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TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY 2013/ 2014: Unveiling "BIG HOSS TV" ... Dallas- Fort Worth' "Battle of the BIG SCREEN'S" (TASTE OF TEXAS PT.23)

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Part 23 of the "Taste of Texas" series will be to highlight another Dallas- Fort Worth attraction of the Texas Motor Speedway ... but this posting in particular to introduce what they call "Big Hoss TV" (No, it's not a cowboy transvestite {: ) ... which is a big attraction for those fan's of NASCAR and other races of course, but can get a lil ridiculous I think at time's, which now seem's to be a battle over big screen TV's around the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex too, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) I mean ... just how big do we expect these screen's to get? This one of course will be the world's largest ... but what seem's most importante locally, it outdoes the screen's at American Airlines Center, Cowboys Stadium, and Texas Rangers Ballpark Stadium ... what's next? ... the Cotton Bowl Stadium too?

They say it's engineered to withstand 120 mph wind's, but also understand that if a tornado was to come down in this area it could rip it to shred's in second's, wind gust's alone in this region can also put it to a challenge, this is a very large and flat structure that can catch wind's like a large sail. Even though if there were a tornado warning or extreme wind gust's prediction's there wouldnt be any event's, being they would cancel them, however, it could be a really expensive structural damage to it and other structural surrounding's from it.

However, for NASCAR fan's and those other races that folk's love, this is a big treat for them, these event's at the TMS get crowd's of over 190,000 attending, so it's big business too ... I would imagine you could just watch the race from a half mile away too, eh? {: ) I know a few folk's that attend these event's, so I know what this mean's to them as well. My daughter get's to work there as well as other major sporting event's around the country such as the World Series even, who work's on the marketing end for a major sponsor, she showed me a video via phone of a spin around the track one of the Nascar driver's took her on that she recorded, which was like over 140 mph on this track ... what a treat that must have been! ... and she seem's to love car's anywayz, I actually had her behind the wheel and under the hood at 10 year's old {: ) Some newsread/ video below, and a video of a day at the track {: )

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Texas Motor Speedway 2013 NRA 500 ... Thanx to DOUBLEEDUD





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