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DESIREE' APOLONIO BASSETT & "THE TIME MACHINE": "A Kool New Way", "Purple Haze", "D.B. Original's", & "All Along The Watchtower"

(above photo) Desiree performing on the Cirque du Soleil/ Michael Jackson "Immortal World Tour" (Guitar World interview)

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Anyone who know's me know's this artist wouldnt be without an induction into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society for sure ... Ms. Desiree Bassett  out of New Haven, CT, bout an hour north of NYC (the way I drive {: ), of course is the creme de la creme of classic rock guitar, her crew currently is called "The Time Machine", not fully recognized by the mainstream of music fan's ... yet that is ... but recently a couple year's ago, got a break after seen on YouTube, and that break got her doing guitar work on the "Cirque du Soleil/ Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour" show ... maybe not highlighting her uniqueness ... but certainly a decent paycheck Dear and a foot in the production's arena bidding's ... and with your talent ... you should get to call what fit's your need's. But Desiree is WELL known to all those legendary rock icon's, and played with so many which you can find a healthy selection of on YouTube as well ... from Sammy Hagar to Ted Nugent, Dickey Betts (Allman Brothers), Barry Goudreau (Boston), Gerardo Velez (Jimi Hendrix), etc, to name a few ... and her influence's of those great's like Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendrix, etc.

And what better manager and coach she has than her Dad, Danny (close familia ties are a plus in this business, believe me ... as far as knowing who your dealing with) ... who coached her on a guitar since around age 3, and her Dad is a well rounded musician himself, teaching her so much as far as tuning, stringing, chord's, etc and on some of the best guitar's since around age 5 like Ibanez, Les Paul, Stratocaster, etc ... which now if I recall correctly she has 15. Thing is, back when she was a student at age 9 or so at a music class at University of Connecticut, they discovered she had a perfect pitch ... of course when you have that, you can pick up any note and play by ear ... it's natural ... thus changing her status from student to teacher more or less. She has 2 album/ cd's that I recall, her first release was at age 16, and has a Hell of alot more to offer, which I certainly look forward to! Even as a music prodigy of sort received as Best Musician of Talent America back in "05", and I love her vocal style as well, and good stage persona! I dont think she ran into the master Jimmy Page yet ... but dont worry Dear ... you should be if you hadnt soon {: )

Selection on this artist was a tough choice, quite a bit to choose from, and the video/ audio production is a lil raw/ rough edges, but gives a good looksy at some of her outstanding work. The first one I wanted to put with her Dad on guitar with her doing a Satriani cover "Kool New Way", then a real nice Hendrix cover of "Purple Haze" (nice vocal's too) featuring actually Jimi's original percussionist with her, Gerardo Velez ... then an original piece of hers she done in a studio for $20 cost back when she was 16 or so (I dont know the title if any), then to close with another classic Hendrix (and Dylan) cover of "All Along The Watchtower", joined by Boston's guitarist Barry Goudreau. Wishing and looking forward to the best of the best for you and your crew Desiree' ... and from you as well to come ... Great Work! ... Enjoy! ....





Desiree Bassett- A Kool New Way ... Thanx to BASSETTLANDSCAPE

Desiree Bassett- Purple Haze Feat. Gerardo Velez ... Thanx to GOTENKSFAN17

Teen guitar queen Desiree Basset's original music ... Thanx to MYSTUDIOPRESENTS

Desiree & Barry- All Along The Watchtower. mpg ... Thanx to MATTIOLEMAN



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