Thursday, August 1, 2013

TEXAS HIGH SPEED RAIL/ BULLET TRAIN 2020: Dallas to Houston Service in 90 Minute's ... (TASTE OF TEXAS PT.22)


Part 22 of the "Taste of Texas" series will take a looksy at the new project of connecting Dallas- Fort Worth area with the Houston- Galveston area by 2020, and because several people I have talked to havent had a clue about this. This is a big plus for Texas, and I like many other's would certainly use it. It take's me 4 hour's now to get from my home to downtown Houston driving, my daughter flies frequently, and by the time you go to the airport to checking in, boarding, etc, then flight time of maybe under an hour roughly, you have spent 4 hour's anywayz ... a 90 minute train ride between Dallas and Houston at 200+ mph is a treat, a must, and past due here. This is also a big plus for America as a whole, just like this project going on in California I was pointing out the benefit's here. Dallas to Houston's Interstate 45 is similar to travelling the Interstate 5 between the Los Angeles/ Long Beach area to the Sacramento/ San Francisco area of Northern California, because both are 2 lanes north and south for a good distance on both interstate's. Texas has been gaining a hefty population increase over the last couple decade's or so and by 2020 the population of the DFW Metroplex will be easily at 8 million, with that much more of folk's travelling between these 2 metro area's, and this will be at least a start because the final plan's are to also connect the Austin and San Antonio area's which are also some of the fastest growing American and Texas metro area's and frequently travelled as well, by 2020 the estimated Texas population will surpass 30 million no doubt. The thing is, America's infrastructure and rail is behind that of many other nation's in the world as it is ... and Thanx also to private investment's on thing's like this such as Central Japan Railway Company who are willing to invest in this large Texas project as well ... it's a good investment and good business and should pay off in the year's to come.

PBS News Hour Weekend: High Speed Rail ... Thanx to Houston Public Media

***** THE TEXAS TRIBUNE: Bullet Train Plan Sparks Turf War in Dallas- Fort Worth



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