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SEASICK STEVE: "You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks", "Back In The Doghouse", "Hobo Low" & "Walkin' Man"

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This posting was a must for this journal's music/ arts honour roll society to honour a 20th/ 21st century rhythm & blues great Seasick Steve, and what a life and career this man had, so I will let the link do most of that. Steve born in Oakland (CA), but quickly left home at 13 and hit the hobo rail's and worked basically as a labourer I reckon if/ when he needed to ... but his heart was certainly in his art. But Steve is at the top of the food chain to me when it come's to his genre, even though he never really knew one, and even when not a known active musician, brushed elbow's with great's around the country and globe while bumming around and just playing street corner's or even subwayz in western Europe or wherever.

Steve is no way traditional in his instrumental/ guitar customizing, whether it's a couple hubcap's and a broomstick, an old beat up hollow body held together with duct- tape ... 1 string ... 3 string's, etc ... a born rhythm man who dont need equipment actually and can improvise with anything and perform solo or with a crew fine ... kinda like Michael Jackson in a way, yet at the same time can fit into any place or venue whether it's a large scale production/ stadium, a do- drop- in joint, a subway, or on a street corner doing it for spare change ... Steve basically done it all ... a "jack of all and master at one" you can say. But not just his outstanding guitar work, modification's, creativity, songwriting, but also one of the best that I have ever heard of blues singer's! and really a good lyricist too. He is at the top's with me as far as guitar in rhythm's/ lead with some folk's like Miyavi, Page, Roy ClarkRodrigo/ GabrielaStevie Ray, Hendrix, Yngwie, Berry, GibbonsVan Halen, Setzer, Reinhardt, Hammett, Feliciano, Iommi, Santana, & Jerry Reed.

But I wanted to highlight a few favourite's below and with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin working with him, along with his solid drummer/ percussionist Mr. Dan Magnusson ... last he does a lil serenade which he like's to do in concert choosing a lady from the audience at random ... and Thanx for all the great music Sir! .... Enjoy!





Seasick Steve- You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks (Trix) ... Thanx to DAVEYSPLOD

Seasick Steve Back In The Doghouse- ... Thanx to SLASH20IFY

Seasick Steve- Hobo Low ... Thanx to OTHERVOICESLIVE

Seasick Steve, Den Haag, Walking Man, 22- 11- 2011- YouTube ... Thanx to FOUWTJE75




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