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THE GIVING PLEDGE/ CBS 60 MINUTES: ... A "GOLDEN DAWN" of Wise Wealth, where Conscious Conservatism meet's CHANGE ... (The AWAKENING PT.35) & (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.27)


This posting to look at the importance of this to the "Awakening" and how "Public Patriot's" come in ALL classes too. Now whether you love or hate, or have any feeling's or opinion of these folk's, it is importante to hear them out here. As I explain throughout this series, the importance of the pressure's, suffering, and anger that we are now going through ... is healthy, for it's part of our enlightenment to come, and for ALL classes, races, gender's, communities, societies, etc. I am not trying to advocate the idea here either that "privatization" of everything is an answer, government is alwayz needed and to be a seperate entity that does it's responsibility as well. I feel we need to be far more versatile and open to many new idea's today to deal with todayz issue's in a world that has changed. These are individual's making this pledge, not some anonymous corporate/ international investment banking entity who doesnt disclose a damn thing in other word's, eh? They are shareholder's in so much of the big- game? Of course they are, and of course when folk's contribute I believe they ought to get greased and returned a favour, so I am not against even tax break's either ... if their corporation fail's due to bad judgement, bad oversight/ management, bad investment's, etc ... they need to solve that on their own, it's not government's responsibility on that end, so this is alot different than the corporate communism that I write about in this journal. I dont believe in other word's that we can just "bailout" every bad investment/ gamble, just as I personally wouldnt expect the government/ taxpayer's to bail me out if I lost my entire saving's in a casino at my own hand and choice, or at the horse- betting track, or if I made a lousy investment into a lousy venture, eh?

Before the "60 Minutes" presentation, I want to add a video from RT America where Lori look's at folk's like Warren Buffett as hypocrite's (and I like Lori and her commentaries too), but I dont care about what Warren does or how much tax he pay's ( Again ... taxing rich folk's to death is NOT going to clean up the outright corruption that goes on, nor is a silver bullet, eh?) or whatever, I'm looking for money to generate investment in various sector's where it's needed, instead of all being ratholed offshore, eh? As far as hypocrisy? ... we are all in part of the hypocrisy, I myself am whenever I fill my car up with gas from Exxon/ Mobil, or when I choose an internet provider such as AT&T U- verse, or Time/ Warner, etc, etc ... the media's even like RTA that advertise and except the money from major corporation's for their ad's are doing the same, etc, etc ... get my drift? It take's time to broaden the field of competition as well, just like anything else. Then below, the "60 Minutes" video or newsread (take your pick), then I want to add a bit after.


Warren Buffett is a Hypocrite ... Thanx to RT AMERICA

Charitable billionaires asked to give half their fortunes to charity ... Thanx to CBS This Morning

***** CBS/ 60 MINUTES: The Giving Pledge: A New Club For Billionaires (newsread/ article)





Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (2013)

Alot of folk's will have alot of different opinion's about this, and in these time's many will also be against it saying for instance that these folk's will get also tax write- off's, not lose a dime, they will have too much personal control over people, government/ community, etc, etc. We also worry too about what conservatism has became in these time's, from the wealth to corporate communism to religious fundamoralism oppression, and instead of embracing traditional American democracy and only changing slowly (conservatively), we have seemed to go backward's with no change, capitalism has even became an evil word, etc. Yet ... it took this to come to this conscious reality ... and being awakened and enlightened to what become's when we lose control, a reality that even those with the most wealth will feel and see and learn from ... in time. Every empire, culture, and land has went through this time and again if you look at history, and like the past ... this will also be history one day. But humanity will alwayz move forward as long as it continues to exist ... just a few bump's in the road and a few good healthy battle's here and there.

It's true we will alwayz have that element of a handful that will never change and alwayz be excessive in their greed or whatever, just like assholes will be assholes, and aint gonna change, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) But more folk's will wake up to smell the roses rest assured. As for these several folk's of wealth, do I think their sincere? I dont have no reason not to, it make's clear sense. Set aside the fashionable addictive financial intoxication cult wave that were experiencing, and even conservatively and democratically looking at the reality ... there is more than enough wealth and idea's to even spread it further around the species while keeping capitalism alive and well and adding a tad of socialism ... it cant be done you wonder? No ... it can be done as soon as the majority of us on the left and right both get our head's out of our asses.

These folk's are seeing reality for what it is, again ... none are going to the poorhouse, yet because of their commitment, it will keep many fold out of the poorhouse, it make's common sense ... when this achieve's a decent amount of atencion and result's and like any fashion spread's further and deeper as part of a culture overall, our democracy will improve ... poverty, crime, war, hatred and everything else ill related will also slowly decline, and you will see you have many more winner's than loser's in the long- run ... it's simply good business, which is truely more conservative and pro- business. Will these folk's get tax break's? So what if they do, one hand washes the other ... again ... I am not out (as I write throughout this journal) to condemn wealth, especially to those who "really" earned it ... I want to also hand out the olive branch (just like our President, which so many on his own side dont seem to understand his thinking) ... I want ya'll's business/ partnership's and money/ investment's, I want to see more investment's in our nation as well, and work together improving capitalism and at the same time protecting our environment more and people ... and we'll all win much more in the longrun!

That's the Reality! ... Word Out ....



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