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THORIUM ENERGY: The "Thorium Emporium" ... TOXIC? ... Not more than our MENTAL INTOXICATION ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.29)

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This Part 29 of the "Global War'n'ing" series will be to look at Thorium for energy need's. A Hell of a morning though to be writing about global warming related, being that temperature's this morning across Dallas- Fort Worth are in the 20's ... but ... it's that time of the year, I got new neighbour's that moved here from the South Bronx (NYC) and telling me last night that they didnt expect it to get this cold down here, I told them they aint seen nothing yet. But this posting was inspired by the first opening video from The Young Turks about the thorium concept car, because I dont know a thing about thorium or this car for that matter, but thought to put it in this series because it is at least something that should be seriously looked at, although as you can read, there are still hazard's to using this, it is after all "radioactive" too, like anything else, it has a flip- side and is a choice of the lesser of two evil's basically, and life for us has alwayz been 'trial and error', eh? But so much is clear that this is also alot better than what were currently doing nuclear- wise as well. I also wanted to close out this posting with the YouTube video that Cenk & Ana of TYT suggested to watch. But this isnt just a car fuel thing by far, this is an energy source that can really go far, and of course appear's to have been swept under the rug time and again for many year's ... of course that all has to do with business, you can bet NOT safety concern's or worrying about the environmental impact, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) And we sure as Hell need new idea's to be used to at least get away from the usual fuel's for our transport vehicle's. I'm not even very scientific or educated in such for that matter, or even one of these pop- culture environmental folk's, I just would like to see us clean up our backyard a lil more and preserve some of what nature has blessed us with, including our lives is all ... and we better if were not all suicidal.

Whether or not you look at this as some type of magic bullet or some new thing that can cause an economic or environmental catastrophe or whatever, it's simply importante to look at, and see if it can be utilized at least to some extent, cause every lil bit help's with the way we are currently trapping these greenhouse gasses and such with all the warming it's causing. Just look at the last recent typhoon in the Philippines that couldnt even be categorized officially because we only have a 'category 5' storm as a max rating!, and this is an area that may not see many storm's as usual in the near future, but a Hell of alot more intense most likely, being those heavy populated 7000 island's or so is in probably the warmest ocean water's on earth, look at continental USA right here at home with Hurricane Sandy and the impact on the most heavily populated region of our own country for that matter. And yes, I believe again that all this recent global warming is accelerated by human activity, I dont see how on earth it cant be, if you just look at the basic's, take out all the corporate inspired political correctness and use basic common sense to look at the reality, eh?

The threat talk alwayz of using all these alternative energies and alot of concept idea's is that we will lose job's, the world market's would crash and we would all be tossed into the bottomless cesspool for eternity or other related nonsense. None of what we currently have is creating much new job's period, nor are any gas prices at one damn pump showing any significant decreases ... yet we are drilling, fracking, mining and refining more than ever in a century! It's got so bad that even the major investment bank's of the globe got more bloody interest's invested in oil speculation than damn banking for that matter, the only "banking" they do these dayz is ratholing our money! And you sure as Hell dont see any of the newly generated wealth creating a damn thing new as far as job's or anybody but a handful of people doing better ... so it's all bullshit, plain and simple. And the idea that using non gas vehicles would put the petro giants out of business is just as silly, just look at what all we use that is made with petroleum, eh? ... No ... they're just intoxicated with excessive greed and gambling addiction's is all ... so it's ALL 110% manufactured bullshit anyway you slice it, even these rent- a- scientist's who argue for decade's that we can throw million's of ton's of trash/ pollutant's into the air, ground, and water's ... yet it has no impact on the environment?, I mean how much of a scientific assessment is that, eh? ... common sense may make you wonder how in Hell can you establish an idea like that? ... well ... $$ pay off $$ enough of the right people is the ONLY way.

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