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SYSTEM OF A DOWN: "Toxicity", "Chop Suey", "Suite- Pee" & "B.Y.O.B."

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This posting will be to highlight another great crew out of the Los Angeles Area suburb of Glendale, System of a Down (SOAD) to be included in this journal's music/ arts honour roll society, and what a crew of musician's these guyz are indeed! Also recently just posted Jennifer Lynn, Christine Wu, and Meytal Cohen doing a really nice electric violin and drum's instrumental cover of "Toxicity".

This crew has been around for nearly 20 year's now and a very well seasoned and versatile group musically, they have managed to blend well into the commercial industry, yet at the same time able to keep their raw root's very strong, especially their political and philosophical view's which are very strong, and have been very open as far as incorporating a variety of instrumental change- up's too, not focusing on fitting into any genre, and frankly not sure where they are on that either, nor care much. Music influence's have been everything from Middle Eastern music to Zappa & The Mothers to Van Halen, and it's very clear as well in their art! I also think that Serj is a very strong front man and well rounded not just on vocal's but instrumental and composition- wise, producing, and incorporating political activism, which set's a sort of trade mark on that end.

But starting in the trenches at local Hollywood joint's, they caught the atencion of Rick Rubin too, and basically took off into the mainstream, as well as getting nominated 4x times for Grammy's and receiving one on their B.Y.O.B. piece which shot off around the globe. I like to focus on this crew as far as success in selling their product, yet staying serious to their base values, because they have achieved  both, without becoming too over- produced or homogenized and open to expansion and idea's, despite heavy corporate recording influence's, contract's, etc. I was explaining this to a couple young musician's locally just last weekend, Hannah (a guitarist born in Israel who brought "City Rats" to my atencion) and her boyfriend Gabriel (bass guitarist) who graduated high school a couple year's ago and have played together since their senior year in high school, today are trying to find their root's and starting a project, looking to recruit a crew who is with them on thought, yet like many new in the industry and club scene's feel that if they change up too much and not stick to focusing on a specific genre and get pigeon- holed into it, they cant establish a strong following or are looked at as selling out, so this is a perfect example of keeping your root's and still moving into a more mainstream sound with it, dont worry or think much about it, let it like water naturally seek it's own level, eh (?), just stay with what's in your heart is my advice.

Below I wanted to highlight a couple of their official studio video piece's first and then a couple live piece's that are fav's of mine ... and looking forward to more to come from these gent's! Enjoy! ....





System of a Down- Toxicity (Official Music Video HD) ... Thanx to SOADSCARSSERJHD

System Of A Down- Chop Suey! ... Thanx to SYSTEMOFADOWNVEVO

System Of A Down- Suite- Pee live (HD/ DVD Quality) ... Thanx to OBEYYOURSYSTEM

System Of A Down- B.Y.O.B. live (HD/ DVD Quality) ... Thanx to OBEYYOURSYSTEM




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