Friday, November 15, 2013

CHUCK BERRY: "Johnny B. Goode", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Sweet Little Sixteen" & "Maybellene"

(left to right) Chuck Berry & Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones


Of course it's about bloody time that Chuck Berry is inducted into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society, this is another great who need's not much intro as far as his influence on rock and roll music across the board, and obvious as well of the impact T- Bone Walker even had on him ... also Berry was such an influence on and idolized by Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), what was R&B for Chuck became rock and roll for the world basically and quite an impact on the shaping of todayz rockabilly too, and anyone who was anyone in this industry from past to present in those genre's brushed elbow's with this gent, and what a history behind Chuck. So many have covered this icon's work as well over the year's, in every contemporary related genre.

Chuck is as smooth as they come on his guitar lick's, in a way for me reminding me of the term they used for Eric Clapton when they called him "slow- hand" (being he moved so swift and smooth it looked in slow motion), Chuck is that smooth, and not only those classic lead picking's ... but those rhythm's really rocked, and I dont even think they used "Fingerease" back in them dayz, you just had them calloused fingertip's heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... hallow body electric's and old school tube amp's {: ) As for his live performances, he could have a crowd sitting on their asses in a dance frenzy in less than 5 minutes and had his own famous strut's while he played all over the stage while rocking a dance crowd! Chuck toured solo alot using local band's in cities for a backing band in his performances, and thousand's must have played with him doing so over so many year's ... and he still playz!

Below I chose a few of his well known classic's to post and wanted to post the old school pieces as far as video just to capture that great moment and spirit in rock and roll history, including for anyone who may be as old as me ... off  the tele show "American Bandstand" we loved to catch weekly when we were kid's. And BIG Thanx Sir for all the great music you inspired us with ... Sincerly! ... Enjoy!





Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode ... Thanx to JMDZOOM

1965 Chuck Berry plays his 1956 smash hit Roll over Beethoven ... Thanx to thalles turazzi

Chuck Berry "Sweet Little Sixteen" (Dick Clark's Saturday Night Beech- Nut Show, February 22 1958) ... Thanx to NRRArchives 

Chuck Berry- Maybellene (live 1958) ... Thanx to marcelo cavalcante 


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