Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Lucy Bryant Eades

Part 24 of the "Sexploitation Nation" series will be to highlight another local Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex controversy and battle ... now this time (and this is an old familiar tune across America actually) against mother's who breastfeed their babies in public area's ... and this one in Burleson (TX) here locally. This is something that I even had to experience many year's back when my wife was told a few time's that she wasnt allowed to breastfeed in the place's we were at ... such as the supermarket/ store, downtown establishment's, etc ... where we just ignored the request's, and frankly didnt care what anyone thought. I didnt even know what breastfeeding was about at the time, and thought my wife was on some primitive mission, thinking it was something that was done only in past history ... but my wife as well as her doctor (who also breastfed her children) told me that it's still a good way to feed the babies, and to not think nothing of it. I thought that it was healthier actually to feed certain type's of good grade formula's or whatever they design to feed babies ... Hell ... I'm a guy and didnt know a thing about it, and frankly couldnt even tell you if my own mother breastfed me ... I just dont know.

But credit here to Lucy and her husband both for standing up to this politically correct moron who has went out of her way to approach the mom and baby ... you see ... Lucy has a past history of doing this, and in a smaller type suburbia community such as Burleson, you get a reputation quick of being a person of controversy too. But the whole thing to this is undoubtly about women exposing their breast's in public, and our two faced hypocritical politically correct sugar- coated society ... thus, this endless societal ban across America of folk's trying to ban titties in the cities ... I was just outside earlier here and wasnt wearing my shirt for example (It's gonna be 101/ 103 degree's today too in Dallas {: ) ... no one paid me any atencion ... what in Hell is the big deal with a woman's breast's? ... this IS NATURAL! Geeezzz ... get a life ya'll! But the battle in this town just started ... since now it's big news around town and reason for all these mom's to protest with a "nurse- in" planned ... so ya'll are gonna have a bunch more titties to whine about now. Enough from me ... more below ....

Breastfeeding Texas Mom Harassed By Govt Prude ... Thanx to NEWS SPORT


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Infidel753 said...

Titties in the cities! Boobs in the burbs! Good for them for sticking up for themselves. And let us know how the "nurse-in" goes.

Ranch Chimp said...

Boobs in the burbs, eh? well ... that could have been a fitting title here! Actually I just wanted to post it on the serious side, because of the long controversy of such, my wifes experience, being a father myself of daughter's, the local news and response, etc. Plus there has been a rise in disappointment with Texas women on other key challenge's such as this abortion restriction deal and new rules, andf women on all political side's in Texas have been venting anger over this, I reckon Rick Perry dont care much since he'll probably be our of office before long, etc. I dont know if there will be much to keep up with unless something out of the ordinary happen's.

Thanx for your comment here Infidel