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GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN 2013 (PT.5): "Deal to PEEL" ... 70% to 80% Complete ... HORAAAYY!! {: ) The SLOWBURN Edition ... Look 4 the "Mega BITE" (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.16)

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(left to right) Sen. Harry Reid & Sen. Mitch McConnell (aka "Double Trouble" by Ranch Chimp)

This posting will serve the "From The Foxhole With Bernie" and "Government Shutdown & Countdown" series both. This will probably be the first installment of the mega bite that's to come, that I said in my earlier posting's will come in 2013, however, it will be brought in full bloom in 2014. Many of us know someone who is hurt by the existing shutdown, so right now there is a sigh of relief you may hear over the next few dayz from folk's, but understand, this is only being played out like this to make us feel relief, not only us, but the stock market's especially, so they know just how to time this to a tee, and early enough to not be around any election's of importance, and early enough just to barely escape the default talk, since that "talk only" has an immediate impact on global market's. It's basically a slowburn ... BUT ... we will get "burned" in the longrun, just piece by piece which I explain in more detail's in linked past posting's. Most folk's will not catch this right away because of their desperation for this all to be over, but what's to come as far as "the bite/ cut's" that will be drafted in this will really outrage million's of American's by say, this time next year. So no, this is no real agreement, and no, these two Senator's are not negotiating for the American people, but for those with the highest amount's of wealth ... not the "rich", but the "wealthy" ... there is a difference, the wealth uses the rich/ millionaire's and the politician's to draft and legislate "their" blueprint's basically. Basically also in a few more month's or whatever, we will be back to these political bitch fight's unfortunately, so none of this started by the Republican side was really much about this so called ObamaCare as much as it was to distract us from the real goal, and that is to basically cut, slash, and privatize everything possible, and use as a bargaining chip to set up for the big cut's they are trying to lock into law (and will).

Now I know I may sound awful and I may sound very pessimistic, but again ... that's not my intention's and frankly as you can see throughout this journal I am very optimistic and have confidence of the future outcome, it's just again ... going to be a hard ride and storm. This will inspire an awakening past due, because those pulling this are frankly "over" confident in their intoxication and they will run into clashes like they havent anticipated with enough pushing, especially in America ... they pulled the same thing first in smaller democracies in western European nation's recently and are getting a strong resistance even, and imagine what a similar or stronger resistance will be like in a country with so many people/ population, arms/ guns/ weaponry, eh? ... that been taken/ ripped off for all they built and gained over decade's. They already even pissed off veteran's just over shutting down the Veterans Memorial in DC, and sent out their goon squad's to clash with them, and that's just a simple thing, wait until they piss off more over bigger thing's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... they aint even got  a taste yet of what our people are capable of, and dont even see that when a serious matter come's to push and shove, that many military, including militia's (constitutionally in the right to protect our nation and people) will take side's with the American people over corporate interest's in the longhaul. There is still time for them that dictate to change their wayz and make friendly, so the choice is up to them.

So again, the oppression and tightening of the belt's is a positive for it fuel's the fire of aggression. This is also reason why I say it is importante to vote, although many folk's will feel that the choice's are hopeless, and there is some truth to that, since both side's are funded basically by the same entity ... but importante, cause one side will make the ride a lil less rough (Democrat's) only, and because by the time the 2016 election's come around, you may see some drastic changes in voting law's/ regulation's in your own state, which they are currently working on through the Republican Party, take me for instance, even though I have a voting registration card and been registered in Texas for a few decade's at least as a voter, I will probably have to apply for some new ID and go through some new shit to vote in the next big election from what I see their doing. And of course I will go through all the new shit, but I'm sure many will get discouraged as well, but you really should try to vote, you have nothing to lose, because you already lost much as it is. That of course along with the outbreak's of rebellion, disturbance, and instability of local and world market's will bring much to a boil in time.

But enough on this in this posting, besides the Indianapolis Colts are in San Diego, fixin to start on ESPN, to take on the Chargers on Monday Night Football, and if I recall correctly, the Colts so far are undefeated this year, and big Congrat's to the Dallas Cowboys who kicked the shit out of the Washington Redskins last night on NBC's Sunday Night Football, and Dallas is now 1st place in the NFC East. But the latest news release below from these two lowlife's McConnell and Reid, then some newsread and video from CNN who been all over this like a cheap suit on sunday, and I wanted to close with a recent video from my man Senator Bernie Sanders who sum's up perfectly in few word's exactly what is happening, and Thank You so much Senator!

That's it for now ....

Reis "very optimistic" he and McConnell can reach a deal on shutdown, debt ceiling ... Thanx to WORLD NEWS

***** CNN/ POLITICS: White House meeting with congressional leaders postponed

Don't Be Hoodwinked ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS


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***** POST NOTE (tuesday 15 October 2013) ....

I wanted to close this with Senator Sanders because Encyclopedia Britannica couldnt paint this mess better than Bernie. And you may listen to him and wonder if he's a "conspiracy theorist" or "paranoia oddball" ... but no ... Bernie is more of a master of reality at this sort of thing, and maybe not the most showcased politician in Washington, but worth his weight in platinum giving the American people he represent's, smaller companies/ corporations/ banks/ business, entrepreneur's, working/ career classes, the disabled, the kid's, veteran's, etc ... the most bang for the buck as far as who we pay to represent us (a man who actually deserves a raise!), another one I want to praise and should get a raise would be Senator Warren who dont fuck around either ... luckily she is also on the Senate Banking Committee too, and Hell when she's well! When these two talk ... I LISTEN!

Now here's the kicker politically speaking in this latest mess is that the Republican Party really came out winner's here ... now I know that the media's are saying their the most hated in the poll's to the voter's etc, etc ... which is great, but also understand that they are more popular to their wealthy constituent's (and NO, I'm NOT against wealth at all, only some that have it, and how they REALLY maintain and get it, I believe that those who are truely "elite" should enjoy the fruit's that come with it), what I mean is that their objective was to play this out just like this and get the Democrat's to negotiate entitlement cut's on "their term's" ... which they done, and done so by using one of the last tool's they had, which is the power of a Congress, So it is up to strong Democrat's to be clever enough to craft a way to buck these cut's as much as possible, the Republican's (and I use that word out of political politeness, their not truely conservative by a long shot) dont care right now so much about the poll's, because the money will manipulate that when election's come around, and any economic issues we are still facing (and there will be many by the time their done) will as usual be blamed on the President and this Administration in such, so then they only care about Republican voter's when election's come around and they start flip- flopping faster than lightning ... and flip- floppers dont get much quicker and full of shit than ole Mitch (McConnell).

Now many like myself want so bad to vote for a 3rd party, I been waiting for year's for a strong one actually and know the day will come when this right/ left as usual business will become obsolete, I just dont know when. I hope that the current Democrat Party restructure's and/ or that a more progressive wing strengthen's/ form's from it, to where I can avoid voting for the mainstream of the party, at least something strong enough to challenge, because like many other American's, I am burned out voting for basically the same ole same shit over and over decade after decade ... shit just get's kind of old, eh?, and that's all we have right now. So basically the wealth entities with their united citizen's bullshit and other manipulation's have our ball's nailed to the wall right now. Those mega entites who pull the string's like the Koch brother's and other's Bernie mention's would love nothing more than for a voting liberal like myself to vote for say a weaker party, not the mainstream Democrat Party, and I'm not even one of these mainstream liberal Democrat's by far, I am more "tripartisan" than anything. The reason I dislike Sen. Reid is because I blame him for some of the mess were in and placing word's in the President's mouth and mind, and even the elimination of thing's like the President's initial proposal for a public option in health care ... oh ... I have no doubt that he and Sen. McConnell can strike a deal ... my question is ... what will it be, eh? and who get's cut from what? They say on the Republican side that they propose defense/ foreign cut's, blah, blah, blah, etc ... but I dont buy a bit of that, history of this Washington cult will clearly show you time and again and again, that whenever they close a door and cut any major profit's for mega industries/ bank's/ corporate, they simply open a back door through new cleverly crafted legislation to open something else, change titles, meaning's, law's, etc, etc. This is about one thing and one thing only, and NOT ObamaCare, it's to cut any and all entitlement's that Bernie point's out above, and look for Congressman Ryan to be a key player in drafting that shit up, Ryan is the best of the worst, has a great likable sales pitch, positive go- getting attitude, and those all American cute innocent puppy dog eyes too ... this guy can take the shirt off your back in a heartbeat and you wont see him coming.

And to show my love for "some" of these political incompetent ingrates ... Wishing Ya'll the Best (of bad luck and misery) ... XOXOXO Ranch Chimp {: )






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