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ORIANA FARRELL: Mother from Tennessee, Meet's MISERY in TAOS ... Excessive & Aggressive POLICING in America (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.15)

Part 15 of the "Police Brutality" series will be another case that I took an interest in because of how close this is to call on what happened here and who is in the wrong? ... and I will be curious to see where this case goes, and have a good idea right now. But I will also have additional input here as to why I think this is a case of clear excessive force by overly aggressive police, and what I see as a new form of racism rising in America cloaked in classism. It's easy to assume looking at this, that this is another case of a mom putting her kid's in harm's way such as this case with Miriam Carey in Washington D.C. ... but looking deeper into this, I find it very clear what happened which so many in the mainstream say they CANT figure out yet, this case is nothing like the Miriam Carey case, nor do I believe that this mother was neglecting her kid's and damn sure didnt think of this as harming the kid's, but instead, a desperate scared mom sticking her neck out to try to save her children from danger, which I will explain below after the newread and video. I also want to commend Ms. Farrell's 14 year old son for his straight up bravery and trying to save his mom from these out of control cop's ... you are a brave young man Sir, and did DO the RIGHT THING!


"Bear" (Ranch Chimp's daughter) at Dallas' White Rock Lake before her running the "White Rock Lake 4th of July 8K run"

***** OTHER THOUGHT'S: I also wanted to add here that my daughter Bear viewed this one earlier and had an opinion to this, saying that this woman is so dumb to even put herself in a situation like this when she get's pulled over by driving off. She also said that she should be cut some slack though by the court's, and the court's probably will since she is black and the reaction's physically of the cop's, but agree's that the cop's acted like they would normally do in a situation like that, that the woman provoked her own situation. And Thanx also to my daughter Bear for her opinion on this.


Police Investigate Aggressive Action Taken Against Resisting Mother- Caught on Tape ... Thanx to ABC NEWS

***** SANTA FE/ NEW MEXICAN: Taos grand jury indicts mother in high- speed chase

***** NY DAILY NEWS/ SEE IT: New Mexico state troopers shoot at woman in speeding van with five kids




Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" and "Skool" (short for 'old- school') to the kids locally

Ms. Farrell was genuinely frightened for herself and her children and is why the chase speed's went to 100 mph, and most likely she thought they were going to all get killed is why she took them on such a speed chase, notice that she pulled over in front of a large hotel in a less rural area to surrender, which is the right thing to do, the reason she accelerated like that was because her adrenaline was pumping from the fear, because in a pursuit with aggressive cop's like this, they will damn near tailgate you, and your reaction is fear that they will cause a wreck, so you unknowingly accelerate just trying to keep distance without realizing your speed, you look more in your rear view mirror in a tense situation like this and less at your speedometer. Lord know's that with the way these cop's responded from physically trying to drag her and harm her to beating out car window's in front of frightened children screaming to shooting at her vehicle, she had every reason to think these cop's were out to kill her and her kid's, and responded to such in an appropriate manner, and I hope that this woman's lawyer's will clearly pursue such explanation in court at the trial. This woman was in a rural area of New Mexico who is from a major metro area of Memphis (TN) which can be a scary experience for any young lady ... there was no reason that from her experience that she should not fear of not only her kid's life, but wonder even if these cop's action's were legit ?, and fear that she may also be sexually assaulted and even murdered and left in a hole in the desert. Unlike the Miriam Carey case where it was in a heavily populated national high secured area for terrorism (the Capitol) and trying to crash the gates and run over police officer's to do so. Ms. Farrell was actually trying to save her children and rightfully so ... and the evidence is clear as day just looking at the video's alone.

There is no reason in Hell for any officer to react like this when they already seen the driver face to face, and the children, the travel pouch on top, with the out of state plates which they already called in and got a non- want response from dispatch on before they even pulled her over for the speeding violation when they run her tag's on the computer, a common speeding violation of simply 16 mph over the speed limit, I say common because many folk's (including myself) drive well over 90 mph in rural road stretches, she was only doing 71 mph. Which also tell's me that she is not familiar with the area, being that I have drove in rural Taos County N.M. several times myself and know to slow down because of the heavy cop radar on speeder's there, these more rural area's make their money on these speed trap's, and this area of Taos County is a well known one.

So why did the cop(s) get in such high gear? ... well ... where Ms. Farrell fucked up was trying to drive away after the initial stop, which tell's me right there that she isnt very criminally savvy ... this automatically changes a citable situation for the officer into a felony fleeing mode by law ... therefore the cop just react's like such without much thinking, they respond to offenses as the book's/ rules instruct, not instinctually, and are trained to act swift in emergency situation's, also this is a very highly travelled/ trafficked area in the illegal drug running trade, which show's again that Ms. Farrell isnt very criminally savvy. The cop automatically assume's that he has a "live one" (so to speak), a "runner", and pursue's it like she is trying to evade with criminal felon intent as reason. Yet at the same time, the aggressive move's by the cop(s) is clearly out of control and excessive. And race does play a factor in this, I doubt that the reaction's of the officer would have been the same if it were a white yuppie- ish couple with their kid's in the minivan. And these reaction's today are more common than I ever seen since way back in the 1960's with this class thing of today especially ... which enhances the targeting of folk's of colour.

I think the smart thing to do is for the court's/ jury to see this for what really happened here and drop the case against her and her son if anything (but no, I dont think she has sufficient ground's for civil action either against the department, at least in a court suit pursuit) ... including this petty pot (marijuana) pipe violation which is a waste to pursue of the court's time and tax money, and to definitely reprimand these officer's, perhap's sending them back to the academy for some retraining courses too! {: ) She was trying to only flee because of the rural surrounding's and get to an area where there were some people around, yet she shouldnt have let the cop intimidate her in the chase by getting too close, that was the reason for the intense speed increase, the cop should have kept a distance but close enough for clear visual ... and just continue to follow the vehicle, because in a case and chase like this when called in for backing you have your ground crew as well as air patrol, so you wont lose the subject/ suspect no way either. The beating out of the vehicles window's clearly show that the cop also lost it mentally momentarily, because if this was a criminal felon, he could have ended up shot dead right there in a heartbeat, being he put himself in a very unsafe and irrational position. Wishing you the best of luck Ms. Farrell!

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William said...

Chimp, I think you have some good points, but miss the big picture. As a police officer you are rolling the dice with your life each time you make contact in a traffic stop. In this great country (especially your great state) where everyone is allowed to have a gun, an officer has to assume that there is a possibility of danger in the car in front of them. I don't care if it's a mother of five, or an amish farmer, the potential for harm is always there.

When someone then disobeys a simple order and flees because she is getting a speeding ticket (does that ever turn out well?), she escalates the situation by herself, and puts her kids in serious danger.

You mention her being scared about winding up in a hole in the desert.... Could the same happen to a cop on a traffic stop out on that stretch which sees much drug traffic?

She is wrong, wrong, wrong. She was speeding. Big deal. Take the ticket and move on. Story is over and the family is eating tamales for dinner. She endangers her kids and exemplifies exactly how not to act like a responsible citizen. Once she drove away the first time, she is evading and is going to be arrested. That's simple. What happened after is brought on by her initial action, and escalated by those of her son.

She doesn't get a pass for having kids in the car. She should be ashamed of herself and creating such a crazy situation over such a minor incident.

Ranch Chimp said...

William: I know that many will look at that angle William, even my daughter did. As a matter of fact, just a week ago since you were talking about a cop's life in danger, down in Houston area, a simple traffic stop by a female officer, driver and passenger in front seat, they roll down the window and the passenger before the officer could say anything, opened fire shooting the officer in the face point blank (she survived miraculously), I know about the danger's though that cop's feel, especially in situation's on serving drug warrant's at dope houses sort of thing (another story though). I looked at this different, it's daylight, a typical speeding ticket, etc ... yeah like I said, her fuck up was pulling off, but all that tell's me is that she had not much idea what she was doing or the consequences (unless she is suicidal). I am doing this posting toward's her defense, because she is the one on trial here, not the officer's, she is the one facing felony charges, and I dont believe this case is warranted to go beyond citatable offenses, or her kid's should be taken away from her. I dont believe that she intentionally and knowingly put her kid's in harm's way, I believe that she temporarily didnt know what she was doing and panicked.

Thank You for your input here William ....

Ranch Chimp said...

***** Also another case that is recent as far as cop's not being ligit happened here close to my home in NW Dallas a couple dayz ago, a gal is pulled over at Valley View Ln & Stemmons Frwy (I-35E)she stop's for the officer, get handcuffed and sexually assaulted after, then dumped, no he wasnt a real cop, but had the light's and uniform etc, and this sort of thing has went on several times here in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex.

Ranch Chimp said...

***** Here, I looked up the article

Ranch Chimp said...

***** My mistake, it was actually yesterday morning, not a couple dayz ago