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Israel Hernandez-Llach is pictured in an undated handout photo

Israel Hernandez- Llach ... award- winning artist, sculptor, painter, writer, photographer

Part 13 of the "Police Brutality" series will be to take a look at another case of what I call police brutality, and manslaughter through the usage of excessive force, although many would disagree with me, but I will also point out my reasoning after the newsread below too. Again in the Miami- Dade Metro Area out on the Beach off Collins Ave. and 71st. The victim here Mr. Hernandez was also a popular upcoming artist as well ... but YES, there should be plenty of outrage in my opinion, because Miami and Miami Beach has a long history as well of violation's of citizen's ... it's basically business as usual, and not much of a damn thing has frankly changed regardless of what twist's some try to put on this. The only change I see today from back when I hung out on the Beach (I lived across the Bay in Central Miami, but hung out alot on the Beach, Miami and Miami Beach are 2 different cities actually) is that back then cop's would run us off the beaches late night with dune buggies and shoot off a few word's or whatever, but today they are very loose with their gun's and taser's with more excessive force than ever, and this is coast to coast in America.

I want to also go see the movie this week "Fruitvale Station", since I rarely get to watch movies these dayz, because the Oscar Grant outright murder at the BART Station (SF Bay area) was one of the most straight up cases of clear unlawful execution/ murder by police in America that I have seen and ALL caught clear as a bell on tape at that, a real misjustice to the victim's familia, etc. I believe his familia went for a $1.3 million or so settlement (of course about 40% or so of that goes to attorneyz if involved in any negotiation's), the officer tried on that way down in LA County, hundred's of miles away, done a lil gravy train time in LA County protective custody (no prison) and walk's basically ... STILL ... NO JUSTICE! So you wonder why people get outraged and take to violence in the street's? ... because it's in ORDER.


***** MIAMI HERALD/ MIAMI BEACH: Miami Beach cop put on leave after death of Tasered teen

***** MIAMI NEW TIMES: Teenager Israel Hernandez Cops Catch Him Tagging, Taser Him UPDATED


Teen Killed by Taser, Cops Laugh & High- Five Each Other (Israel Hernandez)- Exclusive Interviews ... Thanx to WEARECHANGE




Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

First of all this paid leave shit is too common in America, this need's to be addressed as much as all these phoney representative's in Washington and how they are excused for outright activities that would land any of us behind bar's in a New York minute. And get this shit straight contractually and with the union's of law enforcement ... or go find another bloody job! Hell no, I wouldnt allow paid leave ... you investigate the case first and work out all the legal aspect's and court, then, and only then, if a MISTAKE was made and the officer is found in the right ... I would allow for back pay and compensation, reinstatement of duties, etc ... THAT'S FAIR ... not this current game. Secondly I see tasing as "deadly force", regardless of the talk that all officer's are tased to experience it at first, etc ... when they're tased in a training session, they havent been running and have their adrenaline peaking and in a state of fear and paranoia due to circumstance's ... there is a big difference. The standard's, guideline's and all that need a drastic overhaul, period ... there was no reason in a big city like Miami to chase down this kid for block's with multiple officer's over a tagging incident at this hour at an abandoned building at that (formerly a McDonalds) ... these are the hour's that any young artist has to tag with the restriction's that some of these cities have ... this is not vandalism in my opinion, but making a blighted failed and abandoned property somewhat attractive instead of an eyesore when some of these young artist's do their work, look at some of these shithole properties that could use a facelift, this doesnt even have a bloody thing to do with gang graffiti either, this is truely art ... and on Collins Ave at that! along the popular A1A strip ... it should be "invited" if anything, and giving Mr. Hernandez a paycheck on top of it!

The reason I say they need to overhaul this whole way of doing thing's, is strictly because of the new weaponry technologies that are used to apprehend suspect's, and also under what circumstance's should this equipment/ weaponry be used, not just this casual talk about ... well ... they are breaking the law and the cop is in his right to use whatever kind of force necessary and use his own judgement, etc, etc I mean like what the Hell's next ... jaywalking? ... it's a bloody violation of the law! This kind of leniency just allow's officer's to play this like a game when their bored ... and then laugh as these cop's did when they finally tase their guy, as if it was a competition match ... it promote's more of the same ... and continue's time and again. Then we have the usual talk of did this kid ever smoke a joint or whatever? I wonder if any of the officer's ever smoked a goddamn joint, eh? ... the excuses to justify some of this shit is also as nauseating when these thing's happen. No one's lives were in danger here, no one was attacking officer's, Hell ... he was running like any kid tagging would do!

This gravy train time and wrist slapping these cop's also get are more incentive to do as you please and feed's the mindset and fire ... you should have to do time like anyone else ... and that isnt being too harsh, I can understand some protective custody for a cop when incarcerated ... but you damn sure should also do the time like the rest of us do ... meaning the labour detail, field work, etc that come's with doing time, the hole/ solitary when you fuck up inside, etc, etc. We do the same thing to these banker's in Washington and politician's, catholic priest's screwing kid's, and anyone else with some authority or clout, etc, the list goes on and on ... ya'll need to do solid time like anyone else ... otherwise ... how can you possibly learn what you done wrong? So outrage is certainly justified and in order ... people are getting fed up with this shit, period. And simply just passing off a million or so buck's every time these officer's screw up on the victim's families who are usually working class, isnt any damn justice either, anymore than fining a bank or petrol company a few million buck's for ripping off or causing $20 billion buck's in damage's ... that isnt justice, that's bullshit, that keep's feeding the fire!

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