Sunday, November 24, 2013


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Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower

Part 6 of the "Public Parasites" series will definitely have to go to Hawaii state representative Tom Brower, and Thanx to Abby Martin, host of the show "Breaking the Set" and her presentation below bringing this to my atencion where I first heard this, and I didnt even know who Tom Brower was to be honest, so I had to do a lil reading up on him. But this is Tom's way of tackling the homeless problem in his beautiful State of Hawaii, and he sayz for now that his mission is accomplished after busting up the cart's and/ or property of homeless people, although I dont see how? But Tom apparently thought he would be some local hero and appear's on camera to be a real tough guy, you know, cracking down and all that other good shit, which is easier to do I reckon in a place like Hawaii and get away with it, I doubt he would have the same luck in a town like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, or even Dallas for that matter. One of the problemo's though is, it is in part because of alot of our political representation across our nation why we have such an increased issue with homelessness, and I wonder how much property he may have destroyed that may have belonged as well to one of our homeless veteran's even?

But I know that he is also a loved guy and supposed to be in support of gay marriage and all the pop culture stuff, and a so called liberal, etc ... which is nice and all of that of course, but frankly Sir ... in my eyes your a piece of shit basically (and I would tell you this shit straight to your face, I dont put my picture and PO Box number and phone on this blog for nothing), and frankly I wouldnt give a shit if you supported marrying Barbie Doll's, fucking duck's in the ass, and smoking crack/ rock, I can tell ya straight up if I was on the street as a homeless person and you done this to all I had, I would be in your ass quicker than flies on day old shit! Enough from me and more below.

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**** NFL UPDATE: Congratulation's to the Dallas Cowboys who just got finished beating the New York Giants in Jersey, I mean this was not only a NFC East battle but game of the day, and Dallas now is tied for first place in the NFC East with Philly's Eagles. But also a game just started that is a big one to me on NBC Sunday Night Football, because the 9 win/ 1 loss Denver Broncos are in Boston at the 7 win/ 3 loss New England Patriots, and this ought to be a kick ass game, with New England playing at home with so much pressure on them!


This Lawmaker's Answer to Homelessness Will Make You Sick ... Thanx to BREAKINGTHESET

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Infidel753 said...

This is what is technically known as "bullying".

The stores the shopping carts come from can't be too happy about it either -- normally they want them back if they're found -- those things cost money.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: I reckon by definition that would fall into "bullying" category, eh? ... I didnt know or gave much thought, but I do know if I went out to the street and did this, I would be locked up in a heartbeat by law on vandalism, criminal mischief, or a number of other violation's. Just goes to show how these lawmaker's are exempt from their own law's that they legislate, eh? ... which are for our own good they say ... Nice {: )

Thank You for your comment Infidel ....