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TED CRUZ' "Bruiser Cruisers" vs. "The ObamaCare Bears" ... The SUICIDE by POLITIC'S & Nickel/ Dime 2013 Edition (GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN & COUNTDOWN PT.4) ... & "Conclusion" added 10/ 04/ 13

It's time for another round of "Government Shutdown & Countdown" of course, since I havent done one in a year I reckon, and this time they did shutdown ... it's about goddamn time! So what's so good about this? ... to pound in the reality even more in American's head's and make them more angry, it's that fire that inspire's 'change' ... so oppression is healthy, because it inspire's aggression. I want to be fair here also to the Senator and post his own YouTube video first where he tries to explain what his agenda is. I also want to Thank God that Ted is currently in Washington and not back in Texas twisting more shit here ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... also Thanx to President Obama for bucking this bullshit, even though I'm not even the biggest fan of ObamaCare myself (it right now is a confusing mess, that will take awhile to get straight basically), but DO see it as a 'positive start', simply because I was for a 'public option' as the President initially proposed when this all started, but the Congress, Senate, corporation's of medical, insurance, etc threw it in the trash bin, even Democrat's turning their back on the President (like Senator Harry Reid ... and Hell No ... like ole Ted, I dont like Harry Reid either, never did) ... I'm a socialist kind of person when it come's to 'Health Care', and I am very pro- business too, regardless of what I may sound like to someone who may not understand my way of thinking. A neighbour of mine Bill who recently passed away just a couple month's shy of his 88th birthday, converting from Republican to Democrat in his last dayz and stood in line with the rest of us to vote like so in 2012 ... Bill looked forward to something being done about the health care in America for year's ... I liked Bill too, so I'll miss his stories from the old dayz ... but you'll alwayz be with me Sir!

The 2nd link is really the kicker from CNN, where Republican Congressman of California Devin  Nunes explain's even the hostage situation that Ted inspired on his own party even, how long this has been going on, etc. Obviously this is a suicide mission by politic's I reckon ... but nonetheless politically entertaining as Hell. Then of course a few word's from fellow Texan 'Ranch Chimp' (myself) on this battle.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Bill O'Reilly Discuss Defunding Obamacare and Harry Reid's Shutdown ... Thanx to SEN TED CRUZ


***** CNN/ POLITICS: Government shutdown: GOP moderates huddle as conservatives set agenda


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Apparently this backfired on the GOP in a way ... they been pushing hard these austerity measure's for several year's now ... Ted wanted to be the hero I reckon (and I admire his courage to stand strong too, but I totally am opposed to his agenda), a handful of Republican's jumped on the wagon, many other's just wanted some obstruction as usual, buck this administration, and it created a diversion also to get those cut's to the food stamp programme, while we were focused on this bickering, they agreed to slash $4 billion or so instantly and got a gig locked in to cut it by $36 billion or so over the next decade (how much news did you hear about that, eh?) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... so you can see how some thing's they CANT get done, but when it come's to cutting any kind of entitlement's to people, they act quicker than lightning and stealthy as Hell doing so. Many American's who work for the government are not getting paycheck's right now, but how many politician's are not getting paid, eh? ... Think.

In the above video Ted says he would agree to fund military, park's, national museum's, and a load of other thing's ... BUT ... what he WONT agree to fund and continue pay for instance would be for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or for any consumer protection's (including some Democrat's even), and let me add that the EPA took a 90% cut/ furloughed in this one shutdown, which is one the highest in all ... you dont need to be a business expert to figure out that one, eh? ... it's because of the mega corporate influence/ lobby in Washington will not let them touch anything that will have an impact on their profiteering, or else they'll cut their campaign finance and other treat's, eh? ... get my drift, yet without environmental and consumer protection, especially from our OWN bloody tax dollar's, were getting fucked even deeper and harder.

When we also cut like $4/ $40 billion from SNAP (food stamp's), we are cutting into an importante stimulus to our economy across our nation , this is a 'negative' cut to our local economies in these times, I mean if you want to cut, you cut some of the big oil subsidies, or you cut handout's to investment banker's, etc Foreign spending on countries that dont give a flying fuck about us is stupid too ... I much rather as an American would like to see $4 billion going to our peoples need's in this country than shoveling it over to a country like Pakistan ... and it's not hatred toward's Pakistan, that's stupid politipop neo liberal talk as well, it's about taking care of our own goddamn country FIRST before we take care of other's, eh? Then an embassy building, government facility, or other business with western ties in these countries get's attacked by terrorist's, and we have to listen to someone like the Secy of State look dumbfounded and ask "why?" were attacked .... why the Hell do you think!!?

Another reason why so many Republican's jumped on this wagon too, that you wont hear much about, is because out of habit for one, being that they thought that Obama and key Democrat's would give in too easily BEFORE any shutdown and give a few cut's ... because across the board Republican's view ObamaCare as a sort of "entitlement" programme because of the break's to low income folk's that will be dished out as far as premium's/ out of pocket ... understand, these folk's will nickel and dime you to death, even though this is FAR from any socialized medicine/ healthcare, at least from what I seen in countries like Canada, UK and Mexico ... and many countries that I havent been to. I mean ... the corporate inspired bitching and bellyaching out of some of these politician's (in particular the Republican's) is really unwarranted and ridiculous ... they should be kissing the President's ass for that matter for even throwing in the towel on a public option and gaining them 10's of millions of new client's/ payee's if anything, these ungrateful inbred pieces of shit need nothing less than a foot in some of their asses by someone.

Republican's were also too loose in casually thinking this would put a final nail in Obama's coffin by trying to twist it into looking like the President is a traitor, and saying that he is negotiating with Syrian's, Iraqi's, Arab's etc, etc and ignoring the American people, where the reality is, over half the politician's in Washington and more on the Republican side ignore every American's issue's and sold out this country year's ago, since everyone loves truth ... including many key Democrat's. They also know how were so short sighted and forget as soon as the next year and election come's around who done what to who a few year's back. This shit been in the worx long before President Obama even announced he was running for President for that matter. They say Obama wont bargain? ... are you kidding!!? ... this President has been the most bipartisan fair President in my 57 year's of life ... this is a great President who has been relentlessly attacked and damn near every idea he has proposed has been, slashed, stashed and bashed. ... too many on both side's dont like him, simply because he's a man ahead of his time, and most people like I said before are simply in a left/ right mode of pre- programmed thinking in this point in time ... the future generation's will NOT BE, you have my word on that! No ... I dont agree with the President on everything ... but regardless of my petty concern's, he's about the best of the best that you can find if you want true across the  board bipartisan action.

I also want to add here in Ted's defense that he is NOT a lunatic okay? ... that is more Willie Foo- Foo nonsense mostly out of the neo liberal's and neo conservative's ... Jesus F'n Christ you passive lame- brains ... the man is 'representing' and speaking more goddamn straight, sincere and honest than the majority of this cesspool on both polarizing sides! Put it this way ... I am more trusting of him and what he sayz or even another so called whacko extremist like Ron Paul, than I am over someone on the Democrat side like Sen. Harry Reid or Senator Max Baucus (finally retiring) ... both of those, I wouldnt trust a goddamn thing they say, and I'm a voting Democrat. So why am I so opposed to folk's like Cruz and what they may propose? Is because I feel it is dangerous to the social welfare and stability and economic growth of this nation, both Cruz and Paul would like to probably cut out most taxes and government, and it's a great dream ... but in a 2013 economy and population of over 310 million as a country ... it would be disastrous, in a different era, economy (without the massive corruption and white collar crimes) and less population or whatever ... it would be probably fine, and this country is way too class and culturally diverse, your asking for failure.

I  also agree with Ted and even other 'so called' right wing extremist's when they say there should be a clause/ law that 'allows' folk's to opt out of buying this insurance or whatever without being penalized by the government though corporate dictation from the IRS ... I mean ... states and employer's/ companies can opt out without any static, but your telling me the consumer/ citizen/ employee CANT? I AM for across the board equal health care for ALL in this nation and strong advocate of REAL reform etc, and IN THAT having it all taken care of through across the board taxes from EVERYONE like in any country that has it ... not some corporate dictated shit to sell us a shitload of plan's from platinum to gold to silver to bronze or red, white, & blue horseshit ... think about it and look at the plan's, deductibles, out of pocket, etc, etc ... do you REALLY think one of these plan's and entities are going to sell/ give you the same health care/ medical that the other plan's and people will get who pay higher premium's? .... Geeeeezzz .... THINK! Also not a goddamn thing was done to reform the milking and corruption in any of these medical services industries YET, not a bloody thing, and is exactly why healthcare in this bloody nation is the highest in the world as far as cost's. Geeezz ... the Duchess Catherine who had the royal baby recently in the UK, had a baby for like a fraction the cost of what it cost's in America .... duuuhhh, and she was treated well and satisfied with the state health care system. Of course for so called health/ safety reasons here they outlawed the midwife in America for deliveries is a big problemo ... and you dont have to have a college degree to figure out WHY they done that ($$$$), eh?

Eonugh said for now ....

**** NFL POST NOTE: The Buffalo Bills will be down the east coast of Lake Erie at the Cleveland Browns tonight at 7:00pm CST on NFL Network ... this ought to be a great match up, both team's are at 2 win's/ 2 losses!


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" and "Skool" (short for 'old- school') to the kids locally

**** CONCLUSION POST NOTE 4 THOUGHT (added friday 04 October 2013)

In the opening of this post I say that oppression inspire's aggression, and this is so true, for the average voting American such as myself to get off our asses and vote, blog, spread the word through our social circles, etc, etc ... this historically is what motivate's change of course. However, there is also a flip- side like everything else to that. So many of those politician's who choose politic's and corporate interest's over doing the job's that they are supposed to do, fail sometimes to see the possible consequences that can come for their action's ... ya'll can call it a 'trickle down' effect, since some of ya'll love that term {: ) You have today nearly a million (800,000) employee's that are now uncertain since they are not getting pay because of your political decision's and fight's ... angry and frustrated and frankly scared for their families and income's. I have wrote about this for over 5 year's now throughout this journal ... and accurately I may add ... including what was to come especially in 2013 ... and I wrote and knew such simply from looking at history and the math ... so what I am saying here is solidly evident 110% ... and ya'll especially with far more education, prominence and worldly knowledge should clearly be able to see this ... after all, all I am is little ole me ... a working class basic grunt in this bottomless pit, alwayz have been.

Most people like myself will simply do these thing's like voting and blogging, etc. and tolerate much more than some who may be mentally unstable and much less disciplined, especially with the recent rise of mental disorder diagnosis's that those pharma corporation's (through specialist doctor's) put now on psyche drug's like pharma speed and cram down the throat's of America's low income children to make billion's off of. It's just a matter of time when you continue to punish and screw people that some will retaliate in other wayz. Ya'll have already seen how many of your action's inspired by petrol giant's, defense contractor's and investment banker's has inspired hatred toward's the west and a rise in terrorism ... you seen what happened to Congresswoman Giffords as well and so on, so on. It can get to a point where you cant even go into public without 20 guard's around you and even that isnt fully safe no more, so ya'll need to think about yourselves if anything and families, you can unknowingly draw targets on yourselves simply be playing what seem's to ya'll as simple political debate's or whatever, and God forbid that some emotionally disturbed person who had a child or familia member suffer and/ or die because of your action's, decide's that they are going to retaliate and not care if they die, live or get incarcerated.

The biggest mess didnt even surface yet ... which will come in less than 2 week's, because right now most are focused on these recent ObamaCare bitch fight's, etc ... that will be the raising of the debt ceiling, which can also have a terrible impact on the economies of America and the world, eh? Today in global news all over there is talk about America cant even govern their own people and country and about the instability and dysfunction in particular of America's politician's, and many countries are frankly getting even sick and tired of the bullshit that America these dayz dishes out ... ya'll need to think, eh? Ya'll have collectively failed time and again, and proven collectively to be worthless to the interest's of American people and other's across the globe. You cant expect the petrol or investment banking giant's to save you through flooding millions of dollar's into tele ad campaign propaganda or whatever either ... they dont frankly give a shit about ya'll any more than they give a shit about human lives of the masses except for what they can get out of ya'll ... get my drift?

Word Out ....


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Infidel753 said...

I also want to add here in Ted's defense that he is NOT a lunatic okay? ..... the man is 'representing' and speaking more goddamn straight, sincere and honest than the majority of this cesspool on both polarizing sides!

Why can't both things be true? Why can't he be a straight, sincere, and honest lunatic? It would explain a lot. At least no one can accuse him of being polarizing -- he's got a lot of top Republicans madder at him than the Democrats are. Maybe that's his way of bringing the parties together.

When we also cut like $4/ $40 billion from SNAP (food stamp's), we are cutting into an importante stimulus to our economy across our nation,

This is certainly true, but at least Congressmen's own paychecks are still coming on time without interruption, so the DC prostitution industry will continue to be as stimulated as ever.

Ranch Chimp said...

Od course Infidel many may see Ted as a lunatic, and why not, eh? However, I simply view the man as doing exacrly what his circle of constituents want, even if they are Tea Party types. For me personally, I dont think that his idea's are healthy as I explain in the posting is all ... I admire though that spirit and integrity that actually goes out to do their job, much more than I can say about many other's in Washington, as far as representing who voted for them, eh(?)

Thank You for your input here Infidel ....