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JODI ARIAS (PT.4): MISTRIAL DENIAL & The Contamination of a FAIR TRIAL ... The CASSANDRA COMPLEX Edition (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.23) **** & Travis Alexander Update 12/ 03/ 2013

Ms. Jodi Arias

Part 4 of the "Jodi Arias" murder trial series of victim Travis Alexander, will look at the newest contamination now Ms. Arias faces as far as NOW trying to even get a fair review/ judgement by a new jury, the first couldnt unanimously come to a decision on the penalty phase, in this retrial of such, will they be able to FIND an impartial jury? they already denied a change of venue/ court/ county in Arizona, and what good would that be anywayz, is there any folk's that didnt hear about this, especially in Arizona? This trial is in my opinion a mockery of even being innocent until proven guilty as well, and in my opinion again, had "mistrial" written all over it, BUT NO ... Jodi was denied mistrial time and again on the trial phase and only got mistrial on the sentencing because of a hung jury, yet there is clear reason why there should have been a mistrial here in the trial phase ... everyone is out to destroy and hang this evil witch (Jodi) of course after they get all the juicy sex detail's of her relationship with the victim and make a movie from humiliating her on camera in court ... however, this blog/ journal will be in support of Ms. Arias plain and simple. But some newsread and video below, then I will add my part after.


**** NOTE: I want to add here that I am NOT part of some Jodi Arias fan club or some groupie of sort, my point here of following this like I have and posting it in this series is simply to be "fair" here. You see ... I believe that the justice system in this nation as far as criminal court's and related is probably the greatest in the world, just like our system of democracy ... "legally" in writing that is ... I mean, you also have to know how to "utilize" and work your rights and system as well, or you can end up like thousand's of those poor with no defense, who get fed like cattle through the prison profiteering end of it, for petty non- violent/ non- criminal or drug possession type charges and related. I love this country, our bill of rights, etc ... and this country has been fair with me to where I could argue my case before in the court system and other's I have known, that has worked fairly and well for so many, so on the book's/ law/ paper we have a great system in this country, all I ask for here is a trial, especially one that cost's this much money of the taxpayer's ... that is "fair" across the board, and that this defendant has equal chance at accessing those rights and liberties that we cherish and are there for us.


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Ancient Greek Mythology Prophet Cassandra





Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (halfstep), and neither do I : )

Now we have this new so called witness above, who act's more like the ancient Greek myth foreseer Cassandra, an ex- cellmate of Jodie that has a history of emotional issue's (which is written all over her face and talk too) and a record herself ... now grabbing national spotlight and even international at that, perhap's she will write a book next with Prosecutor Martinez, eh? Ms. Collins describing getting out of jail as "Thank God for delivering her out of Hell ... " ... c'mon now ... all she had to do was fill out a requisition slip to get a transfer to another cell if she was so frightened ... THIS IS BULLSHIT!, she was coaching Jodi on and twisting thing's! This is just more that could contaminate the process of Jodi being even able to get a fair decision from this jury, of course her defense want's tweet ID's or whatever of juror's ... how can you NOT want to know what their doing? How secluded will they be from the media and public opinion? can Judge Stephens guarantee that? ... she (the judge) was quick as lightning to NOT allow camera's in the court for this penalty phase retrial, but there was camera's galore to hear all the "sex talk" testimony and public humiliation show of Jodi? Is any of this fair? it's  no wonder Jodi wanted to fire her first defense, which I gave my opinion on in the other posting's, being I would have wanted to fire them sooner than her! This is absolutely insane now with this new publicity and should be thrown into limbo again!

Ms. Cassandra Collins looks and sound's so dramatic above, but you have to ask ... beside's a great show, is there any validity to it? Jodi has so called mafia type connection's in the outside that will slit Prosecutor Martinez's throat? ... are you serious? Jodi has been locked up for over 5 bloody year's, and in my opinion should be free for time served/suspended for "2nd Degree Murder" if anything which I explain in previous posting's as well. Jodi can persuade juror's as well as fellow inmate's and the masses of folk's that are following this trial? ... well ... obviously she hasnt done a very good job since all the odd's are stacked against her, she dont seem to have magickal power's to me or telepathy or whatever, eh? I reckon she is supposed to be another case like Charlie Manson, eh? according to Ms. Collins ... who (Jodi) will use her brainwave's and psychic power's to kill and hurt people. This is pure nonsensical bullshit!

To even show how further this bullshit is, I couldnt even see any reasonable "motive" established for this brutal slaying to find her guilty for 1st degree murder with no doubt in just the trial phase alone ... where in Hell was it? and now they wont be satisfied until she get's DEATH? You have to wonder ... who is MORE interested in killing anyone in all of this? ... sound's more like Prosecutor Martinez to me cant be satisfied without killing her (Jodi) ... perhap's he could then manipulate any book work he may do on this in the future, you know, to make a nice lil bundle of money from. And Jodi is "nutty"? ... look's to me like this Cassandra and even Prosecutor Martinez is nuttier than her! So now Jodi has a following of ex- inmate's who are so called mafia type murderer's that are going to kill the prosecutor and anyone in his circle, eh? ... yeah right ... more nonsensical hysteria, that just encourages any jury to kill this woman to rid her from society only, if they get any wind of this nonsense ... which is to me is pre- ground's for a mistrial of the new penalty/ sentencing phase, if there were such a thing (understand that the mistrial declared on the first sentencing was ONLY because of a hung jury).

Jodi has bent over backward's for this jury/ court and remained calm and answered everything asked, and she bent over too much the other way for this Mr. Alexander (victim), and nothing about this trial has been balanced right down to the decision's of the judge, I dont even see how a jury in this can think straight after what they have to go through in this. Enough said for now ... and to Jodi ... wishing you the best outcome Dear!

Word Out ....


Best interview with Jodi Ann Arias ... Thanx to ROY TRABEN


***** TRAVIS ALEXANDER UPDATE: I hear alot of talk about how great and swell of a fella Mr. Alexander was, and many folk's may say that I forgot the "victim" in this, but my question was "who was the REAL VICTIM here?" And I'm sure Travis had alot of great qualities as far as his church membership and folk's that he worked with, he had a real good sales pitch and could motivate a group of folk's, etc, etc, but there is a lil more to him than show's here too. No ... I dont believe he physically abused Jodi, but I believe that he psychologically abused her and he degraded her. A gal I know Angela summed him up perfectly I thought when she told me that Jodi was just a "side dish" of sort that I pointed out in the other part's. I mean, this guy had quite a few ladies I'm sure (or at least quite a few prospect's {: ), and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, many of us dated more than one lady at a time, even gal's do this ... but it's how you treat a lady is what count's. Let me be more frank here ... he's banging this chick on one hand along with other's, yet at the same time preaching how puritan and religious he is, incorporating it into his relationship's with prayer, etc, etc even. During his dating of Jodi, he help's her out since she was having a hard time finding stable work, by having her as a clean up maid of sort to clean his home, yet after officially agreeing to no longer go steady, he's still having sex with her, beside's now having her as a maid, even joke's around about having her wear a french maid uniform while cleaning, Jodi is still head over heel's about this guy and willing to do anything in hope's of getting him back, she just goes along with it and give's him the sex too.

In the meantime he is still with his main lady who is good enough (I think race/ ethnicity also play's a factor here, although I dont look at him as a "racist") to take on cruises with him or whatever, and spend more money on (yet cant get his sex appetite satisfied with his other Mormon lady) ... and just look's at Jodi as an easy piece to fulfill his "anal teen rape fantasies", even telling his lady that Jodi was just good for sex only, or whatever where he is in control of her (this kind of guy is what also inspire's women to be feminist's unfortunately, and give's a bad image to us other guy's on what guy's are about, after all ... like gal's, were different too). Jodi was good enough to clean his home and sexually service him, or even sleep on the floor while he's sleeping with his main woman if needed, but Jodi was not good enough to be with in other wayz, he played these stuck up game's with her and made her feel like a piece of shit by doing so without realizing what he was doing, and she kept letting him play and would jump everytime he told her to come over so he could use her, then calmly shower afterward's and give her the boot to get out basically. Well ... he pressed his luck on this one and fucked over the wrong gal basically ... because the psychological abuse he put on her was traumatic to her, bottom line. So no ... he didnt beat this girl silly or anything physically abusive, but psychologically fucked this poor girl up at the same time and used her inside out, and she just couldnt take it anymore as far as the game's and being leftover's, etc. I mean, Jodi would drive hundred's of miles if she had to at the drop of a hat if Travis told her to, just to be with Travis to satisfy his need's basically.

And for this reason I sympathize with Jodi too ... she even would dye her hair blonde just to get more atencion from Travis and just do about anything he would tell her to ... and frankly Jodi look's beautiful just as she is with her natural hair colour, and bending over for some guy like this is a waste of your time Jodi, he's not worth a shit basically, okay? You see where Travis is at now, and where you are at ... it wasnt worth it Dear. But YES, I think that 2nd degree murder would have been more appropriate considering the circumstances that led to this, and that she should be cut loose/ free by now, but of course get some psychological help as well, being that it was Travis who ruined her mind and spirit.

Enough on this posting ....



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