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U.S. CONGRESS FAILURE 2013/ 2014: America's Loathing of the LYING LAZY LUSHES of Government ... The MERRY XMAS AMERICA Edition (Portrait of a DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.9)

For Part 9 of this series first a video today that I couldnt resist posting, and I didnt really plan on posting more politic's this morning or even posting at all, but this was just so straight and from a mainstream media source which make's it a BIG PLUS. Then I will add a few word's after.

Fed up: Do we have a do nothing Congress? ... Thanx to HLN


(Thomas Hudson Pickering) Ranch Santa and his buddy Charlie (dog) Christmas 2012 ... aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

The reason this is so importante, is because you can never pound this into American's head's too much, we are short sighted and quickly turned on and off with nonsense, lies and propaganda, so you must never lose sight on the reality, even if we tend to stray from it to entertain ourselves which we damn well deserve from time to time, again ... this is crucial to our Awakening. And the more this is pressed by mainstream media's also is very importante, along with all of us other's that are independent nobodies. The money will really play us big time right before the next election's making excuses and putting up stories of too many obstacles that dont even have nothing to do with why any of these people still continue to not get a job done that their paid for ... along with the most nauseating bullshit about ALL they done for us and how we need to sacrifice more and more and more, eat shit sandwiches on sundayz now instead of saturdayz only or other pointless political trash they will feed us.

We will hear more shit now early 2014, like how safe we are now from Iran or Pakistan and their nuclear bomb's or other nonsense because our heroes/ politician's were so tough on them, while giving them billion's of our money in some other way, with more tough wrist- slapping and billion's handed out to investment banker's and oil subsidies abroad in all their offshore investment's and ratholing, while using our entitlement's, taxes, veteran's, elderly, working poor and middle classes both to foot the entire bill, then on top of it, slip back door legislation for the Senate's super gang's to quickly approve that they will cut billion's of SNAP/ food stamp relief to our veteran's, unemployed, citizen's, etc to give away elsewhere (which SNAP is a stimulus to our local economies as well), close school's, cut our children out of everything they can financially raping them like child molestor's, while pumping the poor children of inner cities up on mind altering drug's saying they have atencion deficit disorder's ... and the list of outright abuse of our country goes on and on, telling us every election what their 10 year plan's are and all they done in the last couple decade's.

But I dont want to say that they DO NOTHING, after all, the majority of what they do is totally devastating to our nation as a whole, and frankly like these folk's above say, they need term limit's, getting the money out of this cesspool, and simply getting rid of what we have. This is not only being finally realized by these folk's in media, but just ask your neighbour's, friend's and familia all around your town ... whether their left, right, or in between, America is getting sick and tired of this same worthless crew doing the same as they alwayz do ... and believe me again, even though I been writing about this over 5 year's, and it WILL take time ... their dayz are numbered, rest assured. Even though Republican's are to blame in most of this recent, dont just blame them, example, when the President first got elected and early in his first term, they had enough Democrat's for a majority and still they themselves halted the President's idea's and didnt get anything done either, so we need to get out of this left/ right gang mentality mindset as well. The vacation's, benefit's and all else they get in financial gift's is outrageous and addictive, they will not change, we will have to change, especially who we support and the way we vote. And giving them another chance next year is pissing in the wind, their not going to change and I would bet anything on it.

Word Out ....


**** But right now I am going to entertain myself with my wife and friend because the Detroit Lions are at the Philadelphia Eagles playing in a blizzard of a snowstorm in Philly on FOX, both team's are 7- win/ 5- loss, and what a Hell of a game this should be, my wife loses her voice while yelling during these games since she hates Philadelphia Eagles and she is a die- hard Cowboys fan! {: ) I hope Philly loses too, because right now Dallas is 1st place in the NFC East over Philly, NY Giants and Washington Redskins and Dallas will play tomorrow night on ESPN Monday Night Football against the Bears in Chicago, and it will be cold as Hell there too at gametime and should really be a great matchup being Dallas is 7- win/ 5 loss and Chicago 6- win/ 6- loss, Chicago is 2nd place behind Detroit in the NFC North, so it's kind of do or die for the Bears, so you can bet they will be up for Dallas!






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