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CHANNING GOULD: Frivolous Tasing & Detainment DESERVES so called Frivolous LAWSUIT ... "Dancing in the Street" (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.14) & (CITATION VIOLATION NATION PT.10)

Channing Gould (Hip- Hop dancer)

This posting to serve both the "Citation Violation Nation" & "Police Brutality" series in this journal and is another small local case. Channing Gould aka 'Lady Liberty', a dance/ arts student at a local Dallas- Fort Worth community college, who like many other student's have a lil part time gig, Channing part time worked for a tax service business doing street side advertising for the business, which are usually minimal wage cash per day jobs, you see these people all over the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex advertising for so many small local businesses as well. So first some newsread/ video below, then a few word's I want to add.

Police taser man dressed as Statue Of Liberty 3 TIMES for refusing to leave public sidewalk ... Thanx to POLICE STATE USA


***** DALLAS OBSERVER: Fort Worth Punishes Dancing Lady Liberty by Tasing Him, Making Him Write on Blackboard ... (newsread)


Some folk's will look at this and ask "what's the big deal?" and laugh it off ... which is fine, but I certainly wouldnt tell this gentleman that if I was giving him advice as an adult to a kid. The big deal is this ... more and more across America our kid's are getting physically abused and tased bottom line ... excessive force more and more being used on our children to where kid's and adult's alike are just looking at it as something like the 'new normal' ... whatever the new normal is ... it is what WE ALLOW it to be, by passively accepting anything that is done to us and our kid's.

The sentencing for the offense ended up to be Channing being humiliated like a 3rd grader in a Fort Worth courtroom being told to write "I will not argue with police" on a board 52X times ... YET ... technically the case was dismissed, so this humiliation was unwarranted, and the whole arrest was excessive use of force and wrongful incarceration in my opinion (damn right it was 'dismissed' ... duuuuhhh). Channing was not only tased, but also received abrasion's from the taser gun during his struggle on his head, he was also arrested and detained in jail, having to go through the bonding process, etc. Of couse it's illegal (citable/ citation) to obstruct traffic in any way at intersection's across the Metroplex, and each individual town/ city/ community has their own tolerance level's and enforcement guideline's, usually it is to the officer's discretion, but I have never seen this type of reaction from police on a case like this. Bottom line here as far as violation of ordinance is concerned ... Channing should have been on a sidewalk and not in the intersection median only ... you should also 'explain' this to the person so they understand that there is an ordinance and why.

The arguement or so called 'refusal' to stop dancing was strictly 'verbal' by Mr. Gould, which caused the officer to call for a backup and physically confront him? ... uuhhhh ... there isnt actual 'crimes and call's' going on that need atencion? The most simple and common sense way to handle this is for the officer to briefly explain there is an ordinance (most kids dont know every bloody ordinance, or even adult's for that matter), when the kid told the officer to call his boss, the officer should have pulled out his cell, and called the business to tell them that their contractor was in violation of a city ordinance, gave a verbal warning after to the man, then if the business didnt do anything about it, and/ or Mr. Gould was still dancing in the street after, then you write/ issue him a citation, which doesnt even require writing anymore at that for officer's, since they now carry little I-Pad looking hand held unit's that you hit a few key's and it print's out the citation right there ... that's how simple it is and only a few minutes it take's to deal with this. And Channing lost his job as well over this on top of it.

Absolutely Channing you should consider and pursue taking further court/ civil action on this is my advice! It is time that American's fight back against what is becoming too common across our nation's cities ... this IS NOT democracy, or what the Hell this nation is about period! It's bad enough with all the other foul shit that is going on especially to our student's so far in debt to get an education that they have to work various part time job's to eat! Some local's would call this a frivolous lawsuit I'm sure ... I CALL IT frivolous tasing and detainment which deserves a lawsuit!

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Van Halen- Dancing in the Street (2015 Remastered) ... Thanx to VHTelevision **** I wanted to dedicate this song to Channing, a song that I love and have probably covered '52X times' myself on vocals as a young man doing the Van Halen version that was released in 1982, however, this classic piece was originally released in 1964 by Martha & The Vandellas (video) ... and Martha Reeves I really had a 'thing' for as a kid and thought she was gorgeous, a great singer/ dancer, and just cute as Hell! {: ) ... this song/ video will also be included in this journal's "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"



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