Monday, November 11, 2013

VETERAN'S DAY 2013: To Honour those who serve this Nation ... "DEFENDER'S vs. PRETENDER'S" ... The "EARNED Incoming Credit" Edition (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.36)

Part 36 of this series of course is to again highlight Veteran's Day and a big shout out and Thanx to those who actually serve this nation. It's common these dayz to see and hear stories about the increasing amount of homeless veteran's, and some that we dont see as often are the amount of these troubled veteran's that end up in jail's across our nation for some of the most petty shit, fines, penalties, etc because they may have problem's at home, sometimes alcohol/ substance addictions and other thing's that get in the way of making that transition back to civilian life when they're discharged ... I point some of these thing's out herehere, here, here, and here. We have made progress across the board since I started writing about these thing's over 5 years ago or so, especially in the VA, and equipment to those serving active abroad, etc ... but not nearly enough in many area's as well, especially in providing enough shelter's for some of these veteran's, which need's has increased at a steady fast pace and is worse today than when I started talking about it. So many in Washington say they are doing thing's, yet serious thing's like this are not addressed or making hardly any progress obviously, which make's you wonder if these folk's are pretender's lying about this as well, while prosperity and wealth is at an all time high for those who do not a damn thing but gamble on the world market's, yet have the nerve to instruct our so called political representation to continue to tell us we need to sacrifice more annually.

Frankly alot of American's are getting fed up with sacrificing a damn thing for some of your worthless freeloading asses ... AGAIN ... there is no goddamn reason in a nation of enormous wealth like this, that even one veteran has to be without a roof over their head, or the issues especially with basic dental care ... and dont give us that twisted bullshit about that's what capitalism is about or similar. As usual (like everything else) American people are out there starting up many great organization's on their own to help these vet's so that they dont have to go through all the over legislated red tape that ya'll make in your session's making it so difficult for many veteran's to get any approval for help, just like how ya'll nickel and dime us to death with these cleverly crafted and complexed piece's ya'll draft up. We pay taxes for good reason and NOT just to pamper ya'll's goddamn pet project's and offshore investment's, but to have what we need and sustain our standard's of living that we worked hard and fought many year's for, okay? especially those who serve this nation a Hell of alot more efficiently than most of ya'll!

Any veteran of our nation should be able to only show their proof/ ID/ Dog Tag's and get any service that they need, plain and simple, or what I would call just a "Earned Incoming Credit" (inspired by the IRS's Earned Income Credit)  when they get back home ... which they have EARNED. Below I wanted to have Senator Bernie Sanders do this Veteran's Day address, and Thank goodness we still have some political representation with enough ball's to stand up for American's and our veteran's against this crap, and a Big Thank You to our veteran's!

Veterans Day ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS




Oklahoma State University Cowboy Marching Band Veteran's Day Tribute 2013 ... Thanx to OSU BANDS



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