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SGT. JOSEPH CHAMBLIN (USMC): "Urination Explanation" & HELL NO!! ... NO Remorse or NO Repent!! ... "Confliction & Conviction" (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.33)

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Sgt. Joseph Chamblin USMC

Part 33 of this series will highlight a recent news interview with Sgt. Chamblin who was court martialled and given a demotion in rank over urinating on Taliban corpses they were ordered to round up. Of course this had alot of coverage and outraged many American's and folk's abroad as well. But Sgt. Chamblin here give's his explantion for the urination incident, and also sayz Hell No ... he has no regret's or remorse explaining that as well, then of course a few additional word's after from myself on this. Part of the posting's title inspired by the 1983 Metallica song off the "Kill Em' All" album called "No Remorse" and I was fortunate to find a video to dedicate to Sgt Chamblin and comrade's/ brother's below that included the lyric's as well, a song that I loved covering on vox/ vocal's as a young man, and even to this day as an old man, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

Marine Who Urinated on Taliban Corpses Says He Has No Regrets, Would Do It Again ... Thanx to LEAKSOURCENEWS


***** THE TELEGRAPH: Disgraced US marine says he would urinate on Taliban corpse again





Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (2013)

The reason I wanted to post this for one, is because of the blunt honesty of this Marine and his pointing out the condition in this endless confliction and a soldier's rock solid conviction to their's and their comrade's, and the bonding of such is importante. Even a few of my closest buddies thought this was so uncalled for, saying thing's like ... "we are better than this", etc. But also I wanted to highlight this, because of all the negative social media on this and mainstream news, and I realize that it probably wasnt the brightest thing to do, but understand that these soldier's are AT WAR, I also understand that they didnt start or cause the war, but those same politician's who criticize our soldier's on this are who start's these conflict's under dictation from the corporate lobbies ... so I understand a politician's response, after all, we pay them good salaries to lie to us all the time and tell us shit to make us feel good whether it's true or not. But these suck asses in these social media circles who get online and condemn them, I dont understand, many of which are online and anonymous who rant up and down, yet I doubt many of them ever been in a combat situation sometime's or even just a basic street fight, or had a gun shoved in their mouth's. I mean, politician's today are paid to be politically correct, these other's are not.

But for me this isnt a matter of us being better or similar thinking, nor do I agree with comment's for instance like former Secy of State Clinton saying this isnt part of our American value's or whatever ... this is a part of human value's period, it IS OUR NATURE, it's not a matter of right/ wrong or good/ evil ... it's action/ reaction simply ... this was done in revenge when their comrade's (our soldier's) were killed in this conflict, then they were ordered to "take care" of the corpses of the enemy, an enemy that frankly would have done similar to our soldier's corpses as well, given the opportunity ... but most likely even worse, perhap's beheading the corpses of our soldier's, or even doing thing's like they did in Fallujah, Iraq several year's back, dismembering or mutilating the corpses, this sort of thing is common in battle with all the stress of it, it's not in any rule book, but it's a part of human nature is all. As far as being reprimanded or whatever? ... understood ... our written law's do NOT permit this, so the $500 fine and demotion is justified, but that's it! dont ask the man to feel "bad" about what in Hell he done! or tell him some horseshit like "it's wrong", "were better" or other ... to acknowledge such spineless politically correct "thing to do and feel". After all, Sgt. Chamblin and the accused fellow soldier's DID SHOW enough of how better we are, by simply ONLY pissing on these corpses ... below a couple photo's we dont like to remember that get swept under the rug so easily of what some of these ragheaded mother fucker's do to American's after they kill them, eh? ... since the media's are plum saturated with the image's of our marine's pissing on the enemy.

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Metallica- No Remorse (with lyrics) ... Thanx to IRONMAIDENROCKS14 **** this also will be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



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Infidel753 said...

A lot of things happen in the psychology of people in combat which is almost impossible for people who haven't been in that situation to understand.

Those Taliban are the same guys who shoot and blow up little girls for trying to go to school. I'm not going to get too worked up about their dignity being violated.

Ranch Chimp said...

Your point clear as day Infidel ... I just had to do a posting on this one because of some of the remark's I read and heard over this incident.

Thanx for your input here Infidel ....