Thursday, October 10, 2013

MIRIAM CAREY: Mother KILLED by Police in her Attempt to Crash through Capitol Security & ENDANGERING her Daughter's LIFE (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.6) ... Inspired by Shayla

Miriam Carey

Part 6 of the "Problem Parent's" series will be to take a look at a recent case that got quite a bit of coverage concerning Miriam Carey. It was partly inspired though by a neighbour Shayla who know's how outspoken I am about police brutality and the use of excessive force, something we discussed a few times, Shayla grew up in the tough street's of West Dallas and know's this well having witnessed much. But the reason Shayla brought this up to me, is because she automatically viewed this as excessive force, and to her suprise I disagreed with her on this one. I also noticed that because of tension's over issues like this across America, many folk's may view this as a Nazi like police state tactic and brutal, but again, I disagree and support the police 110% on this, I thought the police acted in line and used efficient needed force to stop this woman and I also applaud the police on this one, and WHY it will not be included in this journal's "Police Brutality" series ... because in my opinion in all fairness ... IT IS NOT.

Another thing that was quite nauseating to me that inspire's this also, is the weeping over this dead mother, her problem's, so called mental illness, single mom, etc, etc ... but NOT one goddamn word about how this woman endangered her daughter Erica's life with this reckless conduct! What in Hell was she thinking ... placing her 1 year old daughter in a situation like this?!!, not to even mention so many pedestrian's, security/ police in a highly targeted area for terrorism to begin with, driving all the way from her town in Stamford CT (NYC area suburbia) to D.C. over 260 miles at that. My first reaction when I seen this was much different than most of the responses from people I been reading, and wondering if anyone is even considering what in Hell this woman was doing to her child?

What also in Hell was the police supposed to do and think while she is desperately trying to ram through the driveway barricade that goes to the Capitol? ... even refusing to stop with gun's pointed at her and attempting to run down officer's? No lady ... you pull this kind of shit and death comes with the territory, plain and simple, this isnt your little sweetheart suburban community! Some video and newread below ...

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Incredible video of D.C. car chase ... Thanx to CNN

***** NBC NEWS/ INVESTIGATIONS: Was police shooting of unarmed woman outside Capitol justified? (newsread)

***** REUTERS: Former NYPG sergeant questions sister's killing by police in Washington

Questions raised about police response in Capitol shooting ... Thanx ro RT AMERICA





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