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2ND AMENDMENT SUPPORT RALLY 2013 @ The Alamo ... Rebel YELL 4 The Liberty SELL ... (SELF DEFENSE PT.24) & (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.26) ... Inspired by Chris & Angie

2nd Amendment Support Rally @ Alamo 19 October 2013

This posting will serve both the "Public Patriot's" & "Self Defense" series of this journal to highlight this last weekend's successful 2nd Amendment support rally at the Alamo in San Antonio, or what Alex Jones called in the opening speech he gave, a "rebel yell", being that you had well over a thousand folk's attend and all carried long gun firearms and not one ill incident occurred, just goes to show you that well armed citizen's can have a functional positive assembly without any of the scare talk over gun's. Of course a few folk's were uncomfortable, and I can understand, being a couple of the rally supporter's were citated by police because they had their rifles with them at Starbucks, so I understand due to some of the looney tunes out there, that would be a concern to anyone in a public business like that.

This posting is also partly inspired by a young couple that I know that attended this Chris and his wife Angie who actually have to hide they feel as far as talking about their pro- 2nd Amendment support publicly, because of the outcry over gun's recently because of a handful of nutcases. Chris and his wife Angie are both 30-ish, no kid's (yet), they both have decent benefit's and paying job's, pay their taxes, etc ... yet they both like gun sporting and also have firearm's such as the AR-15 rifle and other's, but they feel so uncomfortable talking about related of course in the city, folk's from their job or whatever, because of the recent outcry over firearm's, I was around gun's and archery, throwing knives, hunting slingshot's, etc, since probably 9/10 year's old or so, was a young hunter and alwayz enjoyed the sporting. Most people that I personally know and associate with whether it's neighbour's, familia/ friend's dont carry arm's and never did, so I have no problemo with that, if you are uncomfortable around them, that's understandable. At the same time I feel to support those that do legally carry firearm's because it is a part of our right's as an American, and should be a treasured/ cherished right, since many around the globe dont have that.

Liberty get's hard to sell these dayz with some of the pre- paid corporate inspired political popculture propaganda out there, which is in itself a sophisticated form of tyranny and oppression, no conspiracy nonsense, but the clear to see black and white reality that is out there and visible now for everyone to see, being thrown right in our faces. I support this freedom and well armed militia's/ defender's as much as also the freedom for a woman's right to "choose" and the same sex couple to legally marry, that's what liberty is about to me. I also feel sorrow and compassion for those around the globe who cant even successfully protest their own government corruption's or defend themselves whether their in Iraq, North Korea, Greece, Italy, Spain, or France or elsewhere. So I see these folk's below as defender's of democracy and what little right's we do have.

There has been issues more recently because of all the shooting's, and you have to expect that due to the time's, which I wrote plenty about throughout this journal for over 5 year's now ... so I also encourage those defender's of our 2nd Amendment right's to also support the strict oversight of gun sales as well, we already have enough law's on the book's to deal with this more efficiently ... so before we go all out to make more bloody law's, how about just enforcing the law's existing for starter's as well as education and such. And big Thanx to Chris and Angie and ya'll for strongly supporting/ defending our 2nd Amendment rights and nation.

Enough said ... Word Out ....

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H.I.M.- Rebel Yell ... Thanx to DANNYNEWELL **** I wanted to add this cover of the Billy Idol classic "Rebel Yell" covered/ re- made here by an outstanding Finnish crew "H.I.M.", I'm a fan of vocalist Ville Valo as well ... this performance at the Provinssirock Festival in Finland 1999, and an all time fav song of mine as well, which I seen live done by Billy Idol way back before this on the "White Wedding Tour". This will also be included in the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" too.



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