Sunday, November 17, 2013


Part 12 of the "Dont Be Alarmed" series will be to show a recent show of what illegally legislated austerity measures can lead to, and not just America, but this will be global, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) And I salute my neighbour's in Lousiana for the wake up call to America! {: ) Is this morally wrong? of course it is, however, when you have criminal's dictating who have no regulation's on themselves in our government and their corporate allies ... all rulez change, eh? ... dont whine to us ... ya'll created the reality that's to come, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) Is it criminal? ... well ... what ya'll do when you rob the American people like ya'll have been ... that's not criminal, is it? Beside's ... ya'll want us to consume and spend like ya'll dont you? ... you know, for the holidayz and all that other good shit, eh? ... well, that's what these folk's are trying to do, stimulating the economy {: ) You will cut us off? ... believe me ... in time the people are going to cut you off ... you will learn, or you will perish ... in time.

Of course the people will have to expect to get penalized (temp suspension of benefit's) ... and so be it, we are a nation of penalizing ... the talk is about criminal charges by some folk's ... dont be so dumb and silly, are you going to try to track those who left their cart's when the glitch was fixed, eh? and try to penalize/ charge on that? ... you cant you liar's, and you know it, without 'involving' the store in the action's as well. Are you going to charge the store for knowingly continuing to check groceries out, when they knew clearly that there 'must' be an error? (maybe so, then you'll have nationwide protest's to deal with ... on how ya'll treat minorities {: ) ... and where would you find a jury/ prosecution to indict/ convict ... Wall Street? ... and on what ground's looking at existing law's? Once again ... ya'll fucked up as usual, not the people {: ) Just like you fucked up giving all of our fucken surplus and taxes away to corporate subsidies and failing incompetent investment banker's to invest and create job's in the poorest undeveloped nation's to try to rob more people in those countries of their natural resources and slave labour. More below ... Enjoy! {: )


***** NOTE: I call this austerity push above 'illegal' because it actually is what normally in our society would be illegal, when a few corporate entities basically buy, sell, and draft up all the legislation to do this with their lobby power in Washington (legislation that is supposed to be for/ of America's districts, communities, and majority of people), many of those lobbyist's ex- politician's even, that we have on the payroll as well while doing so for life, and those are dictated through anonymous sources popularly called 'citizens united'. Most people that do this sort of slithering bribery would be investigated and probably imprisoned in a true democracy type society such as this country and what it was designed as. We're about as broke ONLY that they make us through taking all of our money in the first place for their special project's, not because we hand out too many entitlement's.


***** BLOOMBERG/ THE TICKER: How Wal- Mart Abetted Food- Stamp Thieves

Walmart shelves in Springhill, Louisiana cleared in EBT glitch ... Thanx to RIPPDEMUP TV



A store's "Black Friday" dream some true .... {: )



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***** RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY (my hand- selected music/ arts picks)

***** THE RESISTANCE/ PERIL'S OF THE POWER POSSE (inspiration for hope & change)


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