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ODD & EXTREME CLIMATE 2013/ FOSSIL FUEL MULES ... "The Billion Dollar Disaster & The Billion Dollar Master" ... CHEAP ENERGY BATTLES & The COLLATERAL DAMAGE ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING 2013 PT. 26)

This posting for this series will focus on right now 2013 as far as global warming is concerned and the impact just in North America alone that is happening, and this remind you is happening on every continent and sea/ ocean of the planet currently. Mass flooding in large metro areas like Toronto, record heat in places like Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Philly, tornadoes galore, and even locally in Dallas, record breaking low daytime highs this past week of temps like 68 to 73 degrees ?! ... this is mid- July in Dallas (normal is about 95 degrees), twisted jet streams and high pressure systems all over the north American continent, etc.The arguement still is the usual, being since not any scientist can say this is actually happening as a regular cycle (big oil arguement), because they say they need even more and more years of data to determine if this is a steady trend ... of course that is WHAT these rent- a- scientists of few will say who are paid and sponsored by your largest oil/ petro giants, even though statistically, this has been building for decades. But all this recent mega raping of the planet by these giant peddler/ mules (like in the definition of a drug mule/ smuggler) that import/ export all these fossil fuels to make us dependent on them are ALL focusing on of course ... creating jobs, because naturally they love us and the planet (for our money especially {: ), in turn these billion dollar masters creating all this confusion and conflict because of their mutual love for the almighty dollar, are contributing to billions of dollars in disasters and unprecedented collateral damages in these financial battle's, due to this clear financial intoxication of theirs.

This is where law, rules, and regulations are more importante than ever because frankly again, not hardly a damn thing has been done about any of this in Washington, or especially globally ... like zilch. This like everything else is being snowballed, put on the back burner, etc, etc ... and this is uncalled for ... Hell, I been writing about this crap for over 5 years now, and you would figure with all the renewable and green talk that something by now would be done, many folks writing about this a Hell of alot longer than I even, this issue has popped up over and over for like nearly 4 decades or so to be honest. Again, trying to just sell us overpriced or inefficient cars or Hybrid's or whatever, isnt going to cut it, way lot more has to be done and get away from this lolligagging and get serious. While were wasting our little time and money on shit like Hybrid cars ... and believe me, there are many more wayz to design and engineer car engines with alot more efficiency, and they damn well know it! ... even modifications to existing systems at that! ... they are in other mega nations in Asia for instance popping out coal plants and ripping shit up left and right, even now tearing up the mountains for gold dust at that, breaking up all the solid ground beneath us to frack everything they can, and now resorting to drilling and refining the lowest grades of petroleum to market at high prices ... breaking through the remaining ice caps that havent melted yet, to do new types of deep water offshore drilling in the artic regions which is bound to have accidents like the Gulf of Mexico did or other areas. And guess what? ... your oil/ energy prices continue to increase with a saturated supply, already drilling at historic record levels, so someone here sure as Hell is full of shit!

The reason I wanted to close out this posting with Bernie as a headliner, is because Bernie is actually talking the economics, expenses/ costs that this is also creating for all those that are behind this, Bernie  assessing this acting more like a true capitalist and fiscal conservative at that, with REAL economic responsibility! (imagine that ... coming from a self proclaimed liberal socialist, just to show you how twisted shit is!) And because of their intoxication and mental disorders, they are even economically imbalanced, just like they are in hedge fund investments, mortgage lending practices, international banking and everything else ... a self destructive bunch who are taking down the entire house of cards in their casino type games, and dont even see it, or may not even care I reckon ... of course till it hits home and their pocketbooks/ wallets. The bottom line is this, despite all the talk that were broke and need jobs and the other horseshit, the money/ wealth is there, the technologies are there, Lord knows this entire earth is past due for a little yard work and clean- up as downright filthy as we been ... and every damn thing is there right now to change this and create mega jobs, alternatives, innovation, and a much wider range of choice and true free market, competition and positive capitalism in doing so. Enough from me and more below .... First off a little opening clip from Lori (aka The Resident) at RT America ....

The Resident: We pee on the future ... Thanx to RT AMERICA


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Billion Dollar Disasters ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS

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