. Plus, this mission basically went like clockwork and the target was terminated with a simple close range "double tap" to the head/ chest, some may also wonder if bin Laden wanted to be shot(?) Did everyone came out winner's in this one, if this was the case?, understand if you read the history of bin Laden, he was a real warrior too. Nonetheless for the SEAL's, a job well done, certainly an elite crew/ team that get's the JOB DONE. Some vid's below.


***** WASHINGTON POST/ WORLD: Navy SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden are from the elite 'Team 6' (newsread)





1) NAVY SEAL'S TEAM 6 KILL'S OSAMA BIN LADEN (a briefing of crew/ team and operation) ... Thanx to GEORGIASHOWME

2) THE TARGET ... Thanx to DIPLOMATIYA2009




Beach Bum said...

I've never met any SEAL's but was up to my armpits with Rangers and Green Berets a few times while in the service.

They are truly a special breed.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Bum!

I am sure you been around the Beret's and such I figure. I know a couple fella's who were career (not SEAL's or such) long haul, one Marine and one Army ... the Marine I know done alot as far as action/ war's, Master Sgt, etc ... and worked Special Force's, Counter Intell, etc, but never met any SEAL's, lot's of interesting stuff though from him ... he has a small business now, retired. My nephew got the Hell out of the Corp after 3 run's in Iraq, he dont want anymore, I dont blame him.

I had to replace the video of the SEAL 6 Team, because I done some searching and started questioning the ligitimacy of it, this crew keep's a low profile. However, after searching several video's, and a couple other's I questioned, I found this one that I posted in it's place, but went with this, because there is a face in one of the photo's that I positively ID, who was in a documentary video, somewhat disguised back around 5/ 6 year's ago, but I defintitely "make" him for sure, so I went with this new video. Too much bullshitting on this internet Guy ... and phoney this and that.

Thanx for your visit and input here Bum.

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing ... I have for year's talked about using these specially trained unit's to do so much other stuff related, but instead you have these relentless bombing campaign's, I whined the other day for instance about dropping bomb's on Gadaffi's grandkid's as well, as a "message" to "scare" him off ... WTF kind of nonsense is that? The Libyan people by a majority want him down, he aint gonna step down, we been called into this mess, and there are other wayz to solve this without dropping million's of dollar's in bomb's, I wont go into detail's, but you get my drift Bum ... Geeeezz ... were running a tight budget, and all the innocent's that the bloody bomb's kill, folk's are going to bitch, and you know goddamn well our gvmnt aint gonna pull out, their lying through their teeth as far as the political crap ... and all this interest and spending is for one final objective, the way I see it, from Libya, Afghan, Pakistan, etc ... because of the new major market's of China and India, and of course Russia is going to get a piece of the action too (but Russia has new big business in the Artic water's, I'm sure you know about too), this is so deep to try to put into a few word's for me ... but this multi million bombing campaign's is a crock of shit, not to mention the rebuilding cost's, etc ... enough said on this.

an average patriot said...

Those guys (I don't think there are any more Demi Moore's) are amazing, they went in camera's running so Obama Clinton and the rest of the team could watch it live. Doing that is stressful enough let alone knowing they were watching you in the WH. Those guys are good!

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jim (AP)!

You got a point Jim, I havent even tought about going in knowing you got the eye's on you too. But you know Guy .... these type guy's do their "best" when under pressure, their seasoned, and disciplined, and take their JOB serious, you got to love your job in this, I figure it's the action that's the lifeforce juice, ya know what I mean(?) To me Jim, when you have certain thing's in life you just "love" ... it's so hard to let them go ... I mean .. that's like what your about I reckon. There's a time for work and a time for play, and when you can find a job that is also a profession as well as a hobby since you were young, there is probably nothing that feel's better in life Guy. Even though I hate what bin Laden done for instance, being an American ... there are also so many trait's about him that I admire after I read and viewed material on him and his childhood that was given to me by an Arab friend back about 5/ 6 year's ago as well ... and I believe that those who took him down and him both had a weird commonality (I know a lil something about bin Laden, that the media's dont talk about much, let's say ... and even agree with him on something's strongly, but see him as a man of integrity) ... I mean ... they (SEAL's) knew he didnt want to be taken alive, and was all for taking that double tap, in an odd way ... they done each other a favour that they both wanted, this is why I say that "everyone" won in this, hard to put in word's for me I reckon.

Perhap's you met SEAL's in your year's of service ... I never even met a regular basic SEAL ... not one ... and these gent's were the cream of the crop. These Guy's live and train to simply get the JOB done, they love it, and it's why I also am so much in favour of covert style op's, been for year's actually. I'll shut the Hell up Jim, this I can rattle on till my jaw fall's off! :)

Thanx for your input here Guy!

PS: Oddly Jim I was reading/ hearing report's now, that all those folk's in the "Situation Room" werent even watching the final takedown, etc ... I bring this up because you mentioned about the cam's ... make's me wonder ... WTF were they watching, if not the heat of the moment? ... someone is missing something in the media or full of shit. :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Also I may add for anyone that read's this ... I know how bin Laden is called "evil" and all the other related title's ... and I hate what he done as far as my fellow American's in my tribe was concerned ... I only say this is because I know about his childhood and life somewhat, having checked into it, and knowing folk's who were kind enough to share with me and enlighten me somewhat let's say. So I am stating this based not on what he did or engineered on 9/ 11, but the other side of bin Laden that isnt talked about, he was a true warrior actually, I think his religion, which he was strong on since childhood played the major factor/ link and fellow associate's who influenced him for their agenda's too, and to be a leader for Jihad.

Tim said...

I'm proud of all those involved. They did damn good.

Ranch Chimp said...

Nocturnal Greeting's Tim (11:40pm Dallas)

"Proud" is well putting it Tim and it is importante of this time of I reckon jubilation or whatever .. it's a sort of psychological therapy well needed especially for Americano's, and those familia's of those who fell on 9/ 11. Of course I been reading/ hearing so much now about the President/ WH deciding not to release post termination photo's of the body, etc ... lot's of whining over that, so I just stopped reading and viewing this stuff, because it's an endless erray of "enquiry mind" type's and such, folk's not believing, etc (I frankly dont give a rat's ass what anyone believe's :) ... I mean ... I could probably come up myself with a half dozen or so speculative stories/ scenario's or question's, but I'm just gonna lay back and go on simply what is known and savor the moment and move on ... job complete :) I frankly dont care to see his wound's from the double tap any more than I care about viewing any of my own scar's/ wound's ... and if I want to see post gunshot corpses, I'm sure I could find plenty on YouTube ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. :)

Thanx for your voice here Guy!

Ranch Chimp said...


This is to point out to anyone who may have seen the comment's left here from "Navy SEAL's Six/ 6", those 2 comment's were not ligit, and were not from Navy SEALs of any kind (both from non official blog's posted within 4 minute's of each other west coast time), any more than the comment's from "Vince" the other day were ligit, of a also new website started up to comment on my "Hypermiling" posting, and left a link for driving tip's ... this character is no more involved with car's (I believe it was a 1969 Chevy Malibu in their profile photo) than they are with firearm's or military, again, just for entertainment or other. I "left" the "Vince" comment, only because it caused no harm and for the "link" ... BUT THIS deletion was because ANYONE who disrespect's our Navy SEAL's in this manner, I will delete it, plain and simple ... or any other comment's left on here that intentionally uses our armed force's in anyway to entertain their obvious boredom or whatever else.

Ranch Chimp said...


The DEVGRU/ SEAL's video which looked great that I took down on the posting is for the same reason, I found it and several other's to be not ligit unfortunately, even for other branches of the armed service's, obviously again ... folk's with nothing better to do, than deceive folk's, wanna- be's, entertainment, boredom or whatever. This in my opinion is also disrespectful and basically no more than like "fraud" in my opinion, using our military/ defense to deceive or whatever, which is not much different than these other lowlife's from loan agencies, to all other marketing gimmick's who prey on our defenses familia's and American's. So that is why I deleted that video as well.

Weaseldog said...

I have no problem with the boys that went in and did this job. My issues remain with the leadership.

Though I understand that executing OBL after capturing him was the politically expedient thing to do, I believe it was wrong to do so. Especially in front of his family and the children. If the politically expedient thing was best, they probably should have killed the children too. After all, they are going to grow up and have a good chance of becoming enemies that can do a lot of harm to us.

Obama says he's not going to provide proof of death because that will feed conspiracy theories. As Obama is a pathological liar, withholding evidence is just as likely to feed conspiracy theories. I believe they know this. And just like his publishing of a faked birth certificate, this event is engineered to create conflict and divide the people of the world.

According to a recent Wikileaks entry, the man that led us to OBL, has been under surveillance since 2003, as he came and went from the compound. If true, Bush and Obama have known all along where OBL was.

So why take him down now? The phrase, 'Osama Bin Laden' has incredible magical powers. Every time Bush used it, the House and Senate would bow down and wash his feet. The public would hang on his every word as though it where a divine proclamation.

So why give up that power, unless it's time to create another Emmanuel Goldstein?

With oil and gasoline prices continuing to rise, we have a another economic downturn coming. As China is still able to drive prices up on it's own, our correction will be severe. If the administration intends to find a replacement for OBL, then a false flag attack could very well be coming.

Some folks have suggested that Ghaddifi is the next bogeyman, but I don't think he has the mystique. Osama provided so much political power to Bush because he was a mystery and it seemed no one could find him. Our administration needs someone like that. Even better, they could pick someone that doesn't exist or is known dead, and use their name.

Weaseldog said...

RC, I'm organizing a concert with 'Vintage Wildflowers' on May 28th.

They may be too easy on the ears for your taste, but I'd be remiss if I didn't let you know.

Their website:

The Meetup.com site:

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening WMD (Jack)!

Jack ... we are in for a mess over the next few year's period, I know this without a doubt, so much of a mess (not to me it's a mess, but I am going on what people are used to and expect, okay?) ... after all ... since the start of this journal, I been covering it ... yet, as far as answer's to it all ... no one actually has them, it's a "transition" let's say is all, I look at is as an "ironing" period only (ironing out), and all us older folk's/ generation are not the answer to collapsing this cesspool that has rightfully caught up with us, and believe me, we deserve every goddamn bit of it, every human on earth for that matter, we are "ALL" guilty to "some" degree, and have snowballed ourselves for year's and basically pushed our luck, it's too long to explain that here. We create our own reality here, and this is the result, plain and simple. As far as the collapse that I talk about, it appear's that it will be a slow one, and piece by piece, since we havent learned quick enough and able to stomach doing at once, what is needed to be done. But enough of that.

The President as a pathological liar(?) ... I have to disagree with you and just say ... he is one of the "least" liar's in actuality ... because this, I know. You see Jack, we have created a reality/ enviroment that thrive's off lie's and fantasy, in almost everything we do, from our culture's/ religion's to the array of fictional stories and movies we create and indulge in, nothing unbalanced or incorrect, workable, about fantasy as an indulgence, however, the problemo is not knowing how to seperate it from our lives, we believe and become a part of the story is all. We never at this point of our evolution understood anything like actual balance, and seperate instead based on like's and dislike's that we term as "good and evil", left/ right, etc, which actaully is just our own creation that started as a positive, yet turned into a negative after a length of time (simply like milk goes sour after time), I mean without it, we couldnt have reached civility, yet with it too long and too much of it, will backfire on us, because nature never wait's for time to catch up is all. We live in an era where our latest common discoveries in science's and civilities/ social interactivities have made us believe now that we are the pinnacle of universal knowledge, and that we are somewhat invicible, and there is a quick solution to all of it, or a pill to take, but enough of that as well.

As far as the bin Laden thing ... well ... for those involved in the actual takedown as well as the target, it worked well for them, however, there is also as you pointed out a flip- side to all that and of course there will be retaliation, was it "right/ wrong"? ... to me Jack in my world, there is no such thing as right/ wrong in that sense ... it is an obstacle that hamper's our evolution and we will learn in time how to achieve true balance. The President for instance is NOT right or wrong, but what many dont understand has a more balanced mind and understand's thing's like leverage, the importance of bipartisan thinking, etc ... it's just that he is surrounded and in the middle of a cesspool of filth and lies, deception, and alot other that should and will be eventually eliminated/ terminated ... in due time, basically disgarded for the garbage it actually is. As I have wrote back when Obama was Senator and decided to run (similar word's) "If this man is elected, many will turn against him, not understand him, and especially the corporate entities will despise him ..." ... he is a man you can say that think's more like the future generation's will think is all. This is too lengthy, but Thank You for all your input here Jack, appreciate it.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also Jack ... thanx for the info/ link's and invitation to the music event, I will look into it, but the issue for me is ... my weekend's are hardly ever free and this is on a saturday it appear's, also I am one who can be on call 24/ 7 as far as obligation's, too personal to explain here, but I am going to look into it. As far as being too "soft" on my ear's(?) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) ... I love music Jack ... not much is too soft or too hard for my taste's and like everyone else I have favourite's, but even many of my favourite's may even be considered "soft" by some, so that is a difficult category to put me into. Thanx Guy :)

Weaseldog said...

Yay! I forgot once again to login or save my comment before hitting publish!

Weaseldog said...

Are you saying that Obama doesn't really have a firm grounding in reality, and so he believes himself when he says things that are verifiably false? and because he believes his falsehoods, he's not technically lying?

When he was senator he gave many speeches about how he opposed upcoming legislation. Then I'd read about how he and Nancy were strong arming Democrats to support the legislation. then he'd vote for that legislation. Later he would sometimes, give a speech in which he told us he voted against that legislation, when the record clearly shows he did.

Because he has a long track record of giving false statements about what he is going to do and what he has done, I consider him a liar.

I called him a pathological liar because I believe that while he's telling falsehoods, he believes them. I've known a few people who's memories seem to be in constant flux. It changes with what they think people want them to be, how they want to view themselves. As I think Obama has a narcissistic personality, I think he has a chameleon like memory.

I've known a number of people like that. I've been burned enough, to generally distrust people who often tell falsehoods.

I don't know if you were watching his voting record closely for his eight years as Senator. I think that if you had been watching that and viewing him on C-Span you might have a different opinion.

Ranch Chimp said...

WMD (Jack) ... Has Obama ever lied? ... NO ... ABSOLUTELY NOT! ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... just kiddin guy :) Is he narcissistic? to what level of egotism is he? is he a pathological liar? ... Dude ... your asking the wrong person ... I dont have much formal education, I have no knowledge of psychology, nor care about it ... I'm a street kid ... I go with my gut as far as my assessment. I been burned as well, I'm a fairly decent judge of character let's say ... what you and I see is different is all. I see a man ahead of his time, about the best thing that has happened to this country in recent year's as far as choice of candidate's, I listened to him as well back when he was Senator, I know what position he is in, and the card's that are dealt, I dont look at getting burned the same as haggling deal's for instance, and anything anyone does in Washington require's haggling, period. I wrote what I wrote concerning the lying thing ... that's it ... if I'm inaccurate ... oh well, so I lose one ... that's how I think, I have alot of concern's on my mind, but I realize what Washington is ... and I also know that "IF" we get a republican majority in both houses and the Oval Office next in 2012, we are not going to be looking at a few social service's cut's ... but EVERYTHING CUT ... period ... with democrat's and this President ... we will still get cut, but the ride through this transition will be smoother. For me to try to prove to you or anyone would be simply pointless ... and the last thing I want is for people to look to me for answer's or assessment's or whatever, nor do I lead or anything else, to each their own. I frankly cant tell you about much of that ... I'm going with my gut, I see this man as basically one of them red, white, and blue American guy's ... that's concerned with the American Dream, patriotism, being grassroot's at heart, big Constitutional buff and die hard fan of oldschooler's like Lincoln, etc, etc . So of course whether he ever lied or had a fling with a high school sweetheart, or is sittin down at the table with member's of the Chinese Communist Gvmnt ... or whether he doesnt do everything I want him too ... as I wrote in 2008, I will vote for him for both term's, and I want to give him at least 8 year's, since even Bush, Clinton, and Reagan all got 8 year's, etc ... so yes ... I will be voting for him again next year and all democrat's, including hoping for him to keep people like Tim Geithner, etc. That's just me Guy.

Thanx for all your input Jack ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Le me add something else Jack or for anyone who browses through this by chance or whatever reason. Look .... as far as intell since Bush on bin Laden ... so they had lead's ... and were tracking, etc All this relentless ass kissing for Pakistan aint doing a damn bit of good ... and trying to debate whether the Pakistani Gvmnt/ military or whatever had knowledge ... I'm a simple guy in many wayz ... and in this case ... whether the Pakistani Gvmnt, military or their youth corp, mother's of mercy, or anyone had knowledge ... I'll be damned if I'll spend million's more and 5 more bloody year's trying to figure that out. I have reason to believe their corrupt, and cant be trusted, period. The fact is .... you had a bloody compound harbouring bin Laden for 5 year's, designed probably by him ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... after all, he know's about the WTC design, he would know how to design a facility like that as well, and want to put it especially by a military base if he has support, so he could get first hand defense and intell, and who would expect it there? As far as no one knowing nothing about it ... well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I dont buy it. As far as kid's having to see him die ... too bad ... many folk's on 9/11 had to see their loved one's die, when you play in them circle's, death and those thing's come with the territory, period, you win some , you lose some, when you fate come's or whatever ... it come's ... no big deal. What I do know ... is I see no bloody reason to keep shoveling a billion point two to them any more year's, and would cut that INSTANTLY ... you dont have to answer or prove to me what you knew or done or didnt do or know ... your on my shitlist period, and no longer my friend and chose to be my enemy, bottom line ... there is no rason to pay ya'll or frankly have a damn thing to do with ya'll ... and if ya'll fuck with us or our allies ... I will wipe your f'n country off the map ... plain and simple. .... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... you can call it ... "My Pledge to America" :)

Weaseldog said...

That's cool RC. I no longer believe that it matters who is president. As they are all hand picked by the primary process to be trusted sycophants. So I'm not worried about who you vote for.

But I'll tell a similar story about Bush. We know OBL was behind 9/11 because Bush said so. No evidence. Just an assertion made in the same speech in which Bush said Saddam Hussein had 20 nuclear tipped ballistic missiles aimed at major US cities.

Was OBL a bad guy? Sure he was. Aren't most of our CIA assets bad guys?

Ranch Chimp said...

A lil off subject Jack ... and I dont know if you keep up with the Mavericks Basketball ... but tonight my ass will be glued to the tube(tele) ... we just beat LA (Lakers) in the first two play- off games, and tonight Lakers will be in Dallas for Game 3 ... GO MAV'S!!