Thursday, August 1, 2013

MALMO SWEDEN 2013: "CLEANING House thru GREENING House" ... Western Harbour's Carbon- Neutral HOOD (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.27)


Part 27 of the "Global War'n'ing" series will be to highlight the work and progress that has been made in one neighbourhood and city of Europe ... now the neighbourhood of Western Harbour being Europe's first carbon- neutral hood (formerly a decaying shipyard and 20th century industrial waste pit). But this is really impressive and sure as Hell is taking action and making thing's work, all over the city, and this is the 3rd larget city at that in Sweden, that the entire city has been focused on, and has made it a great business at the same time for the city! This is why I mention time and again about the pro- business angle to going green as well, because we only hear too much about how getting away from doing thing's the same ole way is BAD for business ... my ass! Educating and letting the new blood (children) take charge, and most importantely, grooming and honing their marketing skill's and strategies ... going to the money (cause we sure as Hell know where that's at) and let's cut some deal's! There's a Hell of alot more business in this than trying to peddle off a couple million over- priced inefficient hybrid vehicle's ... but every little bit help's I reckon. There is plenty of idea's and investment prospect's to be made that will be coming out of the woodwork, believe me ... and not a better time to jump all over it as now!

Some may think that larger cities would be too difficult to green such as this one, or impossible, understand that it is NOT impossible, and it actually mean's more business the larger the challenge, it take's time, vision, will, questioning and changing the current mindset through the younger generation's and letting them be the one's to take on the challenge and learn without too much interference from us, lobbyist's, and politician's ... and hustling those investment's. Many nation's as it is all over the globe are taking up the challenge's. In America, cities in hard time's that are large like Detroit would be ideal, and it as well is fertile ground all around, great location, and in bad need of a boost ... THINK! We already have many idea's even how to make modification's to "existing" car's to cut alot more pollution as it is, so many idea's and people working around the clock and the innovation keep's growing. Investor's who want to capitalize on this can get a jump start now with all the finance they have to squander and bet with ... these are good bet's. It's a matter of knowing how to sell a new good product at first, then over time ... well ... it sell's itself, with it's own track record, then everyone want's a piece of the action, eh? An impressive story with some video below ... and BIG Thanx and Congratulation's to ya'll in Malmo too!

Europe's first carbon neutral neighborhood- Smart Cities- Horizons ... Thanx to BBCWORLDWIDE

***** NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/ THE GREAT ENERGY CHALLENGE: Europe's 'First Carbon- Neutral Neighborhood': Western Harbour

Solar City Malmo- in english ... Thanx to TAPIONSTUDIOS




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