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SEN. WENDY DAVIS 4 TEXAS GOVERNOR 2014 (PT.1): Texas' Healthy Business Economy should Reflect HEALTHY Communities ... Choosing a 21st CENTURY Governor 4 TEXAS

Texas Senator Wendy Davis of Fort Worth

Meet Senator Wendy Davis ... Thanx to GENERATION TEXAS

Another local posting for Texan's from another concerned Texan (myself) to support the idea and hope that Senator Davis announce's Oct 3rd ... that she will take that chance and step up to run for Governor. Some dont think she has a snowball's chance in Hell, some think she serve's Texas better as a Senator and has a better chance of re- election as such ... which is fine, I mean ... I like Senator Warren as a Senator too as example, especially being on the Senate Banking Committee, but I would also like to see her in the Oval Office. Wendy had to postpone her campaign plan's from september to october because of the death recently of her dad, and my heart and thought's go out to the Senator, I know how that has an impact on someone.

I feel that the timing is a chance of a lifetime and should NOT be passed up, being that Wendy has recently had rising support since her filibuster work for women's health rights in Texas ... in other word's Senator ... right now your on a roll. The other issue of course that has much to do with a person's ability to campaign and run strong is the money issue support ... Wendy need's about $40 million to be secure ... sadly that's just how thing's are in 2013 ... but I strongly think Wendy can get it with the right crew behind her and can also get the "vote" from Texan's.

Wendy has been a champion of sort in the shadow's for awhile now, she lived and came up from the trenches and know's hard work since age 14, know's the burden of single parenting, and know's law and business, proven that she has what it take's to represent ALL Texan's interest's ... not just a selected few . But not just women's rights, but especially for education, healthcare, and voter's rights, all of which have been in decline in Texas recently and being attacked, slashed and bashed. And this is uncalled for in such a robust and healthy business climate and economy that 21st century Texas has ... healthy business should also reflect in healthy communities ... that's the whole point of across the board prosperity in capitalism, eh? But Texas has not just been going backward's in it's booming economical climate in women's and voter's rights, but also in education and how much spent of our wealth on our future, which are the children, but across the board on damn near every avenue of concern ... even a third of Texas children are at the poverty level ... why is that?

The current Governor Rick Perry has also been slipping in his older age and unable to keep up with the little that his office even require's of him and the need's and concern's of 21st century Texas/ Texan's ... and bless his heart for trying and being the pro- business advocate that he's been, but time's are different and too many issue's are being ignored ... perhap's too long in the same office (13 year's) and too much barbeque, whatever it is, he's been slipping big time. Too much has been ignored and the issue's that he has signed off on with approval and support just went only to a small minority of Texas interest's, and not serving the best interest's of Texan's in large.

I can only hope that Wendy take's the next step and challenge for Texan's and her dad, familia, and decide to run for Governor, your choice Senator is many Texan's choice as well. Some recent newsread below and a one on one video interview with Wendy and KXAN' Josh Hinkle.

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Infidel753 said...

I hope she does run. It would be an uphill fight, but she's already become an inspirational figure nationally and could attract a lot of financial support that wouldn't be available to a less-known candidate. And she has the kind of background that could appeal to the kind of people who normally don't vote.

Plus, like Warren, she's such a hate figure for the nutbars that it would be pass-the-popcorn time watching their heads explode if she won.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel753: Perhaps she will run, Thank You for your comment