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JPMorgan (PT.1): Commodities Markets and Illicit Mark- Up's PENANCE ... Pay the $410M Fine & Feel FINE? ... (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.6) & (PUBLIC PARASITES PT.4)

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***** NOTE: None of these institution's have been found to be engaging in any criminal activities for the record here, and are ACTUALLY immuned from such currently, looking at the way legislation is drafted and the policies they are held to ... these "opinion's" are mine only, as how "I" would feel having to do business with inbred ingrate's such as these and their like's.




This posting will also serve 2 series of this journal to show real corporatcommunazica at it's best and public parasites at it's finest as well, this is the kind of vermin that make's gangster's of so called organized crime and drug lord's and their cartel's look like Mother Teresa and girl/ boyscout's ... this is the "creme de la creme" of REAL ORGANIZED CRIME, and the evolving blueprint getting drafted up by many now of just how it worx and what is happening ... ya'll been made. This is also a must because of so much of the mainstream media couldnt even focus on this, there is simply too many thing's for them to, and the money also playz a part in decision's for major media producer's and affiliate's, and our politician's are snowed under, despite their constant vacation's and time off ... they even have a hard time sleeping at night, believe me. Of course this is JP Morgan's way of saying Thank You to American's for the bailout that we gave them, which as you can see in the beginning of this journal and so many posting's I was more opposed to than the most hard winged of Libertarian's and conservative's, and is why I said that breaking up these entities is crucial to dissolving and eradicating this virus ... but believe me again ... this is just the start of this Awakening to come ... and they are in for some big suprises to come, that they dont even see coming in their financial intoxication ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) But I wont spoil the show and say too much at once ... and will let alot of it expose itself ... in time {: ) History will also show you how this is eventually going to play out to an extent, these kind's of thing's and the outcome or response repeat's itself over and over from era to era. Some video and read below ... then I'll toss in a few $$bux$$ after.

**** NOTE: This will also be included in this journal's "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW"

JPMorgan Agrees to Pay "Settlement" Thanx to NBRBIZRPT

***** THE GUARDIAN: JP Morgan to pay $410m in penalties for manipulating electricity prices

***** CNN/ MONEY: Are big banks driving up commodity prices? **** a really good read and links to show how deep this is as far as investment banking is concerned





Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" and "Commie Tommie"

Alot of folk's really dont have time to catch what is happening is all, and these entites that screw us depend on that, so I try explaining in the most simple term's what is happening to folk's through these posting's and most importantely to so many around town locally when they ask question's about related thing's. Also understand that this is very complex and requires alot of time to put this together, so this is why it's kind of slow getting exposed, we have some excellent representative's in Washington who are really digging into this, and a real treat having Sen. Warren on the Senate Banking Committee, constantly poking her pitchfork in folk's asses and turning them over. As I write this, so many politician's (representatives and senate both) are even behind closed door's discussing this problemo more than they ever have in the last couple decade's, yet were not hearing about it ... they are even worried what they see happening and finally realizing that they are making and already made a big mistake placing too much trust in these entities, while trying to figure out ... just what to do? (dont worry, ya'll will figure it out soon though) But these fine's of these measley amount's in the hundred's of million's is simply pocket change for these entities ... and NOT good enough ... and we are finally realizing that. This no admission of any wrongdoing in any of this and no comment even as to such related, no charges, etc, etc ... is a start, but not a penance, simply paying the fine and feeling fine after dont cut it. This is where our justice department and other's will start to really get serious in month's to come. This isnt just a little skimming, tax dodging or rate's fixing, these are huge amount's of money and mass manipulation, they even are in on the "speed trading" which is twisting the stock market's as well ... and their banking/ counting on how much they can milk before they are taken down is all.

And I need to be fair here ... this is not exclusive to JP Morgan ... you pick em and name em ... whether it's them or Barclays, CitiBank, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America etc, etc ... this is their biggest venture and gig, and their all in bed together ... so it's not just silver, gold, aluminum, energies/ oil etc ... but everything, right down to the Coca Cola you love to drink to re- financing properties, to higher education and everything in between ... this is just the latest manipulation's of the commodities market's to simply create a whole list of illicit mark- up's ... it's a monopoly without being officially a monopoly, and not a thing "free" about it heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) Another thing for the average income reader ... dont mix this up with typical/ traditional bank's ... these are as much traditional bank's as I'm the Christ Jesus ... these are nothing like your local state, city, community bank's or even function like such, beside's the horseshit saturation of advertisement/ marketing they feed you 24/ 7 via the tele, entertainment, news/ media's ... and they ONLY are involved with small banking for working class street customer's, is because they want all of the pie, not just their piece, eh? Their more concerned with having control through lending/ financing the smaller banking institution's.

So ... why are so many politician's, including folk's like Chair Bernanke of the Fed so afraid of if all this need's is to make these entities downsize and new investor's to divi thing's up and buy it all out? ... and there are several wayz to downsize these entities and even divide them up into smaller entities, and even for the Fed to require that they put up more money to cover their asses with more regulatory measure's, more input and demand from investor's/ shareholder's, bankruptcies/ liquidation's, sellout's, etc, etc.  Because it's not going to be that easy because of how complex and large this has gotten in this 21st century global economic's transition that is taking place, and also because of the wealth investment leverage and diversity that these mega entities have built, this is new too ... kind of like the current problemo's we have with the internet, it just hasnt been worked out ... (but will be ... in time) ... being that they are truely worried that some of the money that does buy any portion's of these entities will also be from foreign land's that may not have U.S. and our allies at the top's of their list as far as liking to do business with us, eh? ... this has been the biggest worry that your not hearing about too, get my drift? So ... in an odd way ... when our representative's say it's in OUR best interest's ... that part they are telling the truth because of such. They know just how fragile and vulnerable our domestic economic's are especially with the 2 largest emerging giant's (China and India) ... Hell, even China right now as of 2013 surpassed us already as consumer's with their growing middle class of young folk's in a country with roughly 1.5 billion (compared to our 300+ million or so with a shrinking middle class and consumer power) with now million's upon million's of those young chinese consumer's who traditionally live at home with their families even as adult's rent free and spend ALL their money on junk and tech gadget's, etc (this is where culture's also play a factor, eh?)

What these mega entities should also be concerned with is that not just government agencies are looking into them, but an increasing amount of smaller investor's, companies, corporation's, are now even speaking out against their practice's, many not wanting to do anymore business with these folk's, and even talk now on both the left and the right are strongly speaking out against so much ... so they are getting on the wrong side of everything and everyone, including business, which you would think that they would have seen this coming ... I mean ... how long do you think you can get away with screwing everyone without retaliation, eh? ... that's just how business worx. Even some conservative's are blaming them for the student debt crisis and railroading the future youth of this nation, so their problem is growing faster than they probably had anticipated, which mean's obstacle's to come big time.

It's common to think that deregulation for instance of say energies/ utilities that you see in big state's like California and Texas open's up your choice's and free market competition, which theoretically it does, Hell, theoretically and traditionally trickle down economic's work too ... but when you only have a handful that are buying up everything it no longer worx that way ... that is where we were caught offguard and are now suffering for it ... and more suffering will come before this is ironed out. I say that deregulation and trickle down economic's both work theoretically, because the blueprint of how business is 'supposed' to work and has proven as well in the past to work (post WW2 as example and the industrial revolution), however, nothing can work as supposed to without integrity, healthy values and consequence for failure, so the 'talk' of how the theory is just made up by economist's and is bullshit and it cant work, is bullshit in itself. Look at the illegal drug trade business as example ... how do you think the business prosper's and everyone in it get's a fair shake at the game and slice of the pie, from top to bottom? ... after all, you dont have protective watchdog's governing it, no rule book's, etc ... same as any underground black market ... because there is actual 'consequence' for ill action's and cheat's, serious consequence's that include death in many cases ... this itself will naturally establish integrity. In those related businesses, you do or die ... plain and simple. You see, there is no consequence for these larger than life entities, no win/ lose, just win for losing basically, and we hold no one accountable anymore. What do we do when a huge business/ entity like such show's sign's of failure, loss, and weakness? ... we run and bail them out, and even try to make them bigger and keep supporting this constant failure that is clearly an illness and destructive to capitalism, free market and business across the board.

Enough ... for now ....




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