Monday, December 9, 2013

U.S. CONGRESS/ 2013: The MOST CORRUPT and UNREPRESENTATIVE LEGISLATURE on EARTH ... A "Press TV Global News" Report **** Bonus Video & Update 12/ 11/ 13

I was just browsing video on YouTube concerning Congress/ Government to hear some opinion's and such due to my last posting, and ran across this report that came out May 2013 that I thought was so straight up and to the point, so I had to include it in this journal. This is from PressTV which is an Iranian news source at that, yet, it is about as clear and accurate as anyone can get, with less "slant" than many major American mainstream media's are "allowed" to talk let's say because of internal issues, producer's and the monetary influence there. And this was also importante to me, because so much out there has some political party slant on it, and I was just looking for a straight view and accurate picture is all, even as unbiased as I try to be, I have somewhat of a slant in here because how and who I support. I cant really say that this is the most corrupt government on Earth myself, because this corporate communism is very wide spread and mega democracies such as India, could run us a close first place race at that ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... but yes, it's pretty fucked up. Also I need to point out that all media's seem to call this 1% or corrupt cesspool "elite" ... this is an injustice to the word "elite" ... these folk's have no elite qualities or even integrity for that matter, they cant lead, they dont create, contribute, make anything of use to anyone but themselves, they are basically high dollar thieves/ hustlers/ crooks, nothing more. I highlight and honour folk's in this journal that are truely "elite" is why I mention this. Example ... if I were to win say $50/ $100 million dollar's or so on a lottery or gamble of some sort, or got an inheritance from wealthy familia or whatever, go out tomorrow and drive a Aston Martin instead of the Honda I drive and wear a $10/ 15,000 sport jacket instead of the $200 dollar one that I wear now, etc ... that doesnt make me "elite", it just make's me pose as something I'm not because I have enough money to spend on posing ... if that make's sense, eh?

I myself am guilty as Hell in so much of this as a voter and blogger even ... I mean, for year's (since the start of this journal) I clearly pointed out what the problem's are, what were facing and going to face, and what the solution's are, but I myself have my own favourite politician's and am of course a voting Democrat because on many issue's I have to suppport the only party that's cut any slack in this mess on issue's like rights of voter's, same sex couples, women's rights as far as choice, enough social service's to help American's through this crisis, support for our entitlement's that we worked hard for and paid into for year's such as Social Security etc, etc. I like this President and am supportive of several folk's, even old school politician's such as Sen. Bernie Sanders, etc ... because these people work hard for change, and there are several that actually want to change, but the corruption has just gotten so deep. Even the President (Obama) had so many great idea's and proposal's and is truely a bipartisan guy that is in office at a Hell of a time, I wrote in the start that I knew what obstacles he would be up against, and promised to support him and his party for two term's, so I was also obligated to that commitment too.

**** Also see below the link I posted called "Republican and Corporate Neo- Communist's take Depravity ... " ... this, swept under the rug by now after 3 year's and over a decade since the attack on World Trade Center, is what the Senate agreed on as well, so dont just blame Congress or one side or the other exclusively ... this is what "they decided" as a whole governing body to think and respond to the need's of American people in a time after our nation was attacked on 9/ 11, they also treated our troop's/ veteran's with the SAME lack of regard and disrespect.

And though I like the President (Obama) and many of his idea's and proposal's, he hasnt proven to me to be a "strong" President/ leader yet, or let's say having them qualities as some that I admire as far as strength. "BUT" ... also understand that this current President (Obama) is in office under extreme pressure, in fact, I have never seen a time in my life (and I'm 58 next month) where a President has been under this much pressure and so opposed to at the same time, they have downright treated this President "wrong" as far as support from colleague's and with no respect, even people in his own party, so that count's for something due to the hatred and extreme pressure and agenda that he is under, so he hasnt proven to be too weak either, he's one man up against many opposed to him. Example ... folk's that are "weak" to me in these area's, some even running for President within the last decade, that I see as "weak" in leadership would be folk's like Sen. John McCain, Gov. Mitt Romney, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President G.W. Bush, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi ... and some of those that I see at as having "strength" and "leadership quality" would be President Ronald Reagan or President Dwight Eisenhower, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Congressman Paul Ryan, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Alan Grayson, Congressman Anthony Weiner as example's. I am one that admire's those of strength when it comes to leadership, I loathe "unnecessary" weakness when it come's to those who put themselves in a position to lead, yet dont even show much integrity or strength. I'm NOT against folk's like this, I just want them to stay out of the arena and pursue other interest's, and leave our leadership/ representative's to those who "prove" that they are meant to do so, because these are very critical and serious issue's that we face ... I admire those who/ to lead in other word's that I see as "elite" in their field. And strength these dayz is suppressed in politic's by big money, thus turning out too many "yes- men/ women".

Again ... I know that thing's will change is why I may seem to some as over- optimistic, because so many folk's that I talk to around town just in daily life think I'm nut's thinking that there is any silver lining to this, and even many just simply seem like they gave up, some dont even care anymore, even thinking that their votes mean nothing anymore after they wasted so much time trying to vote in the last election's, they look at me in question and ask me how I can possibly think that there will be turnaround or such? But if you look at history, our Constitutional rights and look at what this motivates folks to do, etc ... you would see what I mean. But YES ... I am guilty and admit it of helping create this mess as a voter myself, and I been voting longer than most of the people that I know and talk to, yet voting for the same ole same. It's just a matter of time is all, so many are getting enlightened and angry and there are many, many new rising group's/ organization's that have materialized and it continues to grow and strengthen ... so "people" ARE going to make change ... unfortunately it wont be overnight. The video/ report below again is about as straight as it get's to get a picture of the problemo in government today, and Thanx to PressTV for this.

US Congress: the most corrupt and unrepresentative legislature on earth ... Thanx to PRESSTVGLOBALNEWS


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***** PD/ RCJ: "REPUBLICAN and CORPORATE NEO- COMMUNIST'S take DEPRAVITY and DEGRADATION to NEW LEVEL'S in Their TYRANNICAL QUEST'S" **** I wanted to add this posting to savor the moment, because shit like this is swept under the rug, because it's been 3 year's since. But this you cant blame exclusively on Congress, it took the Senate to make this happen and DENY our nation's "9/ 11" responder's help for their medical need's year's after 9/ 11. So GET THIS STRAIGHT, eh? ... they are willing to let YOU DIE for saving AMERICAN'S and OUR COUNTRY in time of war when our nation was attacked, and "why"? some wonder ... to give additional money to special interest's? This ACTION against their OWN citizen's is and would make some people wonder and think, is this NOT an ACT OF TREASON & TERROR and frankly deserving of war and/ or death? If they rejoice in our death ... why would some folk's be any different? ... when they do die ... would it not be equally just to REJOICE? So you can understand how folk's can be screwed to the point of anger.


**** I wanted to add a lil bonus video below to show I reckon what some would call a sort of "Portrait of Progressive Political Change". This was less than a century ago when the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his so called "elite" cult tried fucking the people, some say that the below video is graphic ... I dont feel it is graphic enough, and believe me, I looked for more let's say "detailed" video of their execution. What we see today would not be compared of course to Mussolini and we are suppressed psychologically at times to think that these action's are barbaric ... but ask yourself ... is NOT this neo corporate communism and control of our government by a small fraction not the same thing as this old school fascism? What do these leader's do to our families and children, neighbour's, etc ... indirectly on an annual basis increasingly more, eh? So as you can see ... this video below of what the people do to the so called "leadership" IS NOT any more uncivilised or even barbaric than what a larger or smaller group in government indirectly does to their own people through their neglect and action's. Some people see this as TRUE JUSTICE, resolving the problemo, cutting out the cancer at it's root's, etc, etc ... and who could reasonably argue with that, eh? ... Enjoy!

Mussolini Is Executed GRAPHIC 1945 WW2 (full) ... Thanx to WWIIPublicDomain



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Infidel753 said...

Gee, how can I get one of those jobs where I'm paid $174,000 a year for working 8 days a month and I get to lecture poor people about being lazy?

and even many just simply seem like they gave up, some dont even care anymore, even thinking that their votes mean nothing anymore

That's exactly how the oligarchs want us to be. Cynicism and apathy are their greatest weapons against us.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: I'm not even sure if anyone these dayz can apply for the job, unless they have a few million dollars in corporate backing. The pay to me is fair, I feel one should get a decent paycheck for a "honest" dayz work, so I never had any issue over their paychecks, the side benefit's are a BIG plus, being all that they can get paid as far as their expenses from wining & dining to other entertainment's (some I dont need to mention here {: ), tax write- offs, health spa's, golfing, car rental reimbersement's on annual leasing, security, staff's including media paid, speech pay, etc, etc I mean, it's NO WONDER that they only spend a fraction of time on the job with all the other side job's/ gig's they have, of course they dont have time! {: )... I would only asume that even the health care plan's packages that they have are probably something like the "Platinum & Diamonds Plan- P" (politician's only) (fictional example) on a whole nother level as far as coverage. I am for term limit's though strongly, and feel that with them, thing's/ progress would come much sooner of course, it would lessen the incentive to "stall" too.

As far as the "oligarchs" are concerned, I feel about them not much different than they would feel about me, I wouldnt give a shit if they live or die basically, and happy when they do die off at that, so you can see we have something in common ... and frankly I feel their a waste of our/ my fucken time at that ....

Thanx for your input here ....