Tuesday, November 12, 2013

JENNIFER LYNN/ THE VIOLUTION: "Toxicity", "Pretender", "Down and Out", & "Evolution of the Violin"

Jennifer Lynn **** THEVIOLUTION.COM

This induction into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society will be to showcase some of the outstanding work of Ms. Jennifer Lynn (bio) and her creativity as far as instrumental modification through her custom designed special effect's pedal system. Jennifer started her career early, however, even though starting in San Diego as a child, first embracing the Suzuki method of playing/ learning and working her way through college in and through Southern California with award's, scholarship, etc, then getting her bachelors and masters in music to playing around in some of the most noted music school's in the country. BTW, I am supportive as well of the Suzuki method ... but it is also part of contemporary Japanese music culture with many to give the instrument of choice to a child/ student to learn themselves how to play and find first their own genre, taste, likes etc and what they embrace as far as enviroment ... THEN later ... teaching the composition and theories end.

Of course violin/ viola isnt strong as far as conventional instrumental work in something like a rock/ metal genre for instance, but too the violin is a versatile instrument that covers so much. I myself way back in the early 1970's experimented using thing's like mic's with built in reverb switches, and distortion effect's through the amp's and FM transmitter's to go cordless while using Blues Harps and singing for example, and cordless back then was almost unheard of, with distortion effect's primarily just being used with guitar's ... I would just get stoned (smoking pot) sometimes and let my imagination flow since I had access to different thing's/ equipment, with all those artist's in mind and their project's that influenced me, even trying odd instrument's that I didnt know a damn thing about like melodica's, fife's, afro caribbean percussion's, today in 2013 I just experiment alot using my Casio keyboard/ synthesizer system doing all kind's of sound's/ genres, electronic's, or whatever other instrument I grab, etc ... and just fuck around, so I am real heavy into unconventional method's in music, another group that done alot for instance as far as modification's to instrument/ equipment was Sonic Youth . Another gent I known since he was in grade school and played with my daughter at their music school Johnny Arco, has been doing alot of work too in this. I was viewing Jennifer's pedal effect's system, and what a piece of equipment I may add.

Jennifer though has a deep love for metal type music I can tell as well, and been working on her latest project with a tight group of musician's experimenting with such and not using any guitar or vocal's called "The Violution" which you can sample them below on the Foo Fighters cover (although they do use "bass" guitar in that video), also in the first video below she worx with another noted violinist Christine Wu and drummer Meytal Cohen that I wanted to put up front because it's just a 3 piece explosive cover of a "System of a Down" piece! Really some nice stuff below and looking forward to her future worx ... and with her talent there should be plenty of work out there to pay them bill's too ... wishing you and your's the best Dear! ... Enjoy!





"Toxicity"- Electric Violin Cover- System of a Down ... Thanx to JENNIFER VIOLYNN

Foo Fighters "Pretender" by The Violution- Electric Violin Cover ... Thanx to THEVIOLUTION

Tantric "Down and Out" Electric Violin ... Thanx to JENNIFER VIOLYNN

Evolution of the Violin ... Thanx to JENNIFER VIOLYNN



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Anonymous said...

The Violution came out with a new video last Fall.
"Almost Easy" by Avenged Sevenfold.

Ranch Chimp said...

Anonymous: Thanx much for the video ... I havent seen it yet, and it's really a beautiful piece of work!