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PINK FLOYD/ LIVE @ POMPEII: "A Saucerful Of Secrets/ Celestial Voices", "Careful With That Axe, Eugene", "One Of These Days" ... (HALLOWEEN PT.5)


This induction into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society is definitely past due, but never too late, and because of the history of this remarkable crew of musicians "Pink Floyd" out of the original London Underground (no, not the subway/ tube {: ) ... I will let this Wikipedia and the above link handle most of that, this is a deep crew across the board composition wise, philosophically, aesthetics, engineering, etc, etc ... an outstanding influence as well to so many groups in various genres of contemporary music, received numerous award's and achievement's, etc. For me personally I was alwayz fascinated with the work of Roger Waters from first listen as a kid (being a favourite as well as far as lyricist's), and David Gilmour was such an outstanding guitarist as well that blew me away even on his solo career post Pink Floyd. I went to the "Momentary Lapse Of Reason" tour back in 1987(?), which unfortunately did NOT have Roger Waters at that time, but they hadnt even done a tour since the "Wall" tour at that time, which was back around 1980, and that was a limited tour with a small handful of show's, they sure didnt have much rep as a "touring band" then, but what an impressive stage presentation and sound engineering they done as well.

I wanted though to look at some of the earliest stuff here, probably some of the most unrecognized commercially throughout their lengthy history, but equally some of the most intense composition in my opinion, going back to the album's of "Ummagumma" & "Meddle" (which were my first to get) 1969- 1971(?) or so (they had previous releases going back to 1967 or so too). This is why I mentioned in some past music posting's such as here, that Pink Floyd were actually pioneer's in experimental and industrial music, yet they mostly are categorized as a commercial hard rock type group.

My first listen to this group goes back to some of their earliest releases/ projects, and was suggested to me by a temp music/ vocal coach in my music class back in grade school (8th grade), who I cant even remember his name, and was only a temp that was a vocal coach for a choir ensemble I sang in (tenor ... but I'm actually more of a baritone we found out), though I remember him riding me once because I sat on a stool while singing, but it was a bloody damn rehearsal class, comparing it to not getting the full wind from the bodies diaphram such as when a paper bag is folded/ crushed restraining air flow, and also riding me on my lack of full atencion in composition and theory (I liked singing, but I hated the writing part as far as sheet music, if that makes sense), however he suggested to me once to listen to Pink Floyd as far as composition, which I had no idea who they were, and at that time they just released their forth piece of work (LP) (1969) Ummagumma, but I am grateful though for the tip's he gave me in that short span. When I got the Ummagumma LP it just opened my mind to various interest's to say the least at such a young age, compared to what I was listening to at that time.

I wanted to also post this as far as a choice for music on Halloween, because even though most folk's look at Halloween music in a commercial sense of classic scary pieces or whatever, Roger Waters for me was a more dark music type composer/ lyricist that hold's a special place with me as far as that, so my idea of Halloween type music may be odd to someone who may not understand why I would choose this, but it's too in depth to explain here and pointless, just personal preference you can say, eh? Enjoy! {: )







Pink Floyd- A Saucerful of Secrets & Celestial Voices- Live at Pompeii- Echoes Pink Floyd Sao Paulo ... Thanx to ECHOES PINK FLOYD SAO PAULO

Careful with That Axe, Eugene- Live at Pompeii- Echoes Pink Floyd Sao Paulo ... Thanx to ECHOES PINK FLOYD SAO PAULO

One of These Days- Live at Pompeii- Echoes Pink Floyd Sao Paulo ... Thanx to ECHOES PINK FLOYD SAO PAULO


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