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SHANEQUIA McDONALD- HOUSTON "RIFLEWOMAN" Shoot's "Warning" shot into ground ... then "STAND'S HER GROUND" in Defense Killing Assailant (SELF DEFENSE PT.23) **** Updated 07/ 24/ 2013

Shanequia McDonald


Part 23 of this "Self Defense" series is to review a local Houston case that is fresh on the press concerning standing your ground. The woman who shot the, let's just say "alleged" assailant has been identified as Shanequia McDonald, 23 year's old, her case now pending a grand jury and police investigation, etc. The alleged assailant she shot and killed is a 58 year old Houston man Mr. Louis Daniel, the young gent in the video below who witnessed it is Jon Thomas. I had to update this posting with new reporting, they are saying now that Ms. McDonald and Mr. Daniel knew each other as acquaintance, he owed her money ... but I will add on this below in my part of this posting. Part of this posting's title was inspired by "The Rifleman" tele show, which was a favourite of mine as a lil boy. Some video and newsread below then my input on this ....

Stand Your Ground: Houston Woman Kills Man At Gas Station ... Thanx to RIPPDEMUP TV

***** NY DAILY NEWS: VIDEO: Woman shoots man to death in Houston gas station arguement (newsread)

***** CLICK2HOUSTON: Woman accused in fatal gas station shooting speaks out ... this is an update I added here 24 July 2013



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Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

**** Due to the update on this twisted case, I will still stand on what I wrote below as for her defense here, even though they say that Ms. McDonald is giving conflicting statement's to investigator's, the daughter of Mr. Daniel saying that he owed Ms. McDonald money, that he was a "smoker" (I assume dope smoker). But I want to stick with her defense based on the fact that it is clear in the video that Mr. Daniel made that attempt physically to harm her and was armed. I also question why if he owed "her" money would he attempt to do physical harm to her like that? ... over word's from her? ... why in Hell would this young lady want to shoot and kill a man in front of witnesses over a $30 debt? ... it is clear that he started with her too. Being a street kid at heart myself, and knowing a tad about the IOU deal and doper's, etc, I cant even buy this ... Mr. Daniel  your telling me who is allegedly a rock/ crack head who owed this gal money and respond's like this? something dont add up here ... so NO ... I am solid on this being a case of clear self defense. The bottom line is what he physically done and her physical response, period, is how I see this too. In other word's ... it dont make me a shit what the arguement/ word's were about, the video clearly show's that he came at her first with physical controntation and intention's to harm her.


Since Texas has the "stand your ground" self defense law you may wonder why this woman is in jail? Well, unfortunately there is alot of question's that will come up here ... but as for my own opinion ... Ms.McDonald  WAS justified in shooting the man based on those defense law's, I mean ... you see way too much of this shit where women are left defenseless and you can see what these type's do to helpless women and even children, those physically/ mentally challenged, elderly, etc, see first video here as an example. My daughter "Bear" in the above photo with also reviewed this and agree's with me on this one 110%, and she is a die- hard voting liberal too. I am familiar with this neighbourhood in South Central Houston's 3rd Ward district, and it is a working poor area in most part, with a fairly high crime's against person's rate. The arguement from the familia of the dead assailant is that he is a nice fellow, wouldnt hurt anyone and the usual, which again you hear alot of about these type's, how nice, passive, sweet, etc, they are, see "Post Note" paragraph 7 here as an example. I'm sure he's a swell, lovable, sweet guy and all the related, however ... these type's of advancement's and such are not acceptable for any woman to have to go through ... this is America ... not bloody damn Afghanistan or somewhere's that women are expected and forced by law's to put up with this sort of shit, nor will some women put up with this shit either! So as far as I'm concerned ... you got what the Hell was coming to you, that is what may happen when you choose to do what you done, plain and simple! The rifle was loaded, however, it was locked in the trunk of the vehicle, this is perfectly legal, and she did not open the trunk until according to witnesses, after he verbally threatened her and approached her ... so, so far she done an efficient job, and at such a young age, I wouldnt expect her to know as much of what to do as a person like myself, and also she being in the heat of the moment can distract from your thought of reason, so she done absolutely fine here. They also do a jail intake blood test on new intake's for health/ safety, etc ... but they will also look to determine if there were any intoxicant's/ drug's in her bloodstream and how long they may have been in her as well, they can get a fairly close estimation.

One question will be, did the man have the knife in his hand when he swung at her, according to the witness above Mr. Thomas, he had the knife in one hand and an umbrella in the other, yet according to the police report, the knife was found on his "clothing", however, the victim/ shooter also took a quick post mortem photo with her phone of him, which should be able to show something on that. The warning shot is alwayz a "plus" too, look at the Martin/ Zimmerman case for example, Mr. Zimmerman did not fire a warning shot, he shot first to kill. A big mistake for her was leaving the scene, this is seen by law enforcement as "fleeing", you should stay (she explain's below in the 2nd updated link why she fled), never move or even touch the body, and immediately call 911 (CS investigator's can also estimate how long you took to call it in, long story though how that's done) so DONT wait too long, answer ONLY the question's of the 911 operator and NOT volunteering any other info, using minimal amount of wording. It is also clear thanx to surveillance that the man is the one who attempted first physical contact and clear that it was to hurt her. I also want to note in the woman's defense here, that the umbrella can also be used as a weapon to kill and make her feel that her life/ safety is in danger, depending too on the type of umbrella of course, but nonetheless can be used as a weapon ... if the knife of the assailant was in the hand he swung at the woman with, that is clearly deadly intent, being that if she didnt weave/ dodge back like she did and that blade were to make contact with her throat or such, you may have had a woman instead laying dead in a puddle of her own blood. The man was clearly the aggressor here looking at the video which should play in her defense too, and the witnesses testimony from Mr. Thomas is also a big help ... so I'll be curious how this one will hold up to a grand jury review and police investigation ... but I personally could not indict this woman for murder.

The thing is, that so many folk's who make law's do so with good intention of course when it come's to these issue's, or for the best for all and all that ... but too, many of those dont live in the neighbourhood's that most of us working classes and poor live, or had to experience alot of what we may have to. I myself have been robbed, beaten, stabbed, and shot at over the year's, and have seen people killed on the street as young as around the age of 10 or so (I'm not whining about it or want sympathy for any foul experience's, I'm saying that's the reality for many folk's, I sure as Hell didnt want to get harmed, it just happened) ... so dont begin to even feed me some sappy horseshit about ya'll are there and going to protect us, and we dont need gun's/ weapon's, or some kind of defense to defend ourselves, or other nauseating mush- headed nonsense ... that is not the reality in which many of us may have to live, and certainly isnt the reality anywheres across America for victim's of these assault's, robberies/ mugging's, home invasion's, rape, and related.

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