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JESSE JACKSON JR 2013: From FURRY Thing's to WATCHES That Sing ... & The TRAGEDIES of BIPOLAR Disorder amongst the Well- Off ... (POLITICAL CORRUPTION & ETHIC'S PT.4)

File:Jesse Jackson and children with George W Bush.jpg

Jesse Jr center with his children, and of course the great company that he keep's (sympathy here for the children) ... Condi Rice and George W. Bush ... 2005 photo ... there's honour amongst U.S. political crook's and true bipartisanship {: )

Part 4 of this series will be to browse the recent guilty plea and sentencing of former U.S.Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr to a couple year's or so in federal prison and probation. This came up yesterday when I posted my last "Incarcerated American" series posting, so I just figured on including it in this series. Also again I chose ole Cenk below of TYT for the opening video, since Cenk really hit's the nail on the head here, some newsread from CNN, then of course a few politically incorrect word's of my own.

**** The sarcasm here is in humour only, I dont think Mr. Jackson is evil, I am not against a person buying Rolex watches or whatever they choose, I also understand that "bipolar" is a serious disorder, so it's not to insult people with disabilities. I simply find it a lil hard to believe that these disorder's are what motivate's such action's, and even QUESTION if he has disabilities that caused him to just recklessly spend other's money, and see it as a "legal defense" excuse. If this man would have say banged a hooker, or made a hustle from some insider trade practices on the stock market or some other personal game, I frankly wouldnt give a shit. My point here is what these fund's are supposed to be for ... to help those who want to represent the peoples interest's, etc.

Jesse Jackson Jr, Stripped Of Rolex, Bruce Lee Memorabilia ... Thanx to THE YOUNG TURKS

***** CNN/ JUSTICE: Jesse Jackson Jr. going to prison; says he 'manned up'




This case of course did not get nearly the outrage and publicity of former Congressman Anthony Weiner as far as the unacceptable thing's that either has done, after all, Anthony looking at the public response was far more evil because he shared sex talk and photo's with a young lady (Mistress Sydney Leathers) who in this short video clip with Howard Stern (Howard, another politically correct jackass, who I never did like since his interview with Cindy Crawford and how he was with her, Cindy has much more sense and class to be on his show in my opinion) you can see just how outraged, offended, victimized, and traumatized the poor young lady Ms. Leathers is. And Jesse just simply used political fund's to buy a few trinket's ... which were some furry thing's and watches that can probably sing to you if programmed to, some Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson memorabilia, and just the simple thing's that most in his class enjoy, eh? ... no biggie. Yet we alwayz wonder who we can trust more ... um, um, um ... imagine that!

Of course because of his manning up as Jesse done (and credit to the man for doing such I may add), which wasnt much choice, after all, the evidence in his case was very strong ... Jesse will have to do some prison time. Of course federal time too, which mean's the sentence of 2.5 year's is just that, not like state time where you do maybe 6 month's (by Texas standard's) and get early release for good behaviour. But also this type of federal time is gravy train time with sugary coating too, being that he will probably get preferred treatment because of who he was in the outside, a nice solo cell, maybe only one cellie at most, a lil office space with internet access, perhap's a cell phone, 24/ 7 recreation and commissary, outdoor golf, tennis, workout facilities, basketball court, cable tele, without the squad labour duties like in a state facility or corporate facility of free labour for corporation's, manual labour working the hoe- squad's out in the field's/ farm's, etc, etc ... like the rest of us folk's do when we go down ... so consider yourself already blessed Jesse Sir!

Of course my guess is somehow he may appeal the sentence if he can, based on he had a bipolar disorder which contributed to his action's in these offenses ... and to an extent I agree in his defense, I dont think that sending him to prison was necessary at all ... I mean ... he was really dumb and not very criminally minded like most, being that so many politician's inappropriately use public and other fund's, just they are stealthy enough to avoid getting charges against them and able to utilize the paid accountant's and lawyer's that they have access to, meaning they're more intentionally corrupt than Mr. Jackson actually. I feel that probation, community service, restitution, etc, would have been appropriate for the ex- Congressman, but that doesnt mean I would trust him for political office ever again either, while a man like Anthony Weiner with his performance record, I would trust ... as far as the best interest's of the American peoples. If we werent in such trying time's of all the political outrage from American's, he probably wouldnt have had to do any time ... but this is the wrong time Jesse to pull such action's, so look at your sentence as simply a sign of the time's.

It's sad when a person that is financially fit such as Mr. Jackson has a bipolar disorder that make's him go out and spend on all these outrageous luxuries (thing's that I wouldnt even be dumb enough to buy if I was a millionaire) ... and his wife as well also had this spending disorder, perhap's she is bipolar as well ... perhap's they met at one of them bipolar disorder dating service's like "Bipolar Bears" (fictional example)... you know, like Christian Mingles has their own lil dating cult too.

Enough said ....

***** POST NOTE: NFL Season is kicking off for 2013, and tonight in a pre- season game, the San Diego Chargers will be at the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football ESPN 7:00 pm (CST) ... for those like myself who cant wait for this time of the year! (: )


Just a lil gift (photo) I wanted to dedicate to Jesse, for your 'fur fetish', that may come in handy on some of them lonely nights ... trust me Jesse, these photos are of great use when your incarcerated, at least they were for me! {:-)



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