Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SGT. TY MICHAEL CARTER (U.S. Army): Medal of Honor Recipient ... NOT Hollywood or Bollywood - A REAL Portrait of the Discrete Elite (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.34)

Part 34 of this series will be to highlight and honour Staff Sgt. Carter ... and Ty's story is one that I would expect out of a Hollywood (or Bollywood India) movie, a nobody jack of all trade's, yet proven to be a master at "one here", a shakey teen life, 5 year's in the Marines with honorable discharge, then taking another shot at, this time the Army, just one Hell of a story that is fit for the making of the big screen, but this is the real thing hero ... and a portrait of the discrete elite (not to be mixed up with "discreet") ... and an appreciated service by so many ... Congratulation's Sir! Other than that I will let the bottom speak the rest. Also I want to credit our President who has bent over backward's to treat and be right with our military during his two term's, as well as First Lady Michelle with their families in her work.

***** CNN/ U.S.: After giving the military a second try, soldier to receive top honor

President Obama Ty Carter Medal of Honor Ceremony (August 26, 2013) ... Thanx to DEFINITELY ABSOLUTE

***** POST NOTE: Also since this posting is about our veteran's, I want to say that I also support the military action (that I feel is past due in this case) on Syria and our President's decision if so to give his okay to move swiftly as possible on it too, although I heard a poll report on the news this morning that most American's are opposed. I was opposed to the invasion of Iraq and for reason's, but what has been going on in Syria is more like taking down Hitler. But dont judge my opinion here as solid or balanced, I dont generally like getting involved with Arab world's problemo's, I am biased here, because I dont like Assad or trust a damn thing he does, and frankly looking at the situation there as far as the battle's in their country, I cant even figure who is who and what side's who's on, I only am concerned with if he actually used these type chemical weapon's on folk's and get's away with it, who would be next? Whatever the President does do on this I will support him, because it's so confusing to me, I wouldnt want to be in his place on this one.

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